Author Topic: Werewolves, Hadrians wall, Roman Army, The battleship Bismarck, Tholian warrior  (Read 161 times)

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A dense fog rolls over the Roman fort of Maia in the far distant future would be known as Bowness-on-Solway.  The cold night had a strangely bright and large moon, as well a sea of stars giving some light to the darkness. Roman soldiers stand along the walls at intervals clad in Imperial era Roman armor.  Each one of the sentries  was equipped with a heavy Scutum shield propped up in front of them along pilum. Gladius sheathed on their sides, Lorica segmentata glinting in the flickering torch light.  The sound of the ocean was a constant drone at the sea cliff fort. Inside of the fort soldiers slept in their tents or were preparing their evening meals by campfire. 

A distant howl of wolf could be heard in was not paid much attention to by the soldiers inside.  Eydis herself was clad in roman armor made for the body of tholian. She skittered among the Computer programmed Roman soldiers like a child drunk in awe. Her scutum clutched on her left arm and her right arm holding her pilum. The cold wind causing her to shudder a little as the computer even simulated her cold breath which she watched rise up into the air. 


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