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Re: Season Twelve, Episode 1: Anti Gravity
« Reply #30 on: July 23, 2017, 07:39:17 am »
[Deck 17 - Emergency Power Generators 7, 8 and 9]

Repair team beta consisted of 2 crewmen such as Ziran himself as well as an ensign who appeared to possess extensive knowledge of Discovery's Jefferies Tubes. The Bolian was yet to get over the anger he felt towards his father for being incarcerated which, whether Ziran was right or not, he believed to be the very reason his academy application was dismissed by Starfleet. Subsequently, though he was well aware they aren't at fault and does not consider them to be, ensigns who seemed younger than him often served as a reminder for his resentment. In a zero-gravity environment however, he found it rather comforting to be around someone with thorough training of performing their duties without the leisure of artificial gravity.

"Here we are. Emergency power generators 7 through 9. As long as we get number 8 operating at at least 75% efficiency, it'll make up for any of the primary systems working at less than 100%." The ensign said as she opened her toolbox with a light push (all that was needed in zero gravity).

"I believe we haven't introduced ourselves yet. I'm Adeline... Adeline Cunningham. Nice to meet you." The ensign said as she asked Ziran for several engineering tools located in the toolbox.

After completing his basic introduction, ensign Cunningham continued their conversation even once they began repairs. Though Bolians were considered to be typically outgoing and Ziran was no exception of this, engineering was something he enjoyed doing in solitude, something he was perhaps going to be forced to change if he was to continue working aboard a Starfleet vessel.
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