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Re: S12 - M7: Back to Basics
« Reply #195 on: April 03, 2018, 03:04:56 pm »
POSTING AS NPC Inigo Montaña

Inigo was just about to walk in to the turbolift when Captain Wu asked him to sit at science station 2, so he went bounding back to the central chair and took the PADD from his commanding officer, "Woops!! Sorry Captain," he said with a apologetic smile.

Taking his place at science station 2 - when he found it - Inigo Montaña sat and accessed tractor control as he tracked the comet, as it entered within a lightsecond of the Discovery, activating the tractor as the comet was about to pass, the beam grabbed the small comet, which just so happened to be only seven meters across and prepared to send it on it's way in to the atmosphere at just the right angle to create a hole in the plasma shield but not kill everyone on the surface as it went.

"Ready Captain," he stated matter-of-factly, waiting for the order to send the comet on its way.

[Discovery: Bridge]

The moment Black and Campbell confirmed their own readiness, Alex stood, his feet planted firmly on the deck. "Go to Red Alert, standby shields and weapons. Montaña, activate the tractor beam and redirect the comet. Campbell, steady on the positron pulse, initiate on my mark. Black and Ops, get ready with your scans and transporter." He watched intently as the comet neared the upper atmosphere, visually calculating the optimal point of contact with the plasma shield. "Mark!"

Only seconds later, the sensors which were all directed down towards the surface relayed data through their bridge consoles in a cacophony of sound. "Black, get those scans going, lock onto our away team. Ops, initiate transport as soon as you confirm those readings."

=/\= Discovery, this is Commander Tekin, we're being held at the top of the shield and we cannot break out.  Lock on to us and get us out of here. =/\

=/\=Discovery, make that 5 to beam out, we have a castaway. =/\=

Castaway? Alex didn't question the new addition, instead only confirming the receipt of message. =/\="Tekin, this is Wu, acknowledged."=/\= As the seconds ticked away, he had to refrain from looking at the Ops station, knowing they were hard at work in recovering their crew. Still, he let out a small sigh of relief with the report came in. "The away team is onboard in transporter room 1, all accounted for plus one."

"Shields up! Continue scanning for our equipment signatures and transport them to cargo bay 2." When their efforts were finally ceased by the plasma shield coming back online, Alex turned to look at the bridge crew, giving them a nod of appreciation. "Well done everyone. Well done indeed. Stand down to yellow alert. Helm, prepare to break orbit and set course 210 mark 18, full impulse." It was time to leave, and though some would consider it a wasted trip, Alex reckoned they had learnt a valuable lesson. It would be quite a report to Starfleet Command but, at least in his mind, they had gotten out of it relatively unharmed and in one piece. "Engage."


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