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Mending the Wounds (Maxine only)
« on: June 29, 2017, 02:43:54 am »
Posted by Naira

[Outside the Councilor's Office]

Naira stood outside the Councilor's office with her three young girls in toe. She had gone back and forth in her mind on whether or not she should seek the woman's help. While she knew that she wanted someone to be able to speak with her girls about what they had been through, she was unsure if the councilor was the right person to go to.

Her mother, Thegaa, had insisted that the girls should spend time among other freed former slaves so that they could see what their new life could bring. She didn't feel that a human could possibly relate to their experience, having long since abolished such practices among their own people, they couldn't possibly understand what it was like to be treated as lesser beings and traded as properly. However, Thegaa had offered little terms of options as to where exactly Naira was to find other freed slaves to help her daughter short of sending them to live with her mother.

But she wasn't ready to do just that.

She had grown too accustomed to coming home to find the girls occupying her quarters that she couldn't imagine a her life without piles of clothes scattered about the floor, half-eaten snacks on the table and cold little green feet snuggling up against her at night. No, she had to find a way to help them and she had to do it here on the station where she could be there for them.

That meant that she would need the help of the station counselor. Naira hadn't heard much of the woman and frankly didn't even know if she was trained to work with children, but she was willing to give this a shot.

So she took a deep breath, gave Lurels' had a gentle squeeze, then exhaled before announcing herself at the door.


Posted by Maxine Danshire

[Counselor's Office]

Maxine sat at her desk, filing patient information with the computer when her chime sounded. She arose and walked to the door, as she was expecting the good doctor and her daughters.

"Open," Max said.

The door slid to reveal Naira and her two daughters, with unsure looks on their faces. Max smiled. "Welcome. Please come in."

They entered her office and looked around, then turned to face her.

"I'm Maxine Dainshire, ship's counselor. As far as my qualifications, I graduated from Starfleet Academy, and received my masters from Johns Hopkins University on Earth, with tours in child welfare in New York, xenopsychology on Trill, and women's mental health on Bajor, post occupation."

Maxine motioned to a corner of her office that had a red shag rug, books, toys, and a fish mobile. "Perhaps the girls would like to play while we talk over by my desk.


Posted by Naira

[Counselor's Office]

Naira picked up the youngest girl and placed her on her hip, as she gently nudged the older two into the office and other to the toys that Ms. Danshire pointed out. She sat Lurels down on the rug and gave her a kiss on the forehead before quietly speaking to the others in a calm tone of voice. "Why don't you sit here and play a bit or look at a book. I'm going to be right over there," she pointed across the room to the chairs set up for grown up patients. "I'm not leaving you. I'm just going to talk for a bit to this nice woman."

Naniid, the oldest of the three, sat down on the rug as she was instructed but kept her eyes focused on Naira the entire time. At twelve years of age, she was too old for the toys to hold any sort of appeal to her and she had not yet begun to read at a level required to understand the books even if they were meant for a younger child.


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