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The Squared Circle
« on: October 06, 2017, 09:27:11 am »
[Newberry Coliseum]

The Columbus's sector famous Newberry Coliseum was suddenly plunged into darkness. Over 18,000 fans had jam packed the old fashioned arena from ringside to rafters, waving signs or pumping their fists or raising up palm lights or emergency lights from PADDs to combat off the black.

"Ladies, gentlemen, and invited transgender species and individuals, the following contest is a no disqualification match! Entering first, from Lagos, Nigeria, representing the Archdiocese there, Father Malcolm!"

The crowd rained down boos as Gregorian chant played over the loudspeakers. From behind the large marquee scrolling FATHER MALCOLM SFWF the priest himself emerged, wearing a sleeveless black shirt with a white collar, black dress pants and black wrestling boots. He wielded a large Bible, waving it at the crowd as if to ward off their evil.

As he made his way down the aisle Father Malcolm jabbed his hand at the holo-camera that was broadcasting the event throughout the sector. His words could barely be picked up over the crowd's relentless stream of boos and curses:

"You're all heathens! You will feel the power of the Good Book! You're going to HELL!"

When he slid into the ring he spun, arms stretched wide, and jumped onto the second rope of the nearest corner and crossed himself, his signature move. The crowd's reaction was decidedly hostile, but the priest seemed to drink it in.

"And his opponent..."

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Re: The Squared Circle
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2017, 04:15:04 pm »
[Newberry Coliseum]

" Lea I promise your going to enjoy this"Seamus said as he led Leanna towards their designated seats carrying the snacks that he had talked her into buying at the concession stand. Then again he had pretty much persuaded her that she needed a night off from the bar especially after the whole demon closet of doom incident and planning to refit the whole supply area to get rid of anymore bad vibes.

She still wasn't entirely convinced that watching a wrestling match was her kind of thing but she trusted Seamus when it came to picking the place for their weekly friend date which they hadn't managed to arrange until now. But she decided to give it a go so when he spoke to her she smiled before speaking to him.

" Okay I believe you and if I don't then its my pick next time" she replied as she sat down making him look at her pretending to be hurt when he wasn't as he sat in the seat beside her. She had to admit that the atmosphere inside the coliseum was almost electric as she looked around before focusing on the real reason they were here and took an interest in this Father Malcolm a grin forming on her face at the thought that maybe Seamus was right all along.


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