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A good old fashioned bar fight. (Open to all)
« on: November 01, 2017, 12:24:28 am »
:: Roundtable Pub ::

After pounding back his drink, the ageless boy slammed the mug on the table and peered across the table through narrowed green eyes at his opponent, a Tellarite. "I'll say Grethen... that 2 you just played is lookin real suspicious the now... and I'll also say why. It's on account of I got the same card right here!"

Kyan threw down his cards, displaying the same two of hearts, along with the two of clubs, and the two of spades.

Grethen snorted. "If anyone at this table is cheating child, it's you! Perhaps being up past your bed time has made you sloppy!"

"I'll get me rest when I've taken yer money Oinky." Kyan offered as a retort. "Well, that was me plan. But sure and now I've a new plan you see. And it's to stick an apple in yer mouth and roast yer fat arse over the station core if'n ye don't admit yer cheatin ways!" The boy rose from his seat, for all the good it would do as a gesture. He didn't cut an imposing figure. Grethen matched the gesture, vaulting up out of his seat, his wide nostrils flaring, spittle glistening in his wispy tellarite beard.

"You'd better reconsider your tone boy. I'm not a Starfleet Officer. I won't pat your head and sing you a lullaby."

Kyan leaned in. "Make no mistake pig, you'll have quite a struggle tae sing anything with all your teeth knocked out of your daft head. Keep ahead with your lies, and it's a f*ckin barbeque I'll make of you. Half the folk on this station will be linin up in Hawaiian shirts and hula skirts ready to get their fill you great round bastard. Admit ye cheated!"

"You ought to be getting a diaper changed boy, not playing cards with me. Get out of here!" Grethen huffed, his patience at an end.

Kyan's patience has likewise at and end. "As I see you're not going to do the honorable thing, it's my sad duty to beat the cheatin ways outta yer bacon smelling arse!"

With that the pint sized security officer hopped up onto the table and kicked a full drink into the Tellarite's face for an opener. "Come on Wilbur! Come ahead and get what you got comin!"

His pride tarnished, Grethen let out an angry snort as he lunged for the mouthy human looking boy.


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