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Timeline of Events
« on: February 03, 2018, 08:37:00 am »
HELP TOPIC: Timeline of Events

  • Shadow Fleet formed, with its base of operations at Deep Space Station Discovery
  • USS Discovery commissioned into Shadow Fleet, under Captain Kayla Harper
  • USS Monitor attached to Shadow Fleet center of operations, DS Discovery

  • The Solen race is discovered by the USS Churchill.
  • USS Gettysburg is commissioned into Shadow Fleet under Captain Lance Krol
  • The Federation/Gorn war begins, instigated by the mysterious character known only as Spectre

  • USS Gibson is destroyed at Orenlius III by Spectre's flagship.
  • USS Gibson A is commissioned into Shadow Fleet under Captain Mike Anderson
  • Romulan Star Empire and Orion Syndicate attack Ranarr III and several other colonies along the Romulan and Katorlian line. A member of the Katorlian royal family is murdered during the genocide of Ranarr III attack. Katorlian forces numbering in the excess of 430 attack New Romulus in retaliation.

  • After the relationship between the Federation and the Gorn slowly crumbles; the Gorn made their way to Klingon space and became puppets of the Klingon Empire. The Klingon empire later attacked the USS Bradbury and declared war on the Federation. Tenth Fleet and the Heearn sector was on the front line of the battle.
  • The USS Wellington got transferred from the fleet and got replaced by the USS Nelson captained by Captain John Brown.
    The USS Fleetwood was destroyed and commander Safi Larson went missing during the explosion.
  • The USS Britannia was destroyed during the Klingon war during the loss of the Heearn sector and a new ship of the same class was recommisioned as the USS Britannia-A but is more commonly known as the USS Britannia.
  • The USS Churchill was stolen by John Brown and was involved with a conflict between the Churchill and the USS Britannia.. The Churchill went missing with John Brown and he was presumed dead until he returned to SB Horizon
  • War with the Iconians.
  • War with the Klingons/Gorn.
  • Peace treaty resolves the wars.
  • Discovery celebrated 10 year anniversary.

  • USS Athena commissioned.
  • USS Tempest commissioned.
  • Starbase Columbus holds first open house for neighboring planets.
  • The plight of Tarna during the Bajoran/Cardassian war is revealed by the USS Athena and her crew. Information is passed to Admiral Kirok. Section 31 is thrown into chaos.
  • The USS Athena picks up a copy of an early version of the Borg Queen's AI named "Danny" from a living planet.

  • Delta Gateway opened giving ship safe passage to the Delta Quadrant.
  • USS Shran commissioned.
  • USS Challenger commissioned.
  • Task Group Bravo opened up to explore the Gamma Quadrant.
  • The UFP President is assassinated.

  • The Strategic Science Summit is held.
  • Starbase Katra is commissioned.
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