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Season 11 Missions
« on: October 27, 2016, 12:19:58 am »

SEASON 11 (May 2394 - March 2395)
Season Eleven of the USS Discovery SIMM

Mission 01: Old Dogs & New Tricks     8th May - 31 May 16Mission 2: Diplomatic Disaster    1 June - 3 Aug 16

A first contact goes south on the ship when a crewman is found murdered, with signs pointing toward the visiting species! The crew must find the culprit, stop more murders, and save the first contact scenario!

Mission 3: Decon Duty    5 Aug - 3 Sept 16

A pre-warp civilization has been contaminated by an observation mission gone wrong. Starfleet was observing the peoples of Calabar. The Calabarians have attained a level of technology akin to  Victorian era earth. After the initial mission was revealed, the planet is awash in rumors, hearsay, and unrest. The crew of the mission ship must deal with destroying the evidence across a bustling alien city while taking care not to reveal themselves.

Mission 4: Warped Reality    6 Sept - 1 Oct 16

The Discovery is being used to shuttle delegates from the Dorcus System to the nearby Amerath System for peace talks. In between one of these runs, she passes through what the scanners and sensors read as an inert spatial anomaly. That is, until the next morning when one of the crew awakens to find a warped reality. Nothing is as it should be, except that they are on the same mission, and the crew member is the only one that seems to notice it.  Ranks are different. Positions are different. And no one seems to believe the crew member either. Can things get back to the way they were? The way they should be, before they reached the next delegate they are to transport?

Mission 5: Bringing Home the Lost  3 Oct - 26 Oct 16

After departing Starbase Columbus for a personnel swap, the Discovery receives a low-band distress call from the nearby Dunbar Nebula. The transmission is heavily degraded due to nebulous interference, however the transponder appears to be from the USS Hargraves -- an Antares-class dilithium freighter presumed destroyed over 50 years ago. With no other starships in the immediate vicinity, Discovery investigates the source of the signal in an attempt to locate the stranded starship and its crew...if they are still alive.

Mission 6: Arch Enemies  October 28 - November 28

A new ship, a new crew, & a new mission!  Admiral Kirok and his new crew start their adventure together on Bajor.  Starfleet is celebrated as heroes for bringing the truth to light regarding the true identity of the group who massacred the people of Tarna.  They are asked to bring the members of Section 31 responsible to justice and the new CO is given a rare opportunity.

Mission 7: Asteroid Katra  November 29, 2016  – January 1, 2017

Two months after their trip to Tarna, the crew sets out for their new 'secret' hide out.  They arrive just outside the Badlands and board the old abandoned SFI outpost.  They are obviously not the first of be here, but possibly the very last.

Mission 8: Fight Fire with Fire  January 2, 2017 - January 27, 2017

The best defense is offense!  A visit to the Orb of Wisdom provides Kirok with information on the location of a Section 31 cell.  It also gives him a clue as to how to defeat them.  But will the half Vulcal follow logic or faith?
Mission 9: The Hidden Truth  January 30, 2017 - March 4, 2017

The Discovery has been dispatched to save Espianus, a fledgling Federation colony that is in the path of an oncoming asteroid that will collide with the planet in three days. They arrive with a solution in mind but will it be the right one? Will they be able to save the planet in time?

Mission 10: The Ghosts of War  March 6, 2017 – Y, Z

A simple science mission to chart a nebula is changed when the Discovery find an old derelict warship.  An away team sent to investigate starts acting weird, until the Discovery is put into a no-win situation.  Can the Discovery make the ultimate choice?

Mission 11: ???   X  – Y, Z

Note:  If you have any suggestions for missions for the Discovery's next season, please submit them to the CO or XO.
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