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USS Discovery / Re: Season 14, Episode 2: Delusions
« Last post by Danjar-Torra on August 10, 2020, 05:23:32 am »
Ensign Danjar-Torra
[USS Discovery - Deck 9 - Sickbay]

[Deck 1 - Main Bridge - USS Discovery]

The Captain swirled his chair around to face the ops and engineering stations.  "Shut down the warp nacelles and engines.  Reverse the shield polarity, and divert auxiliary power to the structural integrity. Take it from the weapons if you have to." he ordered, clenching the chair.
"This is just a stop-gap measure... we need to find a way to neutralize the beam effects.  I need option, people!" he ordered, finally standing up.

Ensign Danjar-Torra
"Aye, sir." Torra responded and working in tandem with engineering the feat was done in record time.

Torra, being Grazerite, was not what most would call a quick thinker so she had no immediate answer for the Captain but she did put her mind to the problem and began to ruminate on it.

After a while of pondering on the subject of tractor beams, one idea presented itself.  It seemed a rather simple and naive solution so much so that Torra suspected that she must be over simplifying the situation and that there was something she was missing that would prevent it from working.   She was hesitant about saying it aloud so instead she decided to double check with someone more experienced than herself with tractor beams. 

Torra glanced up from her console and looked about the room.   Other than the Captain, there was Commander Sigurdsdottir,  Counselor Masters, one of Don's staff at the Helm - their name eluded her at the moment, the Russian woman from the turbolift and Lt Pardek. 

It was a shame that Lt Lek - she suspected he would know whether her idea would work but he was busy working on another angle, so she'd have to make do with asking someone currently on the bridge.

Torra opened a message box and drafted out a message which she then sent:

To:  Lt Pardek
From: Ens. Danjar-Addams
Re: Tractor beam disruption

I have a question. Would a large enough object set in place or moved in front of the Discovery 'break' or impede the tractor lock?  By large enough, I mean shuttle sized or larger.
Fleet Applications - Join Here! / Re: Face Claims
« Last post by Robert Sully on August 10, 2020, 04:26:13 am »
Tom Hardy plays Robert Sully
Katra Station / Re: S2 M8 - Seed of the Garden
« Last post by Kal on August 10, 2020, 04:10:07 am »
His own interpretation of what or rather who a warrior was, was much more literal - limited to those that had served as a soldier or fighter in some manner of military service.  But since Rayek was here tonight to be a part of the whole, he refrained from critiquing the man's beliefs aloud.  Instead he reached over and poured the man more bloodwine, but then cautioned he man. "If you pass out and puke, you're cleaning it up."

"Sir, I am Klingon by the heart of the soul. I lack the immune system of a Klingon. . . " he gave a look at the blood wine. "I will be cleaning up. It has been a tradition since I had my first drink..." he gave a loud laugh. That was true. He could not hold the Bloodwine like a true warrior.

"And thank you for pouring me some," he said smiling. Then he be sleeping it off waking up with a headache. His body had not the chance to get used to Bloodwine again.

Everything was perfect for him. Everything he had wanted had come to pass. "May your blood scream!" he toasted to everyone.
USS Challenger-A / Re: S4:E4 - The Hungry Season
« Last post by ShranLahr ch'Verret on August 10, 2020, 03:15:19 am »
PO1 ShranLahr ch'Verret
[USS Challenger - Deck One - Bridge]

[Tzenkethi/Federation Border]

The Challenger moved slowly on just thrusters, but one of the advantages of being in Einstenian space was, once in motion, the ship would remain in motion until they chose to brake. Ian looked at his console and figured 22 minutes before they entered transporter range.

"Twenty-Two minutes is a bloody eternity in a CQB situation. Thank the Maker of All Things the Ares is already on station."

Ian grumbled at their slow speed, adding silently.

"Hang on Kyle, we're on the way."

Lahr had hoped that the security forces would be able to overwhelm the Tzenkethi forces quickly and without many losses but that wasn't possible.  With each status update call that came in he dreaded hearing about the losses. 

=/\= Team Nine. Four down. No losses on our side.  =/\=
 =/\= Team Four. Two down. We lost two of our own.  =/\=
 =/\= Team two. We've cleared our way and are currently approaching the Bridge from the port side. We've taken out six more and lost four of ours.  =/\=

Lahr continued to keep track of the numbers as things progressed.  For a while he'd been able to use his scans to get a clearer picture of the Tzenkethi numbers.  He'd told Commander Briggs between 3 and 4 dozen and he'd hit it pretty much on the nose.  Detailed scans confirmed the Tzenkethi count as 43...  and the reports talled 31 of those dead.  That just left 12 unaccounted for. 

The Andorian would have loved to give the boarding teams direction on where to find those remaining 12 but a fair number of the Tzenkethi had been roving quite a bit the last time he had a clear scan of them.. but now they had some disruption interfering with his scans of their bio signs.

"The Tzenkethi are down to their last dozen.  Between the Ares and Challenger we send over 110 so we're going to eventually find them... but we've lost 9 and have another 3 Wounded in Action aboard the Ares" he informed Captain Galloway, just moments before the lift doors opened to reveal Ruth.   

[Ruth's Quarters - about 30 mins after falling asleep]

Ruth woke with an ache in her neck having slept in an awkward position. Taking a quick look at the chronometer and around the room, making sure Lahr hadn't crept in and left her sleeping, she decided to get dressed and wander up to the Bridge knowing she wouldn't get back to sleep.


"Sorry Captain, I got 30 minutes shut eye but my body isn't used to resting when there's work to be done, where can I be useful?" she asked.

She deliberately kept her eyes off Lahr, as much as to not distract him as to not give themselves away.  She had news to give him later, and she was going to need a cuddle more than anything.  The news could be considered both good and bad, depending on how one took it.

"Lt. Litt, I didn't mean to overlook you before, I've got my stuff from your office and many thanks for letting me store it there.  We'll have to catch up over a coffee sometime."

[USS Challenger · Bridge · Helm]

Litt was having a hard time, trying to stay calm, but, flying a vessel like the Challenger with only thrusters in a situation like that wasn't the best thing for a helmsman, but he knew that everyone was doing what was possible, but he was wishing he could do better.

A few minutes latter Ruth entered the bridge, Litt gave her a looked when she talked to him.

"Any time you need ma'am!" He said to her and nodded about the coffee... "I'd love too, Sammy was excited to know you." He said to her and thought about something. "Maybe we can go to Luigi's sometime..." He said.

Lahr wondered if she had been missing him and therefore felt compelled to come to the bridge to see him?  Or more likely, she was one of those types that needed to be in the thick of things and participating even if she didn't need to... she wanted to.   Yeah, Lahr saw Ruth as that type.  He glanced back towards her even as the Captain spoke to her.  Yeah, that notion made sense to him especially since she wasn't even looking at him. 

[Bridge - USS Challenger]

Ian looked up at Ruth and sighed.

"Honestly Commander, there's bloody little for us ta do. We're movin' for the Savior as slow as a ruptured Alvanian goon-ox. Only thing I can suggest is takin' the science station and makin' sure the Tzenkethi don't try ta drop back in for another visit without us knowin' about it."

"Ooh, that would be bad.  Yeah ma'am, I have my sensors trying to assist the security team aboard the Savior but they are somehow masking their bio-signs, but not disrupting comms...  if you can figure out that little mystery while you check for unwanted visitors that'd certainly help me." he remarked.


Ensign Helga Tragnar
[USS Savior - outside the Bridge - Team 1]

USS Savior - Team 1 -Medical Lab>>> Sickbay

"Understood. Let's do what we can. Their numbers are dwindling at least." Kyle answered before looking at Blackfeather and taking a deep breath. "Go."

Kyle entered the room in the number two spot right behind Tragnar but even in his crouched position, he was still a bit taller than her and the shot from the Tzenkethi warrior that had missed her, caught Kyle's shield and blew him back out of the room and directly into Donahue, who was in the number three spot. Fortunately, the last three members of the team hadn't crowded the doorway yet so Kyle and Donahue completely missed them. Unfortunately, this left room for Kyle and Donahue to be blown across the corridor and into the opposite bulkhead.

Kyle hit his head and was now trying to refocus and get his wits back about him. He could hear the screaming and phaser fire coming from across the corridor. He looked down and saw his shield flick out of existence. He toss it to the ground and pulled the next one into place before attempting to stand. This took several tries before finally being accomplished.

He made his way over to Donahue, who had apparently hit the bulkhead at such an awkward angle that it had broken his neck. He laid there looking up at Kyle with a blank stare. Kyle got pissed even more than he had already been and despite the pounding drums now inside his head, he made his way back over the hallway and into the room.

The other four members of the team were steadily exchanging fire with the Tzenkethi. He now saw three of them down. He activated his shield and raise his weapon and fired at the nearest one. Even with five of them, it still took almost another fifteen minutes to dispatch the last three assailants.

"If everyone's good to go, we still need to get to the Bridge." he said to the others.

They moved out once more with Tragnar at point, Blackfeather in the rear and a pounding still in Kyle's head.

Through chatter over the comms, they had picked up on the fact that the Ares had also beamed over some personnel. They were still giving the Tzenkethi hell but were still taking casualties themselves.

 =/\= Team Nine. Four down. No losses on our side.  =/\=
 =/\= Team Four. Two down. We lost two of our own.  =/\=

For every inside cheer Kyle did for the number of Tzenkethi that were taken out, he also lost a piece of his soul for every officer he lost. And he still had a damn headache.

They made it to the top deck without encountering anymore of the enemy. Kyle contributed this to the Tzenkethi repositioning to deal with the newly added members of the Ares. He and his team were now approaching the Bridge from the Starboard side.

 =/\= Team two. We've cleared our way and are currently approaching the Bridge from the port side. We've taken out six more and lost four of ours.  =/\=

Both teams reached the Bridge within seconds of one another. They were now seven strong. Kyle turned to Tragnar.

"Your tricorder still being jammed?" he asked.

From her place at point, Helga could hear over her comm Blackfeather radio their confirmed kills and the loss of Donahue to the other teams and to Challenger.  Once the battle was over, Helga would pour a drink for Donahue. He'd been a fine warrior - deserving of a far more glorious death than he'd been granted but still she would honor him.  She didn't know if he believed in Valhalla or Sto'vo'kor but she liked to think they were just different parts of the same place and that Donahue would be welcomed there for all his past deeds as well.

Approaching the bridge from the Starboard the route was unexpectedly clear, which was worrisome.   They met up with Team Two just outside the Bridge and the two teams became one under Briggs leadership.

At Kyle's question, Helga glanced to her wrist-mounted tricorder and then nodded.  The screen showed nothing but static.  "Well sir, number wise there could be anywhere between 0 and 18 Tzenkethi on the Bridge. That's if we can trust Lahr's count.  He wasn't exactly specific the last time on the number.  Maybe check with the ship again?  It's possible their sensors can pierce through the interference better?"  Helga suggested before offering her own 'best guess'  "But I'm figuring 5 - one for each major station." 

She waited for orders on how he wanted to run this.
Robert Sully reporting for duty! If anyone wants to listen to some Klingon Opera, I'm your guy!
Katra Station / Re: S2 M8 - Seed of the Garden
« Last post by Solluk on August 10, 2020, 01:27:10 am »

Station Commander's Ready Room

Noh'ves listened intently as Lieutenant Moreno conveyed the intelligence from the Alpha Quadrant.  So... it had begun.  For reasons of operational security, he had not been updated with the specifics.  But he knew what to expect, in general terms. 

He also had his duty, and that duty didn't change just because he was on the cusp of leaving the Empire.  He had a duty to the KDF, and now because of this exchange program, he had a duty to Starfleet.  He would not be the right man to embark on a new chapter of Klingon history if he did not do his duty today.

"Silent alert?  I am unfamiliar with this protocol.  That means you must have used it successfully in the past."  He smiled briefly, but then his face became serious again as he opened a desk drawer and began fishing through his stowed PADDs.  "Proceed with the 'silent' alert.  I have some questions and suggestions."

"Here.  My briefing on the FIRECHAIN system.  An invention of your former Strategic Operations Officer, I believe.  I recall that it has tachyon detection capabilities.  So, my question is, can the industrial replicators be used to replicate more of these defense buoys, and expand our tachyon net beyond its current scope?  If so, how quickly can this be accomplished?"  He tucked the PADD away again.

"And my suggestion is that the fighter patrols begin randomly flashing civilian ships inbound to the system.  It is a common tactic in both Romulan and Klingon navies to follow just behind and beneath another vessel while cloaked, hoping to hide within that vessel's sensor shadow.  Some pilots are especially adept at following within mere dozens of meters.  But a low-level phaser or disruptor 'flash' can reveal these hidden followers without causing damage to the freighters or other vessels."

He paused, then added, "Also, I want all defensive assets equipped with as many quantum torpedoes as we have available.  Even if only a few each, I'd like the ordinance widely dispersed.  If a cloaked ship or flotilla attempts to make an attack on this system, I want our first strikes to be as formidable as possible."

With that said, he leaned back in his chair.  "Is there any intelligence as to the possible origin of these presumed cloaked vessels?  Two minutes is a long time to transit the mouth of the wormhole.  To me, it suggests a large force."

Officer's Mess - That evening

K'mpoc walked over to Kal, and clapped his shoulder, standing close to Rayek.  "Ha!  Warrior Trees!  That may be a bridge too far for even the most liberal-minded Klingon philosopher.  But I like that you consider even the fantastic!"

"The Phylosians would surely appreciate the sentiment," Solluk mused. 

At that moment, several of the enlisted crew began entering the Mess Hall.  They began to assemble at smaller tables that surrounded the main rectangular one.  Some of them were carrying musical instruments, a few of a design Solluk had never seen, and a few he recognized from the recent concert at the Klingon embassy.

Solluk gave K'mpoc a questioning look.

K'mpoc smiled, "Ah.  Some of our troops are amateur musicians.  I invited a few sergeants to join us for dinner.  I thought it would honor our Federation allies to sing some warrior songs of the Federation.  I hope you don't mind."

Solluk's eyes widened in surprise, but he shook his head.  "No, I don't mind at all.  I'm just..."

K'mpoc's gaze was like a beam fixed on Solluk, "Soon, we may all be soaked in the blood of our enemies.  But until that glorious day, it is my duty to share with all of you more from the rest of Klingon culture.  The wine.  The song.  The love.  The merriment.  Outsiders often only see that we revel in death.  But in truth, we revel as much in life.  The quality of a life well-lived enhances the glory of its end." 

Solluk glanced about, "I wonder if the Tholians will join us."

Fleet Applications - Join Here! / Re: Face Claims
« Last post by Susan Nolan on August 10, 2020, 01:22:36 am »
Susan Nolan is played by Abbie Cornish
Susan, you can find your training course here.
Alright thank you
Thank you. I will contact the Discovery command team but do I need to complete Academy training first or start immediately with the sim?

Hello Susan and welcome :)

I will be your Academy instructor. As soon as I have set up your course, I will post the link here.
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