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Katra Station / Re: S2 M8 - Seed of the Garden
« Last post by Eydis on August 10, 2020, 10:56:25 am »

IKS Lod Qan - Tholian Access Pylon - Shortly after Departure from Katra

K'mpoc turned to regard Zex.

"There are no accommodations for the Tholians on this ship," he said, and pointed at the strange, irising airlock, "They brought their accommodations with them:  That sixty-meter long attack ship of theirs, which is now docked to the ventral side of our cruiser.  Our environmental systems are not designed to create spaces suitable to the Tholian biology." 

A century ago, when the Lod Qan had been put into service, it had never even occurred to the Klingon engineers that anyone might wish to provide bunk-space for entities with such an alien biology.

He returned his attention to Eydis, "However, you are free to visit us at any time in your... suits.  There are no parts of this vessel forbidden to you during this mission."

IKS Lod Qan - Tholian Access Pylon - Shortly after Departure from Katra

Zex nodded.  "That makes perfect sense.  Please excuse my error" she said apologetically.

"But while I'm thinking of it, Ms Falleg asked me to thank you for allow her and the children to visit your ship.  They had a great time.  She will be in the mess hall if you would like to say hello" she said.

Then she turned back to K'mpoc.  "Ready when you are, Sir.  I hope there is some molluk and perhaps some targ milk.  I have been interested in trying both" she said.

“Thank you for the offer. I would like very much to join you my friend zex the deltan and my new ally k’mpoc of the Klingons. I will leave the crystalline halberds in your care then.”  Eydis would bow hir head slightly to the Klingon and unfurl the finest tholian silk banner flag with the Klingon ships name and or emblem. The silk was so fine it seemed to be almost liquid. Falling down from the halberd and revealing both itself and the halberd.

It had a faint Germanic look to the halberd with a crystalline head that had a curved axe head and spike as well as spear tip. Three rings located one at the head of the weapon one in the middle and the other at the butt of the shaft. In total the weapons were about 7 feet in length. A blood red crystal halberd head. A white shaft with wisps of black like some sort of marbling. Red lettering this time in tholian ran up the shafts vertical. Spelling the chancellors name on the one that Eydis had the cruiser on the one the science officer carried. Despite being the very ornate in appearance.  They were very much weapons.

Eydis would then place hir phaser like at side again. Presenting the halberd and flag combo with the glowing halberd head to k’mpoc. As requested I present to you this halberd and the other to you as well. They were forged for warriors of the Tholian assembly . I have no doubt they will be at home with Klingon warriors

Eydis would then nod at zexI thank her and you the childern were most behaved and respectful.
Fleet Applications - Join Here! / Re: Request Thread for new ID Cards
« Last post by Tess tLhoell on August 10, 2020, 10:35:37 am »
Hi! Could I get an ID card made up, please?

Jemason Seo
USS Challenger

Thanks in advance :)

Here you go :) @Jemason Seo

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The Arcade Board / Re: What Are You Listening To?
« Last post by Nira Said on August 10, 2020, 10:20:00 am »
Star Trek Discussion / Re: Lower Decks
« Last post by Nira Said on August 10, 2020, 10:17:55 am »
In all fairness, if I wanted an animated Star Trek series, I'd rather have an anime; they're the best 2D animated sort of genre these days, and they border on cartoonishness and realism in a good way.

Also, since when are some animated Trek series ever good? (the best respect I have for it is adapting the Kzinti within it, but that's mostly because Kzinti creator David Niven was a writer for that series)
USS Discovery / Re: Season 14, Episode 2: Delusions
« Last post by Nira Said on August 10, 2020, 10:14:07 am »
[Ri'lowo - Polar Capital City]

Lek swung his tricorder back and forth several times before finding a suitable bearing. Once he had an idea of where to go, he called out to Nira.

"Lieutenant, I've found a very strong power signature. It's got to be the emitter. Bearing is 6 degrees true. Distance is difficult to determine because of some sort of scattering effect, but it's no more than two kilometers from here. Let's get moving."

As he set out a decent pace for someone of his stature, Lek tapped his commbadge.

=/\= "Addams, Bervarn, it looks like our objective is on a bearing of 6 degrees true, distance two kilometers. See you there." =/\=
[[Ri'lowo - Polar Capital City] - Not Polar Express!

The pilot heard Lek on the combadge. He turned his head over thr direction to see them afar. Kind of comedic looking. Short Ferengi with a woman who was taller.

 =/\= We copy.  =/\= Don tapped his combadge to comply.

This civilized had thinned out their atomsphere he reckon. He would figure that what Evan would mention. He had scanned the landscape for any animals or people. So far not one was to be seen.

Well. There was one. There this cockroach which skitter right front of him. He had saw one long time ago on Earth. It looked like it was a copy of that bug. "Are those the bugs that can survive in any toxic land?" he asked the Ensign who was marching along him.
[USS Allegheny/Polar capital city]

Evandav oversaw the plan which the team had devised to open fire on the tractor beams on the 2 planets. He watched with a little anticipation, but thought that it would be fairly easy to wipe out the emitters. Unfortunately, his optimism was misplaced, as the phasers proved ineffective due to the nature of the emitters. So the measures narrowed to 2 options, bombing the hell out of the emitters, with risk of collateral damage, or go in on foot, and risk themselves. And as the perfect, moral Starfleet which they were, it was fairly obvious to him which course they would take.
‘Ugh, being a Klingon is so much easier. You just shoot anything which might pose a danger and that’s that.’ He thought bitterly to himself.
‘Although,’ He begrudgingly thought ‘there would probably still have a good chance of dying if they did try and bomb the place.”

So as the runabout landed, he equipped a tricorder and a phaser pistol. It appeared that the atmosphere was breathable, which was welcome at least. Paired up with the eccentric pilot, he double timed it towards the path which had been ordered by Lek. Taking out his tricorder, he was constantly switching his focus between his scans and of any threats which could potentially afflict them. The small talk which Don tried to engage with Evandav didn’t much help, especially on such a sensitive topic.
“Not brilliant sir, apart from that, I reserve the right to silence” he said with a little chuckle. Then, further, more detailed directions came in. 6 degrees true, 2 kilometres out.
“We should march at the double sir. Ready?” He asked before breaking into a fast jog. When Don’s enquiry came in, he shouted back
“They always appear everywhere sir! I would love whatever makes these buggers survive in my body!”
[Lieutenant JG Nira Said | Polar Capital City | Ri'Lowo]

Nira couldn't help smiling, being around Lek. It seemed funny, given that the Ferengi was shorter than even she was. She could see the other two men in the distance. At least she's not losing sight of them.

"I see it, Lieutenant," she said, looking at her tricorder. Hard to pinpoint, scattering effect indeed, but it's not too far.

As she walked, she stepped on something. She looked down and saw that she stepped on some sort of insect, close enough to an Earth cockroach. So maybe there was some form of life after all, something that managed to survive. She noticed one or two more scurrying around.

"Interesting," she said as she drew closer to the men. "Some form of life has clearly survived this apocalypse these worlds endured. Give enough time, millions of years, they could potentially evolve into something sentient, like us."

As they proceeded, she wiped her brow a little and took the city in. She was impressed with how it looked. Looking up, she realized she could see the twin planet in the sky. She was duly impressed with how aligned the planets were. Then she pressed on, drawing closer to the emitters.
Fleet Applications - Join Here! / Re: Face Claims
« Last post by Jemason Seo on August 10, 2020, 09:19:29 am »
David Hayter plays Jemason Seo
Star Trek Discussion / Re: Lower Decks
« Last post by Tekin Nevir on August 10, 2020, 08:20:27 am »
I saw the first episode.  Its not great, but its not bad either.  Its just.... interesting?

The best I could think of as an analogy is that Lower Decks feels like an animated Orville.  It takes itself seriously, but not too seriously, and I can see it still fitting in canon.  If anything, I like the idea of seeing the other side of the ship.
Star Trek Discussion / Re: Lower Decks
« Last post by Paul Wessex on August 10, 2020, 07:56:44 am »
Again, a (sad) sign of the franchise these days.
Star Trek Discussion / Re: Discovery - Season 3
« Last post by Paul Wessex on August 10, 2020, 07:56:09 am »
Katra Station / Re: S2 M8 - Seed of the Garden
« Last post by Paul Wessex on August 10, 2020, 07:54:38 am »
[Katra Station - Deck 22 - Morgue]

Ensign Raiden A. Darrow
[Katra Station - Deck 22 - Morgue]

Raiden noticed with satisfaction the subtlest of changes in Paul's face. He tried to conceal it clearly, but Raiden picked up on it. To him it seemed that the Ensign was wondering how he had known about it, but he didn't ask for an explanation - was the man too proud to? - and instead confirmed his correct assumption before moving on.

So he was that sort. Very well.

At Paul's question, Raiden's eyes flickered over to the Nausicaan in the stasis pod before turning back to the Ensign. "No."

"It's my turn again. You forgot to ask the question but, I play along." Yes, he just had made a kind of game out of this. Mainly because he wanted and needed to hear the conformation that his assumptions had been correct. "How did I know about your rank and former career? Well, that was easy. You own a replicated book of Jule Verne's Twenty Thousand Miles Under the Sea and a 'ship in a bottle' - both things suggest a fascination with stories and things about the ocean, most likely from a young age on. That might not be very telling yet, but your reaction to the cause of death was." He nodded towards the stasis pod before looking back to Paul. "You were not surprised or enligted about my finding, which suggests you are quite familiar with the effects of DCI, which further suggested you have dealt with the problematic of it already. There was a possibility of diving being your hobby, but I ruled that out as unlikely. You are not a physician nor a scientist, no, you are a military man - the way you hold yourself, you attitude towards me, despite us having the same rank, suggested you were used to hold a higher rank, no 'newbie' would act as confident as you, so you had a former military career. Taking into consideration your navel interests and knowledge that I mentioned before, the FNP was not that far off as a possibilty."

Having finished, Raiden simply continued to look at Paul.

Standing in the morgue, with a dead Nausicaan - who had died from what was an unpleasant manner in which to go - laying in front of him, Paul stared almost in bafflement at the ongoing strutting from Ensign Darrow. He was remarkable, Wessex had to give him that - the deductive reasoning was, if he were honest, very impressive. And yet, the first demonstration of this particular prowess clearly hadn't been enough; now Darrow expanded upon a wider examination of his personality and unveiled the 'workings out in the margin' to truly impress.

And impressed he was, if not perhaps a little irritated. Not because it was wrong - for example, Paul himself would probably be the first to admit it was hard to adopt the demeanor of a junior officer after a promising, advanced career elsewhere - but it was completely and utterly irrelevant to his actual visit here; to his case. Darrow had responded to his follow-up question regarding any familiarity to the way he would-be assassin had died with complete -  yet legitimately strictly accurate - brevity preferring, for reasons Paul could only himself imagine was down to pure ego, to continue to surmise about his background.

Yet, Paul - being no slouch himself - recognised this drive to excel. Here, before him, was a man who could analyse, deduce and conclude with remarkably celerity and precision; likely a challenge to any Vulcan. But in a world of immense databases, handheld scanners, and artificial intelligence algorithms that could conject using all presented evidence, it must be hard to prove their own mettle and superiority. In a world of handheld tricorders, what was really that impressive about a man that could do all that without one?

Even so...the advantage of such observational awareness could be useful in Security, and Paul wondered why Darrow was still an Ensign (he'd have to look up his service date) and stuck here with the deceased. Then again, he didn't seem the type to pass promotion reviews, or even care about them.

All this contemplation lasted less than a couple of seconds before Paul realised he was staring, unresponsive, to Raiden's monologue. Bringing himself back to the room, Wessex blew out a small frustrated breath and scratched his temple. "Spot on. Very impressive." he intoned, before nodding his leave to the medical Ensign. "If there's nothing more, I'll get on. Thank you for your" a slight pause, "time."

As he walked out, Paul called back over his shoulder. "Oh, and Mister Darrow?" His voice carried the authoritative tone of his previous rank. "Don't touch my stuff again."

Okay. He'd have to learn a lot more about this Raiden Darrow.
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