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Re: Season 11: Episode 4 - Warped Reality
« Reply #135 on: October 01, 2016, 04:43:00 pm »
[Inside the Mind Meld of Kali Reyes]

"The difference between what you want, and what will be is irrelevant, youngling," the Counselor did not know if the alien being inside the crewman's mind had a name or a gender, but she could tell it was relatively young. Or at least childlike no matter the number of eons it had existed. "You will come with me now and leave Miss Reyes alone." Her voice was an odd mixture of stern but gentle as she reached out with her shields; moving to encompass the being.

Aretah tried to be as careful as possible; disentangling the being from Kali's mind while leaving said mind intact was no easy feat. Seconds ticked by like hours, and minutes became days until she finally felt the creature let go of Kali and immediately broke the mind meld. It was more of an abrupt break than she preferred, but the containment of the creature became paramount. The last thing they needed was for it to be on the loose.

Luckily for her the being seemed tired out from being extracted and the Counselor began reinforcing her shields around it.

[The Quarters of Crewmen Reyes and Yates]

The first breath Aretah took as she pulled away from the crewman was much more fortifying than its depth implied. Her body was on autopilot as it stepped backwards to avoid the collision. As her eyes slipped shut, her hands moved in front of her in a meditative pose. Meditating while standing and people were moving around her was not exactly how she preferred it, but in order to keep the being from breaching her shields she would try her best.

She had no idea how many minutes ticked by until she opened her eyes to see Kali hugging her superior officer. Part of her mind was already going over her schedule for the next few days and wondering how many sessions she should ask to be made mandatory for the crewman. They apparently had a lot to talk about.

"I've got a really funky story to tell," she said with a shaky smile. "XO Nevir."

Her hands were still in the meditative pose as another part of her mind kept an eye on the creature, so to speak, and she suggested, "Perhaps we can take this conversation to somewhere a bit more suitable?" Somewhere where they could all sit down and get things straightened out now that the immediate danger was over.
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