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[CSO's Office]

Zed entered directly behind Wentock as he realized the door was slightly ajar as they spoke outside. 'Medium huh? Good taste, I like that.' He thought to himself as he entered the room. "I'll just stand, but thank you. L-...Ms. Wentock, I'll let you take the lead on that. My specialties lie in Federation engineering, arts, and people. Don't let her sell herself short though, her finding that info so quickly wasn't just luck. As for the keyword search, we also had to contend with redactions. While I have access to look at any personnel file completely without those redactions, I happen to be the only person on this ship with that privilege. Implementing that blended with my credentials to search those blackouts in the files proved to be a slight challenge." He figured it was better if the two of them doubled down on the same story instead of contradicting one another.

"Though I'm sure if I was with Ms. Wentock for any longer we could do quite a bit more." The last sentence had a bit of a double meaning of course. He shot Luby a knowing look and then let his eyes return to Ruth as he fought back a slight mischievous smile.

[CSO's Office]

"I have no doubt you could!" Ruth replied with a grin and one raised eyebrow at Masters.  She didn't mind, she knew that Luby had had a potential romance nipped in the bud when she transferred from Columbus to the Discovery so it was nice that these two could get together.  She tried not to think too much about missing Lahr, by Loki she wanted him.  Badly.

"Well, if you give me your report Ms. Wentock... and I agree, speed and efficiency isn't something to be dismissed so easily, well done... then you can go back and search all you like, then I can put a hail out to the shuttle team, see how they are getting along." the Commander said with a grim smile.

"And Masters, at least perch your backside on the end of my desk, you look almost at attention, and I can't stand formality when there's no need for it!  You can call Luby by her first name and me for that matter, in the privacy of my office at least!"
Runabout possibly a shuttlecraft ;)
Gohun sat there kind of dumbfounded. They did realize that he tried to hail Discovery and that the ship had to know their craft was there because jamming was an action. If they had not known the Runabout was there, then they would not be jamming. Gohun could tell that they were angry with him and scared. The kind of scared that one person gets before a fight scared and adrenaline rushing.
While Gohun was no expert in communications, he still remembered the Starfleet training on getting through a jam. The acronym AIAER for him the words were. A - AFRICAN WILD DOG I - IRISH SETTER A - AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOG E - ELKHOUND R - RAT TERRIER. First, adjust the receiver, which involves changing the gain and the bandwidth and turning the volume. With that Adjustment, Gohun was still eating static. Phase two is with that Gohun Increase the transmitter power output. That involved drawing more power from the ship, and that also failed. The third phase was to Adjust or change the antenna as this was not possible on the runabout. Onto step four which is establish a retransmission station. This is why Gohun launched the probe. While the transmission could be blocked longwave, he could send a short transmission to the Discovery. Gohun sent a focused transmission to the probe, and hopefully, the probe is far enough away that it was able to send a short message. The message Gohun sent was imminent danger and their coordinates. With that, Gohun looked over.
Gohun, “ I have sent a message to the probe, and hopefully, it will send a message to Discovery.”
With that, Gohun sensed a violent intent to murder and was slightly annoyed. He understood that they were annoyed with him at this moment, but wanting him dead was another thing. Oh, wait, that is the other ship. Gohun probably should tell them hat the vessel is probably going to attack.
Gohun, “ I sense a lot of hostility from the vessel out there. As it murderous intent from them mam.”
Holodeck / Re: Time Off
« Last post by Rayek trLhoell on 5 hours ago »
NPC Lt jg Saqa7 Mountain-Khan
[Katra Station - Deck 12 - Promenade - Outside the Beauty/Spa 'Venus & Mars']

Saqa7 took so long picking that Zex and Tess had already picked out the best-looking holograms.   While she pondered which of the remaining two to select, Tess and Zex spoke about gift ideas for Rayek. 

Saqa7 always had trouble with gift giving.  She was glad they were soliciting her for gift ideas.

As the time dragged on Saqa7 realized that the others must be waiting on her.  She looked between the two remaining and while the woman was much more of interest to Saqa7... she nodded towards the other male.   "I take the human, please." She said selected which character.

No sooner had she finished selecting that, than the door chime sound and Robin's calm voice spoke over the intercom of the room.  "Are you all ready?" Robin's voice asked.

After indicating that they were Robin entered and the three holographic message providers appeared.  "If there are no objections I will begin on the mommy-to-be."

When this was agreed on Robin called for 'relaxation music' and she and the Andorian both worked on Tess, Robin at her back and shoulders, the Andorian along her legs and feet.   Zex was treated to a back massage from the Bajoran male, while Saqa7 was seen to by the Human male.

Less than a minute into the massage Saqa7 was in heaven.   She was loving this, when an idea came to her.   "Maybe get Rayek his own spa time.  I'm sure even he could use a massage."
Katra Station / Re: S2 M7 - The Two Wolves
« Last post by Solluk on 5 hours ago »

Katra Station - Main Engineering - Deck 29

Chief Petty Officer Calabrass grunted slightly as he reached behind the Power Control Subsystem and pulled out the ODN lines connecting the system to the main computer.  It was quite possibly the most ludicrous modification he'd ever been asked to perform in the middle of an alert, and he half-expected the warp core to begin a breach as control of the system was handed over to his PADD.  Fortunately, that did not happen.  Instead, the PADD's linked computer network asssumed the matter/antimatter control function.

Then the entire station rocked as something hit the facility.  Hard.

Calabrass quickly stood, walking over to a damage control display which was lighting up with damage reports on Deck 5.   There was a hull breach and plasma fires.

Decks 6 and 7 had previously been damaged by an explosion in the internal berths, but damage control teams had already gotten the plasma fires there under control.  So... what on Coridan had happened to Deck 5? 

As he watched, another damage report came in from Deck 5.  Another breach.   He pulled up details.  There were two distinct incidents: A collision above one of the berth openings, right at the tractor emitter over Berth Access 1.  Then the tractor emitter over Berth Access 2 had somehow been ripped right out of the station's structure.  He had no idea what could even do something like that.

As he puzzled over the new information, someone ran up beside him.

It was the cadet.  The conspiracy theorist with a sweet-tooth.

Mary something.


Mary Rayne nearly skidded to a stop beside the Coridanite, and then glanced down momentarily.  She always felt like she was staring at the cybernetics the Chief wore on his face, and so she tried to avoid it.  But then she always felt self-conscious about not looking at his face, and made furtive glances.  She was pretty sure it made her seem like a spaz.

She'd bake the Chief some cupcakes later.  Cupcakes were the least socially awkward food in the galaxy.  They brought everyone together.

"Chief!  I was chasing some power alerts down in the transporter room and-"

Calabrass waved a hand dismissively, "We have power alerts everywhere, Cadet.  But we have to prioritize.  There are several transporter rooms in the green, so don't bother with any in the red.  We'll isolate them and fix them later."

Mary nodded but nearly bounced on the balls of her feet with impatience, "But Chief, I think I found it!  I found how they're smuggling things onto the station!"

Calabrass rolled his eyes.  Not that anyone could see him do it with his environmental interface implants in place.  "Not this again, Cadet.  I told you to stop indulging in these fantasies after your 'subtle interrogation' of the Daimon while he was strolling through the promenade."

"But I have proof this time, Chief.  I found a Spatial Inverter module plugged right into the transporter buffers on deck 20!  The smugglers have probably been doing this for a long time.  The thing looks specifically designed to plug right into Federation transporter systems.  They could pop a panel, plug it in, and boom!  An ordinary transporter becomes an Elway device!  But maybe they had to abandon it when we went to alert.  We've got them, Chief!  Spatial Inverters are illegal!"

Calabrass sighed.  He was tempted to dismiss this in favor of more important matters, but this could actually be a serious breach of security.  Lieutenant Saxon had cautioned all departments to be especially alert about suspicious activity, and this certainly qualified.  "Fine.  Tell Security, have them put someone on guard there in case anyone tries to retrieve the device or use it to transport in.  But don't touch anything.  That's evidence, now.  Security will want to document it before it's removed."

Mary nodded, almost giddy.  "Right away, Chief!"

IKS Lod Qan - Bridge

The flash of light died on the viewscreen.   The Lod Qan was no longer a prisoner of Katra Station.  A console on the bridge beeped, and Tolec went to have a look.

"HoD, the Tholians are transmitting a message."

"What is it?" Noh'ves asked, surprised that the Tholians had so recently become chatty and friendly towards them.  It was almost as though they wanted something.

Tolec read the message to himself, and paused.  Tolec took it upon himself to re-word the content of the message, deciding this was not the best time to antagonize his Captain. "They believe the Healy which just departed the station is an impostor vessel, and that the true Healy now intercepts those impostors.  The Tholians seem to think the tractor beam attack we both just suffered is part of some scheme involving these impostors.  And they... invite us to join them in an attack upon the false Healy." 

Noh'Ves considered this for a moment, and then nodded.  "Agreed.  Something has gone very wrong with the station and its ship, but we can no longer sit idly by for an explanation.  Tell the Tholians we will come about the far side of the engagement."

With those words, he himself took the helm station.

"Vilka.  Initiate cloaking device."

"luq!" she acknowledged, and the lighting on the bridge changed to indicate that the cruiser was now operating in stealth mode.

It would take a couple of minutes for the Lod Qan and the Acrux to reach the position of the two Healies.  A lot could happen in that amount of time.

taggies Saxon
Katra Station / Re: S2 M7 - The Two Wolves
« Last post by L'mar Camili Rhade on 5 hours ago »
Inching forward, the rifle's cold barrel slowly pressed against the top of the cervical vertebrae. "Don't. Move." he growled quietly.

[ Provisional Junior Lieutenant L'mar Rhade ] | [ Deck 12 - Main Engineering | USS rHealy ] - [ DAY 3. AFTERNOON. ]

He found 2 Tess t’Lhoells on the Bridge. Clones, how? Rhade wondered as he worked, his emergency site-to-site program still undiscovered. He had to save his XO, his real XO. Again how? Time was running out. He’d lose Engineering’s lockdown with dumping the core and since his EPS sabotage had not worked, they must have solved that when they duplicated the Healy but made it look like it wasn’t.

Suddenly a cold barrel was against the back of his neck. Rhade had failed to monitor anyone coming to Engineering, but why was he still alive. He imagined that the clones witness him just kill their companions here, they’d not bother to take him prisoner. So it had to be someone from the real Healy or Katra Station, his mind raced unhelpful with trying to understand the how since they were out of transporter range.

With his rebreather mask on his voice was slightly muffled, since the gas was still in the room. He slightly rotated his head so he could see who was behind him in his peripheral vision. Saxon! Oh o. He is angrry, prrobably because I wasn’t attached to my combadge. L’mar reasoned, though he kept his hands on the console as he spoke. ”Lieutenant, sirr, we don’t have time forr this. Commanderr t’Lhoell is in trrouble on the Brridge.” L’mar pleaded. ”The clones arre coming, neverr thought I'd say that, I have a plan.”
Holodeck / Re: A Romulan Night (Rayek/Tess)
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Ensign Rayek tr'Lhoell and
NPC's Phara t'Movel and Karinne t'Movel
[Katra Station - Deck 20 - s'Movel quarters](beginning of June)

Lt. Cmdr. Tess t'Lhoell (6 months pregnant)
NPC Lared tr'Movel
[Katra Station - Deck 20 - s'Movel quarters] (Beginning of June)


Tess looked at Phara empathically. "I know it's far away. But going to the Academy is an incredible thing to experience. I bet Tordel will love it." She smiled, trying to emphasize the good thing to it. Fabiano had always been encouraging to her to make experiences of her own, or maybe it was because Tess had been away from home from an early age on. But then again, Phara had made very different experiences - horrific ones. So her fear was understandable.

Tess' eyes gleamed with excitement at the prospect of telling Rayek of the Hædl Aefvadh they were planning. While Phara's comment about fathers not being very interested in this Tess was positive that Rayek was an exception. He wanted to know everything that was going on with her or the baby. "I bet he'll be pleased to know", Tess smiled.

Then Lared joined them and Phara offered for them to take a bottle of Romulan wine with them. "Oh thank you, that is so kind of you", Tess smiled, genuinely happy about it.

[Dining Room]

As they entered the dining room Lared handed the top to Rayek. "I hope this will do", he said.

Tess smiled at Rayek when he announced he'd be right back. "Okay, ciccino", she replied quietly to him as he passed her. Then something unexpected happened. Tess looked to Karinne who addressed her in saying that there was something she wanted to talk to her about. Tess looked surprised at her but her curiosity spiked immediately. Only in second thought she wondered if she had gotten word back from the Romulan contact she had asked Karinne to establish for her.

Lared looked at his mother in wary displeasure. He wasn't sure what she was going to tell Tess, but that she wanted to speak to her alone and seemingly had waited for a moment when Rayek was not present was reason enough for him to be suspicious. But obviously he couldn't really forbid his mother to talk to Tess privately if she agreed.

"Don't take too long", he said light-hearted but the look he directed at his mother would let her read between the lines. When they had left the room Lared looked to his wife. "What is she up to now", he muttered before he went clean up the spilled wine from the table and then finally to refill Rayek's glass properly.

[Kitchen >>> Dining Room]
Phara was happy that Tess was looking forward to the Romulan tradition, one of the others assisting with the planning had remarked that the Ba'ku woman, being a Federation member, might have a bias against it.   That didn't seem to be the case.

When they returned to the dining room and Karinne asked to speak to Tess privately, Phara looked to her husband in concern.  He seemed wary to her, but he didn't stop his mother.  Phara couldn't help but mirror his remark.   "Yes, don't be long.  Tess and I have some news to inform Rayek." she added.

[Karinne's room]

The elder Romulan led Tess down the hall past the bathroom and into a bedroom that contained very sparse furnishing.  It probably reminded Tess of what Rayek's quarters had looked like before she moved in.   The furnishings consisted of a single bed, a wardrobe a nightstand and a footlocker on one side of the room and a single desk and chair on the other side.  It looked an vacant cadets' room at the Academy.

Karinne, nodded toward the chair by the desk.  "Have a seat if you like."

She, however, went to the foot of the bed where sat the footlocker and unlocked it with her biometrics.  She opened it.  The truck seemed to hold all the personal items that would normally be set out to add that homey feel to a place.  Photos and holo-cubes.  Throwblankets of Romulan weave and little treasures and mementos of cherished moments.

Karinne uncovered a small wooden chest - a jewelry box - which she opened.   It held an assortment of rings, necklaces, and earrings and earring cuffs which she dug through until she came across a small metal pin.

"Now I want to be clear.  I am not giving this to you, but you may borrow it to scan so that you can replicate your own." the elder Romulan made sure stipulate the condition of her passing on the item.  "This is a Clan Pin..  See on the back, is the Clan name."

The pin that Karinne held out to Tess, when looking at the back, had the word s'Movel.  "These are worn by the Clan heads on celebratory days. As such it is only proper you have one for your Clan." she stated brusquely.

"Also..."  Karinne paused to glance towards the doorway and listened a moment - clearly checking to see if anyone was outside in the hall.  A concern that worried her enough to rise from her crouched position by the foot locker to go to the door and close it.

"I have a contact name and info for you as requested."
Katra Station / Re: Discussion for S2 M7 - The Two Wolves
« Last post by Beja on 6 hours ago »
Tags to Roberto in the med bay
Katra Station / Re: S2 M7 - The Two Wolves
« Last post by Beja on 6 hours ago »
Katra Station - Deck 22 - Sick Bay

Beja wasn’t exactly sure why they were doing things the ‘old school’ way, as the old human saying went. But now wasn’t the time to question it either, Benjin’s survival required their quick acting. She grabbed the dressings and hurried over to Roberto with the requested items. All of their ancestors survived without fancy hyposprays, tricorders, and advanced computer equipment. They would have to tap into their ancestral fortitude and survive again without such things.

Here you go,” Beja nodded her encouragement to Roberto, while she watched him work. “What else do you need? Let me know and it will be done.” If anyone could get Benjin through it would be Roberto. She still wasn’t sure exactly what happened. What had caused the explosions? And would there be more of them? Everything pointed to the station once more being under attack, but from whom? Had the Thinkers struck again? Or had the Atrosians found a new technology to enact their revenge?

PO1 ShranLahr ch'Verret
[Tzenkethi / Federation Border - USS Challenger - Deck One - Bridge]

[Bridge - USS Challenger]

The Challenger dropped out of warp from her maximum rated speed of warp 9.88 to find a ship of unknown design, but the teardrop configuration made it obvious that it was a Tzenkethi ship. It held the SS Good Hunting in a tractor beam, which it dropped as soon as it detected the arriving Starfleet ship and turned to face the new threat.

Ian wanted nothing more than to shout "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war" and follow that up with a full spread of quantums, but that wasn't exactly within his mandate to protect shipping. This fact restrained his initial desire to terminate the raider with extreme prejudice and instead to speak calmly to the bridge crew.

"Helm angle our approach to cut between them and the freighter. If they fire on us, you are weapons free Mister T'Kel, try to disable their engines if possible. Mister Sill'ma, scan for Tzenkethi lifesigns on the freighter. Mister ch'Verret, hail them."

As Ian watched the crew execute his orders, his thoughts were cold blooded as crooned internally.

"Go ahead you festerin' pile of caoch, fire, I bloody dare ya."

As the ship dropped out of warp, the viewscreen automatically switched over from the streaming starscape to a view of the freighter and its' Tzenkethi attacker.  The teardrop shaped ship was massive. Easily as large as a Galaxy-class.

Lahr gave an impressed whistle.  "Someone is compensating." he quipped humorously to hide the fact that he was a feeling like every ship was newer, larger or powerful than Challenger.  His antenna twitched apprehensively.

The Captain gave out orders.  Lahr's task was to establish communications.

The Andorian sent out a hailing signal and surprisingly they got an almost immediate response.  "Seems they're feelin' talkative, sir.  Putting it up on screen now."

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