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Katra Station - 8 Weeks Before the Wedding
"Sir, Ensign Catherine Goodspeed sir. Reporting for duty sir".

[ Ensign L'mar Rhade | Engineering Support Offices - Deck 24 | Katra Station - 8 Weeks Before Wedding ]

OOC: There is no Main Engineering setup on Katra, so I use the Support Offices. Each office has several consoles that can access all engineering systems as well as everything else.


Rhade turned from a discussion with Chief Campbell and several specialists about the Shield modules for the Healy to see a woman who he didn’t know.

Brian Campbell, currently the Chief Engineer of Katra Station, smiled at the woman and offered his hand. ”Welcome to Katra Station Miss Goodspeed. You will be assigned to the Healy under Ensign L’mar Rhade,” Brian said and gestured to the Felinoid as Rhade stepped over.

”Welcome Miss Goodspeed.” L’mar greeted offering his hand as well. ”I’ve been appointed Assistant Chief Engineerr of Katrra while being Chief Engineerr of the Healy. At least for this mission to the Briarr Patch.”


[USS Healy - Bridge] - 6 weeks before the wedding

As the Healy sped towards the wormhole, destined for its ultimate goal of the Briar Patch and Ba'ku itself, Saxon nodded over to an awaiting tactical officer standing ready on the Bridge, whom he had called up some moments before, to take over his station. Excusing himself to the Captain and First Officer, the old man made his way to Engineering, to meet with Ensigns Rhade and Goodspeed and offer any assistance in completing the work the drydock crew had left to ensure the Shield Pods were working correctly upon arrival.

The turbolift opened, and John took in the large, but dimly lit, chamber as he rounded the corner. The powerful beating heart of the Healy thumped in the background, a painful reminder of the differences between them. He shook his head clear of the dour notion, and looked around for Ensign Rhade, who had - in only a short time - found himself as Chief Engineer. He wasn't sure what Ensign Goodspeed looked like, such was her brevity in joining the ship's complement.

[ Deck 12 - Main Engineering | Healy Docked at Katra - 6 Weeks Before Wedding ]

”How are we coming with the Shield generatorr modifications?” L’mar asked as an announcement as he walked from console to console.

The various engineers around him were working, a few leaving and returning from elsewhere and holding kits. ”80 percent of the emitters are recalibrated for the Briar Patch sir.” Malakite, a Rigellian male, called from over his shoulder at one of the main consoles.

”Time is running out, please hurrry.” L’mar said, he didn’t want to be a Chief Engineer that was disliked, so he worked on being firm but accommodating. He was about to send more engineers out to get things sorted when he spotted Saxon looking around. The two made eye contact and Rhade waved the former Chief Security Officer over.

”Hello Lieutenant.” L’mar greeted.

He noted Catherine Goodspeed working with Darek, she started talking to the console which made Rhade smirk. She was one of those engineers, he made a decision to mind his words when talking about work around her. Rhade was going to go over to her after Saxon left.
Ensign Danjar-Torra Addams
[Carraya IV - Archeological Ruins - Uncovered chamber>>Hall]

Torra, at the rear of the group, listened ahead as the cadet explained about the translation.  The Grazerite pondered what type of weapon would be described as a 'striking killer'.  Could it have been an early form of disruptor?  Her thoughts on the subject were interrupted at hearing Kell ask to 'close the march'.  A position Torra had already assumed, even if she wasn't in security anymore. 

It amused her a bit at the cadet's misunderstanding of the phrase.

"Cadet, what Ensign Kell is referring to is security role.  The rear position in a column...'closes the march' and keeps watch for attack from behind."

She turned to look at Kell, who as Ops shouldn't be carrying a phaser, much like herself.  "You're welcome to share the position with me."  She gave a bit of a self-conscious shrug.  "Some roles you just never slip out of."

A sudden blast from up ahead drew her attention alertly, because of her height she was able to see over most of the others to see that there was a commotion up ahead... then she heard her name called.  Torra shouldered her way past the others in the narrow hall until she arrived at the downed Romulan.

"Lieutenant did you see what happened" she asked trying to determine the mechanism of injury, even as the Lieutenant was tossing a tricorder down the hall.  The disruptor beam gave her the answer she needed. 

Torra unshouldered her medkit and attempted to scan him with her medical tricorder.  However much like the Commander had warned, the tricorder's reading were chaotic because of whatever scrambling method they had in the place.   She would need to access and treat his wounds without the aid of the tricorder. 

Nira's assessment that the wound wasn't lethal was accurate enough but that by no means meant it wasn't serious. 

Torra looked to injured Romulan with reassurance. "I am a trained medic.  Before I administer an analgesic are you allergic to anything?" 

The Romulan shook his head wincing at the pain of his wound. "No."

The disruptor blast had caught the man mid-chest.  The 'burn' was 10 cm in diameter, and was already presenting as a 2nd degree burn.  She would need to cool the site or the damage could continue and move into a 3rd degree category.

She opened her kit, pausing a moment to recall the best analgesic to use on a Vulcanoid.  She pulled out a vial inserted it into a hypospray.

"I'd like to administer to you 10 cc's of terakine.  It's wide-based analgesic that will help with the pain, until we can move you to a safer spot where I can treat your injury with a dermal regenerator." she explained her planned course of treatment. "Do I have your permission to proceed?" she asked.

The Romulan nodded and pressed the hypospray unit to his neck, then looked to the column of Romulan scientists and Starfleet personnel.   "I would like assistance walking him back to the earlier lab."

[ Carraya IV - Archaeological Ruins - Viper's Eye Facility ]

Deryn let most of the group walk past and into the nearest corridor to fall behind them , walking side by side with the tall Grazerite Ensign who invited her to share the position . She regularly turn her back to the group and walked a few steps backwards to check nothing was tailing them . There was more than enough room for a few people to stand shoulder to shoulder in the hallway .

" I couldn't have said it better myself . " She raised her shoulders . " Plus , i feel somewhat " naked " without a phaser . As you say , old habits die hard . Besides , with our luck during Away missions these days , i quite like it to have this beaut' between us and the enemy . " She said , tapping the stock of her type-3 rifle .

Just when Deryn finished her sentence , a shot rang through the corridor , shortly followed by a short cry . She instinctively dropped to a kneeling position , rifle up aiming towards the source of the shot . Fortunately , the Romulan who was shot was only lightly hurt and there were more than enough crew members in the medical sciences to make sure he'd be fine .
[Skuyanhjin Home - Ba'ku Village]

Lek's smile became even wider when Antonia made her comment regarding her 'maid' status and began to have thoughts that were likely to be hazardous to his health, which made him reduce the size of his smile slightly.

"It was a long trip, but I think it was worth it just to see Rayek sweat so much. I'll keep an eye on him, he won't escape. We already have an understanding about him running and me introducing him to an airlock."
Cmdr Rayek tr’Lhoell
[Ba’ku – Village – Rahul Skuyankjin’s home](morning of January 2nd, 2398)
[After Antonia’s arrival]
Rayek sighed at Lek’s comment.  The Ferengi loved to keep reminding him of the ‘airlocking’ threat.   ”My worry over Tess’ well-being had nothing to do with ‘cold feet’ or attempting to escape.” he admonished but had trouble with not smiling as he did so.

When Antonia accepted his offer to come inside, Rayek followed behind a bit, taking in for the first time the full attire of Tess’ ‘maid’.   Nightgown and sock-covered feet - she was a bit of an amusing sight and he couldn’t help but picture Tess similarly dressed, giggling away half the night much like he imagined she did with Saqa7 when he wasn’t around or when they thought him pre-occupied in the other room as they made plans on the comm-line on where and when to meet for picking out Tess’ dress.  Rayek smiled.

Rayek returned to his seat, and picked up a piece of bread and began to butter it.  While he wasn’t particularly hungry, he felt certain that Antonia was here to report back to Tess on his well-being and so wanted Tess to have an image of him being calm and self-assured before the wedding.    There was no need to worry her unnecessarily.

Antonia’s passed on messages prompted a smile.  ”Please if you would carry back to her my own message that  “Yes, I am well and miss her just as much. And ‘Ditto’. “  Recognizing that the message sound rather odd, he explained somewhat.  ”It is from a move we watched recently,  she will understand what I am saying.”

[Antonia - Skuyanhjin Home - Ba'ku Village]
Morning of January 2nd

When Lek mentioned introducing Rayek to an airlock should he try to run, Antonia laughed. She'd decided almost immediately that she quite liked the cut of this Ferengi's jib, and his kind of off-beat sense of humour. "I believe you."

As Rayek returned Tess' sentiments Antonia listened carefully, though her eyes followed his movements as he buttered some fresh bread. He at least appeared willing to try and get some food into him. She would not mention Tess' lack of appetite; it wouldn't do anyone any use. Besides, food or not, the bride seemed happier than Antonia had ever seen her. That alone would help get her through the morning.

"...Ditto," she repeated, a slight upturned inflection in her tone, as though seeking confirmation. Then she nodded as he explained, and reached over to grab herself a slice of bread. "I will tell her. She'll be very pleased to hear it." She began to spread some of the fruity jam on her bread, aware that she'd already eaten her own breakfast, but seeing no reason why she couldn't try theirs, too. She'd gotten so used to the delicious, fresh produce on Ba'ku very quickly. "I will miss this, I tell you." She nodded at her loaded fruity bread, then stood with it still in hand. "I should get back to Tesoro before everyone uses all the hot water on me. And... I should probably get dressed."

With a smile and a wave, she moved away from the table. "I will see you all very soon. It was nice to meet you, Best Man!" She called behind her before leaving Rahul's home.
Holodeck / Re: Changes (Judy & Jenna)
« Last post by Judith Eastman on 1 hour ago »
[Vacation Home]

"Ah, you do yoga," Judy replied. "I dabbled in yoga, many years ago, when I was young and had good joints.."
She slapped her right hip, the prosthetic one.
"Nowadays, I mostly hike and swim, generally with Max. We have an indoor pool and miles of trails, if you want to explore either once we eat."

"In any case, we have our main course to get to now," Max reminded Judy.

They both stood up, and then returned from the kitchen with two large serving plates.
"These are lamb chops, seasoned with lots of garlic, and on the side, spicy eggplant."

The Sivaoan hissed a slow breath through bared teeth and straightened an already straight pile of bandages before answering, I think so. I read up on Romulan physiology, and I've treated a couple of Vulcans on the station. Other than smell, they really are very similar internally.

She caught hold of her tail and twisted it between her paws, an act that showed the distress that she was trying to keep under wraps.
[Fells - Medbay]

Instead of helping everyone with jump and ship preparations Fells made his way to Judy.
He carefully knocked on the panel behind her to get her attention.
"Sorry to bother you but I need to talk to you."
He paused hoping she'd have an open ear but even if she didn't he'd continue.
"I know we don't really get along so well and you think I've got some issues....but this isn't personal. I've got serious doubts that this mission is well thought through. Shooting someone into an Asteroid field from a missile launcher is reckless. Commander Hawke sometimes has these crazy ideas, which for some reason have often worked but this one could send each one of the volunteers to their death."
He paused and looked at her. "Can't you talk some sense into that man? You say I've got issues....I just want everyone to be save."

[Professor Emeritus Judith Eastman(-Williams) - Medbay]

Judy had a sneaking feeling that Descant wasn't as ready as she tried to let on, but that motherly concern had to be put on hold for Fells.

"Well, young man, you're right," she stated calmly. "This is a half-baked, dangerous idea that could go wrong. It's one of the crazier ideas I've seen..."
She chuckled.
"... and God knows I've been around to see many crazy ideas. If I had a better idea, I would've suggested it then and there, but I don't."
She tapped her foot on the deck and then continued.
"The fact is that taking serious risks, even for unsavory people, is part of the territory; it's just something Starfleet does. It's obviously not for everyone - hell, it's not for me."

With her dislike for ranks, colorful outfits, and problematic health, Judy was distinctly non-Starfleet from the inside all the way out.

"That being said, if you have a safer idea, I am sure Commander Hawke will be receptive. He knows his ideas are crazy and dangerous," she offered at last, as a course of action. "He's better at listening than you'd think. Horrible reader, though."

Katheryn was happy that one of "their" songs had played at the right moment. Knowing that timing was everything, especially after such a romantic dinner and cuddling during the first song of a playlist that she had specially created for their night away.

Each song meant something to them, but this specific one was the first song, that they had made theirs. So as he held her close and moved them slowly, nothing else mattered apart from the man she loved.

Reciprocating his kiss with every emotion that she had for him, before the song continued and she leaned in for another deeper kiss.
Holodeck / Re: Changes (Judy & Jenna)
« Last post by Jenna McKinson on 1 hour ago »
[ Vacation Home ]

"I think that is something I can add to my yoga every day. It helps my anger some days. Trust me there are quite a few incidents that almost made me lose my temper back on the ship, but then again I know it's something I haven't done in a while so that's good," Jenna said before she went back to eating the salad. Already there was a decent amount of food, but she knew that as time went on and the food was more delicious, so too would be the chance for her to grow and learn. She had finished her salad at a decent pace, but not too quickly. She wondered what else the cook had in store for the rest of the meal.
USS Shran / Re: S4 E6: 20,000 Leagues
« Last post by Felicity Ellis on 1 hour ago »
[Planet's Surface]

Alec turned his scanner to the fallen officer's ankle and said, Some sort of puncture wound, though I can't get a reading on whether it's from animal, vegetable or mineral. Shock... let's get him moved to the med tent. We'll treat the wound and monitor his condition.

How did he end up in the water?
Alec stood and shaded his eyes to look out over the expansive ocean before crouching to help lift the man and move him. Captain, perhaps we should keep everyone a little bit closer together until we determine what happened to Mr. Miller, he suggested with the weight of medical authority behind him.
[ Planet's Surface ]

"I am in agreement with you there. I am unsure where he fell in and we do not the appropriate temperature to track heat signatures. It's unfortunate and I was unable to grab a sample of the water." As Jenna spoke the ensign behind her smile. "I have gotten a sample while you were scanning." The ensign said. Jenna's eyes lit up and she smiled. "With that out of the way we can rule out anything crazy in the water. Do you want any help carrying him to the tent?" As she asked this her mind was on many things, but mostly the well being of the ensign who fell into the water. She pondered a bit more only for the moment.

[Felicity Ellis - LZ 3, Southern Peninsula - Earthlike Water Planet Surface]

"Agreed, Dr. Trenzal," Felicity said, her brow furrowed as she finally reached the others. She glanced at Miller, then back up the incline toward the med tent. "Let's get him comfortable and go from there. =/\= Ellis to Away Teams. Return to the LZ." =/\=

Gates rushed forward to assist Alec with transporting Miller. Felicity was already retracing her steps when they received word from the Shran.

=A= Shran to Ellis, please respond. We detected a strange energy reading approximately one hundred kilometers from your location. =A=

=/\= "Ellis here. Which direction, Commander? Send me a location to my PADD if you can." Felicity turned on the spot, trying to find signs of anything out of the ordinary. "We've detected nothing here. At least, nothing that could cause any unusual energy readings. Ensign Miller went for an unplanned swim and gave himself quite a shock, but apart from that there's little else to report." =/\=

Despite her words, the beginning signs of worry began to claw at her stomach. She busied herself by setting up the portable cot just inside the med tent, prepping it for Miller.



Aryn smiled faintly over her shoulder as McGellen started to leave. Thank you, Doctor. We'll keep you updated. She turned back to the operations console to listen to the Klingon officer's report.

Thank you, Lieutenants, both of you. Continue to monitor that area and see if you can gather any more information on the energy reading. What do you think of launching an atmospheric probe over that spot?

Even though the away team doesn't appear to have been affected, let's check in with the captain.

Aryn returned to her chair and toggled communications from the arm. =A= Shran to Ellis, please respond. We detected a strange energy reading approximately one hundred kilometers from your location.[/color] =A=

[Lieutenant Doug Dimmadome - Bridge, USS Shran]

"Yes, Commander. I will modify one of our standard probes for broader spectrum discovery." Doug's cheeks were tinged pink, unused as he was to having so many eyes on him, despite having been department head for six months. It had been his subordinate, Al'Terra, who had always been the shining star on the Bridge. Dr. Dimmadome had always been far more at home in a quiet lab.

"Whatever it was down there that caused the surge and flash, it was powerful phenomenon, and lit up the planet's entire upper atmosphere." He continued to work, and checked in with the engineering department just before completion to have his programming checked. Once happy, he looked toward the XO.

"Ready to launch on your mark."
[ Holodeck ]

Caleb smiled when the song began. It was their song and one that was so very special. He was glad to be dancing in that moment with her. The world she created seemed to melt around them. It was their time and it was wonderful. He didn't want to speak nor did he need to. Their dance spoke volumes and echoed around everything. At one point he held her close to him as he closed his eyes. As the song swelled he moved them slowly. He looked into her eyes before he went in for a kiss. He was truly and deeply in love with the woman he was dancing with.
USS Athena-A / Re: The Storm (4.5)
« Last post by Caleb Brighton on 2 hours ago »
[ Central Science Station ]

Caleb moved quickly inside but took just a moment to familiarize the location in his mind of the outside of the building. He looked around to see where he could help for the moment. His mind was on many things and one was being sure he could help by any means possible to help get the situation resolved."I can offer any help as a second set of hands." Caleb added to what his wife had said.
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