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Rest and Rehabilitation (Stafford)
« on: June 28, 2017, 09:27:17 pm »
[Physical Therapy Suite]

Just off of Primary Sickbay sat a small, but open room with a wall of glass that overlooked the Upper Arboretum. At first glance the room seemed to resemble one of the standard gyms that many of the officers and crewmen used to keep in shape. However, upon closer examination, one would notice that other than a few medical staff the room was never crowded and it traded in the high-energy workout music and vibrant color schemes for something more soothing.

While waiting for the captain to appear for his first round of physical therapy, Naira found herself mindlessly tending to some of the potted plants clustered in the corners of the room as a means of bringing in some of the greenery from the vast display just on the other side of the window. They had found that the addition of the plants had helped many of the patients to feel more at-ease while working on their recoveries. As many aboard the station had come from backgrounds that involved growing up planetside, they felt a sense of comfort with the familiar signs of life.

No other patients were currently scheduled for an appointment; so other than the artificial sound of a gentle rain being played through the overhead sound system, the room sat quiet and waiting. 


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