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Re: S2 - M9A - Katra - Snake in the Garden
« Reply #135 on: October 20, 2020, 09:21:58 am »
<Katra Station - Promenade>

Tricorder and PADD in hand, Wessex checked life-signs in the final establishment, ensuring that all civilians within had been accounted for. Then, with a series of keystrokes on the portable tablet, the last forcefield snapped up, protecting the store front from any potential damage come what may (and providing handy and accessible defensive screens for anti-incursion teams should it become necessary).

Paul snapped the tricorder shut with satisfied snap, then turned to see Crewman Parsons making his way towards him, the young man looking a mix of nervous and bewildered. "Sir" he called out as he approached. "We're still having difficulty corralling the Ferengi... interviewees to safe zones. They're all demanding 'short-term hazard relocation compensation." His face contorted with the unfamiliar.

Wessex nodded with an understanding smile, appreciating the difficulty the security crewman was facing. He hoped Solen wouldn't step in - while her manner could be considered 'business-like' it was hardly in the business of customer service. With luck, for them all, she was still dealing with securing Gregory Pell. "Okay, let's see what we can do."

Gesturing Parsons to lead the return, Paul pondered his options. He wondered if threatening the volume of Ferengi with a steep financial penalty for endangering Starfleet personnel with their uncooperative manner would go some way to...encourage...compliance.

Quiet compliance. But that was surely a hope too far.


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