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Star Trek Discussion / Re: Lower Decks
« Last post by Nira Said on August 10, 2020, 08:35:20 pm »
Well, at least in official Trek media, "Lower Decks" did one good thing, somewhat officiating the elimination of the unfortunate reputation for Orions, as seen in this article:
USS Discovery / Re: Season 14, Episode 2: Delusions
« Last post by Nira Said on August 10, 2020, 08:30:43 pm »
[Ri'lowo - Polar Capital City]

Lek looked over at Nira as she commented on a hardy lifeform and his expression became wistful.

"They look tasty. I'll gather a few samples on the way back. Who knows, they might be a new delicacy and make me a hefty bit of latinum. However, our objective is just over that ridge."

Scampering up what proved to be a sloping pile of debris, the away team reached their vantage point and could finally see the tractor emitter. The only questions at this point were, was it protected and could they shut it off.
[Lieutenant JG Nira Said | Polar Capital City | Ki'lowo]

"Indeed," said Nira. "I'm sure you would make a hefty amount of latinum from cuisine from these. Any profiteering persons can easily pay large amounts for rare delicacies, especially from a system like this. On the other hand, I imagine one can bring to mind Rule of Acquisition 203: 'New customers are like razor-toothed grubworms. They can be succulent, but sometimes they can bite back.' One would need to know if new delicacies have to be safe to consume beforehand before making a profit, at least to those of profiting and economic minds. It's that obvious," she concluded with a smile.

Naturally, Nira knew about the Rules of Acquisition; she was, after all, a graduate of Starfleet Academy. Plus, it was always handy to know the Rules of Acquisition when it came to negotiating with a Ferengi.
[Polar City - Ki'lowo]

In its time, the vast city would have been a hot spot of activity.  If there was something to be said about the architecture, it was resilient.  It was difficult to see what the basic aesthetic was, but the shells of the buildings suggested the simple geometric footprints found on many other worlds.  From the surface, the sister planet was clearly visible in the sky, large enough to see planetary details and was more than ten times the size of typical moons usually seen.  Discovery was barely a dot in the sky, and not visible in the light of the star. 

There was plantlife reclaiming the lost city, but otherwise the streets were filled with stone-like rubble and dust... a lot of dust.  There was a breeze blowing in waves throughout the streets, but for the most part, any kind of advanced life was... missing.  Only small creatures, insects, and plantlife still lived here. 

The facility that seem to house the tractor beam was large, with a tall emitter-like protrusion on the top of the building.  There was surprisingly no visual beam coming from the building, only the tricorder's reading of a high power output suggesting that this had to be the facility itself. 

Around the facility there were barriers put up, apparently long since abandoned, at least from the look.  Considering this was the site of a massive weapon attack with a nuclear signature, the fact that there were stacks of old supplies, weapons, and salvage was... odd.  But there was also a thick layer of dust on them too.  What was not there was the inhabitants, or former inhabitants, that used this facility to its use.  At least not around the outside. 

There were no windows visible for this place, and the door seemed shut.  Somehow it was stuck... with a magnetic field powering it.

The more she drew closer, the more Nira could see how abandoned the city was. There was overgrowth, rubble and dust, which is most prominent given the footprints they made as they walked. And Nira began seeing more than just roaches: she could see a wider variety of smaller animals but no sign of intelligent life.

"This must be it," said Nira when they got close enough. Naturally, as they drew closer, one facility was beginning to look especially prominent. The closer they got to the source of the tractor beam, the more prominent the building looked. Finally, they stopped at some barriers and Nira had to crane her neck to look up.

It was a tall building, and she saw the twin planet most prominently in the sky. There was also some sort of dot in the sky that Nira could see more clearly if she squinted: Discovery struggling against the two tractors. Might be more easier to see at night, Nira thought to herself.

But her main focus was the top of the building, which, according to her, and obviously the rest of the away team's, tricorders, originated from the top.

"How strange," said Nira. "There's no visible beam. If it weren't for the tricorders, there's no way to tell whether it's operating or not."

She then looked back at normal eye level and looked at the barriers. She was perplexed by what she saw. There were stacks of supplies, weapons and salvage beyond the barriers, which was odd, given the facility looked like a weapons facility, maybe even something of the same caliber as old Earth missile silos.

"Interesting," she said. "Look at all this stuff. It must be a refugee shelter. If I were to guess, I'd figure any survivors or refugees or people seeking shelter would know the safest place to be in a war would be in the military facilities themselves, especially if the enemy made landfall or, in this case, a nuclear fallout. Though if this intended to double as a fallout shelter, unless there were any survivors, it failed miserably.

"I mean, look at all this stuff," she added, gesturing at the supplies, weapons and salvage. "Look at the amount of dust there. Plenty of supplies and weapons and nobody to use it. Supplies for sustenance, weapons for defense to the last man and woman. As for salvage, perhaps there were survivors who gleaned from any materials they could find in the fallout before their untimely demises. We won't know unless we find skeletons inside."
[Ri'lowo - Polar Capital City]

Panning his tricorder to scan the side of the huge building facing him, Lek quickly found the door and the magnetic field. He frowned as he went through his options, but what made the decision for him was time. The Discovery didn't have an endless amount and they needed to get inside the building as quickly as possible, which dictated his next action.

"Normally, I'd say we try to bypass that magnetic field, but this time, I'm going to go with the club rather than the scalpel approach."

He said as he drew his phaser and set it to maximum.

"If my lone phaser won't do it, I'm certain with four of us firing at maximum, it will cut through the wall quickly enough. Let's see what happens."

And he pressed the firing stud.
Nira looked back down at her tricorder and saw what Lek saw: a magnetic field protecting the entrance. And she looked back up in time for him to pull out his phaser and set it to maximum.

"Okay, but please be careful, Lieutenant," she said. "If it's an artificial field, perhaps even an electromagnetic field, it's probably there for a reason, but depending on how powerful it is..."

She let her sentence hang for a good reason: it was a magnetic field, but if it was less advanced than the technology they possessed, Lek's phaser could break through it.

At the same time, she looked back up at the top of the building. It was obvious what was to happen once they got in: they had to ascend to the top to get to the emitters. And with four sets of phasers on them to set to overload...worse came to worse, they'd have to jump, but it was a long way down.

As Lek aimed, she went to Don and asked quietly and quickly, "Lieutenant, given the emitter's at the top...supposing we're pushed for time in our ascent or need a quick getaway...we might need the runabout."
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« Last post by shrp on August 10, 2020, 08:13:53 pm »

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Star Trek Discussion / Re: Lower Decks
« Last post by Zex on August 10, 2020, 06:41:14 pm »
I saw the first episode.  Its not great, but its not bad either.  Its just.... interesting?

The best I could think of as an analogy is that Lower Decks feels like an animated Orville.  It takes itself seriously, but not too seriously, and I can see it still fitting in canon.  If anything, I like the idea of seeing the other side of the ship.

That analogy works.
I think it excelled at it's job of being 'funny.'
And the concept of the first episode 'Second Contact' was brilliant.
Still though, I don't think it will be accepted as canon - but I could be wrong.
Katra Station / Re: Discussion for S2 M8 - Seed of the Garden
« Last post by Zex on August 10, 2020, 06:34:35 pm »
tag Eydis and folks in the klingon mess hall
Katra Station / Re: S2 M8 - Seed of the Garden
« Last post by Zex on August 10, 2020, 06:33:57 pm »

“Thank you for the offer. I would like very much to join you my friend zex the deltan and my new ally k’mpoc of the Klingons. I will leave the crystalline halberds in your care then.”  Eydis would bow hir head slightly to the Klingon and unfurl the finest tholian silk banner flag with the Klingon ships name and or emblem. The silk was so fine it seemed to be almost liquid. Falling down from the halberd and revealing both itself and the halberd.

It had a faint Germanic look to the halberd with a crystalline head that had a curved axe head and spike as well as spear tip. Three rings located one at the head of the weapon one in the middle and the other at the butt of the shaft. In total the weapons were about 7 feet in length. A blood red crystal halberd head. A white shaft with wisps of black like some sort of marbling. Red lettering this time in tholian ran up the shafts vertical. Spelling the chancellors name on the one that Eydis had the cruiser on the one the science officer carried. Despite being the very ornate in appearance.  They were very much weapons.

Eydis would then place hir phaser like at side again. Presenting the halberd and flag combo with the glowing halberd head to k’mpoc. As requested I present to you this halberd and the other to you as well. They were forged for warriors of the Tholian assembly . I have no doubt they will be at home with Klingon warriors

Eydis would then nod at zexI thank her and you the childern were most behaved and respectful.

Officer's Mess - That evening

Zex admired the Tholian silk.  It was so very pretty.  Maybe one day she would own a dress made it.

But the focues was on the 7' weapon.  It was, of course, nice too.  Once it was accepted by K'mpoc, they finally made it too the mess hall.

She could see that most people had already arrived.  She could also see the food that was available.  But her first duty was to make sure that Eydis was atteneded too.  "Is there anyone you would like to meet or be introduced too?" she asked.
USS Challenger-A / Re: S4:E4 - The Hungry Season
« Last post by Ruth Sigurdsdottir on August 10, 2020, 05:34:59 pm »
[Bridge - USS Challenger]

Ian managed not to wince at the constant chatter and nodded absently at Ruth's commentary about needing science.

"Typical boffin. Loves ta talk."

He thought as he conceded her basic point on the utility of the science department, but he drew the line at her offer regarding writing letters, replying evenly.

"Thank you for the offer, but it's my responsibility. I'm the one that sent them in, I'm the one that has ta answer for that decision. Good work on isolatin' the Tzenkethi lifesigns. Hopefully, that will prevent there bein' more than nine letters."

[Bridge - USS Challenger]

"That's my job, Captain." she said slightly emphasising his rank, and thereby her subservience to him.  "In this case a bit of luck, I read a paper about the bioluminescent species a few months back. "

She gave a slight shrug.  "I just applied my... what could you call it extra-curricular reading, and turned out to be useful!"

She shot Ian a sad look, which she hoped he would interpret as sympathy for having to do the letters.

"Oh I nearly forgot, that whisky I got ya on the Discovery... there's another bottle of it in my quarters for ya... you can raise a wee dram to our fallen, might ease the pain a little, Sir."

Hearing the comms from the Security teams she smiled.  'Hi Kyle, yes, I'm home!' she laughed to herself, she half wished that he was over there killing the beasties with him but wasn't sure how well the throwing axes would fair against Tzenkethi.

 =/\= Lt. Commander Briggs, I think the others are in the shuttlebay, I don't know the layout of the Saviour too well but I'm going on schematics.  You've got 6 up there on the Bridge with you, but there are 6 more, from what I can see Team 14 are in their vicinity.  Team 14 you have 6 hostiles ahead, you should be able to read them on your tricorders now.=/\=

[Team 14 - Outside Shuttlebay - USS Saviour ]
[As NPC PO3 Thithos Ch'qalloth - Team 14 Leader]

 =/\= We see them, lit up like a festive Earthen Christmas tree, great job Challenger, we're going in!  =/\=

With only minor injuries (strafing blows and a few bruises from falling across a console), Ch'qalloth was glad to report.

 =/\=Shuttlebay clear, we have one hostage, no weapons on him, it... whatever I'm not sure on gender of these things, if you want to talk to it, otherwise let us know and we'll finish it off. =/\=
We're gonna have a real old school "Lower Decks" situation pretty soon...
USS Challenger-A / Re: S4:E4 - The Hungry Season
« Last post by Kyle Briggs on August 10, 2020, 04:21:40 pm »
USS Savior - Team 1 - Breaching Bridge

Ensign Helga Tragnar
[USS Savior - outside the Bridge - Team 1]

From her place at point, Helga could hear over her comm Blackfeather radio their confirmed kills and the loss of Donahue to the other teams and to Challenger.  Once the battle was over, Helga would pour a drink for Donahue. He'd been a fine warrior - deserving of a far more glorious death than he'd been granted but still she would honor him.  She didn't know if he believed in Valhalla or Sto'vo'kor but she liked to think they were just different parts of the same place and that Donahue would be welcomed there for all his past deeds as well.

Approaching the bridge from the Starboard the route was unexpectedly clear, which was worrisome.   They met up with Team Two just outside the Bridge and the two teams became one under Briggs leadership.

At Kyle's question, Helga glanced to her wrist-mounted tricorder and then nodded.  The screen showed nothing but static.  "Well sir, number wise there could be anywhere between 0 and 18 Tzenkethi on the Bridge. That's if we can trust Lahr's count.  He wasn't exactly specific the last time on the number.  Maybe check with the ship again?  It's possible their sensors can pierce through the interference better?"  Helga suggested before offering her own 'best guess'  "But I'm figuring 5 - one for each major station." 

She waited for orders on how he wanted to run this.

They paused a moment as the Challenger had contacted them Ruth had mentioned....Wait. Ruth? Kyle thought. They'd only been over here for less than an hour. What the hell had he missed?

He listened as she mentioned an update for the scanners. He looked at his seven person team and thought about it for all of a second. There wasn't a single one here he wouldn't trust with his life.

"Let's do what we came to do." he began. "The Challenger has it's hands full out there. We've got a solid group here that's made it this far. Let's finish it up in the name of our fallen. Everyone check your shields and phasers."

He gave them all a few seconds before looking at Blackfeather.

"On my mark." he said. A few more seconds to steady themselves. "Go."

The doors parted and they repeated the movement of entering to both sides. Tragnar hadn't been far off in her count. There were six Tzenkethi on the Bridge. Three appeared to be of the worker caste and were working feverishly to access some of the Bridge consoles. There were two warriors on standing on either side of the Bridge as if a sentry position and a third had made himself comfortable in the Captain's seat. Knowing the warriors were the bigger threat, Kyle and his team fired on them first.

As Kyle and Bailey had entered the Bridge and went left, it gave them a better view to aim at the one in the center seat and on the far side of the Bridge. Kyle fired on one and Bailey on the other. Once again, the Tzenkethi were taken by surprise and hadn't had time to activate their protective fields. Bailey's shot caught it's target right in the head and sent him crumbling to the floor like a rag doll. Kyle caught his center mass in the chest and watched as he slumped over in the chair. He took a second and stepped forward and reached out to pull the creature down to the ground.

"Get your ass out of that seat." he mumbled as he did before turning to fire again. The other five members of the team were working on the other four targets.

USS Challenger-A / Re: S4:E4 - The Hungry Season
« Last post by Jemason Seo on August 10, 2020, 04:20:04 pm »
[USS Challenger-A, deck 7, sickbay primary care unit]

Even for particularly unlucky first weeks, this one had to be a doozy.

Ensign Jemason Seo finished cleaning the wounds of yet another crewman from the USS Hera. He'd lost count of how many had come through by now, but his hand was definitely getting steadier with the dermal regenerator. Jem had wondered if it'd be like this, his 'first contact' with combat. Coming through the academy you'd always hear stories of fresh officers freaking out once boots hit the ground, but everyone had the same thought - not me, I'd be ready.

Jem had managed to avoid finding out, during his time aboard the USS Kodama. And truthfully, he wasn't disappointed in himself. The adrenaline had kicked in once the bodies started beaming aboard, faces familiar and not. The routine that'd been drilled into him back at the Academy went into full swing.

Focus on the reds, he'd told himself. Back on Trill, patients got colour-marked on their entry to medical facilities. Blue, for get out of my sickbay, green for easily treated or non-permanent, amber for potentially life-threatening or severe risk of permanent damage, red for absolute life-threatening, and white. White were the patients that Jem knew he couldn't bring himself to look at while he still had other patients to deal with. Whites were, unfortunately, the patients they simply couldn't save.

Jem had desperately gone through his memories for some context, some past experience, that'd help him deal with that inevitability. Unfortunately for him, the Seo symbiont had only had a single other host - a diplomat, of all people. There was a silver lining, though - Aera's influence gave Jem a halfway decent bedside manner.

His labcoat was half-crusted with dry blood - not strictly within regulations, but great for the pocket space. A quick change of his regenerator's power cell and another amber got sent back down to green, and carried out of the PCU. Jem had just enough time to consider their ever-dwindling lack of free space... as another body filled the now free biobed. Then, the warning had come back to him - the USS Savior was almost within transporter range.

Jem couldn't swim, not with so much weighing him down already. He needed... a life jacket. Without thinking, he tapped him commbadge.

=/\="Sickbay to bridge," His mind was running on autopilot. Not being able to see the CMO within his line of sight, his brain pushed it onto the next important person, "it's D-ahh, Ensign Seo, sir. Things are getting... waterlogged down here. Not much space for survivors from the Savior. Permission to commandeer holodeck two into an emergency PCU?"=/\=
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