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Katra Station / Re: S3-M8: Best Laid Plans
« Last post by Skargarr on 19 minutes ago »
"Aye and it'll be a while longer still ya savage!" Kyan answered. "We cannae be eatin people..." he looked at the freighter crew. "At least not yet anyhow. We've got tae ask them questions first.. you know, and get to the bottom of things so we do, and then... eh." he shrugged. "Anyways, take this lot to the holding cells and put... "

He gave them all a look before settling on a mark. In this case, the youngest of the grups who looked like he was about to wet himself. "Put that one in an interrogation room." he said with a grin, pointing at the man in question. "And when the rest of the Security folk get here, we'll have em start looking about and we'll talk to the Vulpinians."

Skar merely shrugged at the 'Morsel's' reaction.  "Dont knock it until you have nothing else to eat and your forced to make due with wht you can catch.  Survival situations its a 'Eat or be eaten' world out there." Skar said as he went over and told the other security teams to escort there new guests to the brig and place that one weakling into interrogation.

"Lets go be all diplomacy with the dogs.  Though, if I eat one the others will fall in line quite quickly as it is a very effective means to get information even if it isnt most likely reliable." Skar said smiling though to some people it would unsettle them, a Gorn smiling is never a pleasing moment to be sure.
Katra Station / Re: S3-M8: Best Laid Plans
« Last post by Kyan Mackenzie on 37 minutes ago »
"I say we just cuff them, put them under guard while we confiscate there ship and its cargo.  Then head over and deal with the Vulperians.  Its been awhile since I have had dog in my diet." Skar suggested.

"Aye and it'll be a while longer still ya savage!" Kyan answered. "We cannae be eatin people..." he looked at the freighter crew. "At least not yet anyhow. We've got tae ask them questions first.. you know, and get to the bottom of things so we do, and then... eh." he shrugged. "Anyways, take this lot to the holding cells and put... "

He gave them all a look before settling on a mark. In this case, the youngest of the grups who looked like he was about to wet himself. "Put that one in an interrogation room." he said with a grin, pointing at the man in question. "And when the rest of the Security folk get here, we'll have em start looking about and we'll talk to the Vulpinians."
Holodeck / Re: The Blademasters (Closed)
« Last post by Chigorra on 1 hour ago »
[Lieutenant Nira Said | Bridge | Deck One | IKS TajHu]

"Aye, Commander," she said. She then proceeded with raising shields. She then looked at the task force splitting. Naturally, the classic tactic of "divide and conquer" can work both ways. While it can leave the fleet at half-strength, if it leads to faster verification and a potential surprise attack if the ships prove hostile, it would prove an advantage.

As she worked and monitored, she wondered why the task force aren't cloaking. Then again, it depended on how friendly or hostile they were.

[Bridge | IKS TajHu | Edge of the Danjika System]

The TajHu cloaked at Captain Kohor's command, and its attending K-32 did as well. The shimmering effect was visible even from inside the ship, and the blood-red Bridge lights dimmed further to a dull organic shade. Next to Nira, D'Lorra grinned, her fanged mouth shining brightly in the darkness. Thontorf had his arms crossed, but his hands were tapping the meant of his forearms, snap-snap-snapping on the leather bracers there. Kergh had turned to a display behind him, bending forward to observe the readouts.

"Maintain Warp 4." Captain Kohor commanded, his deep baritone rumbling through the Bridge air. "Be watchful of your scans. Don't reveal us by pushing the sensors too hard."

Time passed in careful quiet. The Klingons seemed to revel in this gradual stalking of their prey, with the silence interrupted by Thorn's snap-snapping, and the occasional callouts of the movements of the other ships. The two groups of three vessels seemed to be maintaining relatively parallel courses, with occasional corrections. There was no sign of communications between the two groups, but their maintenance of a set distance was too coincidental...

"Captain, we've just verified the ID's of those three transport vessels." Chigorra declared. "They are indeed Imperial ships. They hail from Lonar, and they move supplies from that system to other systems. They are scheduled to be in Danjika for at least another two days." Kohor considered this, and beckoned for thoughts from the Bridge.

"Enlist them in our task." Shas suggested quickly. "They may be transport vessels, but they are servants of the Empire." Surprisingly, Thiq seemed to agree with this tactic. "These Cardassian pirates have destroyed several of our war vessels already. They are experienced. Even a few extra transport vessels might be used to our tactical advantage."

The Captain looked to Nira and D'Lorra, seeking their thoughts. D'Lorra helpfully brought up the tactical data on the three transport vessels for Nira to observe, if needed; each armed with decent weaponry, well-shielded, and decently armored. They were less efficient in their tasks than Starfleet transports, but the Klingon style meant they were more dangerous in a combat situation.
USS Challenger-A / Re: S5: E1 - Honor Against Glory
« Last post by Vince Stryfe on August 02, 2021, 11:58:53 pm »
.:: USS Challenger :: Bridge ::.

Vince shifted in his seat a bit, the trip here had been a long one, and nobody had come to relieve him. He wasn't bothered by the fact though, he wanted as much time at the helm as he could get, even if it was boring warp flight. During the flight there was a small part of him that had wished the Klingon ship that was traveling with them had done something, but it didn't happen, all for the better. He looked down at his console taking in the information on the screen, almost there, then more sitting and waiting.

Vince wondered for a moment, letting his thoughts stray. "If we had the president on board, did that make us like Starfleet One, do they still do that kind of thing? I don't think I've ever been in that situation or heard about it, but it's something that has to have happened several, well thousands of time, I'm sure. Again, there's another thing, though. What if we are now on some top secret type mission, and the president onboard makes it all that much more important. Or, what if the president was being chased by slavers, and we got there in the nick of time. That whole thought killed the original question, are we Starfleet One?"

Vince came out of his thought as the console beeped at him. Looking down he saw that he had received the warning for the ship nearing the destination and about to come out of warp. He sat up in his seat and readied himself. He tapped some buttons, and went through his mental checklist. If done wrong things could be bad for the ship, blow out a nacelle, overheat the cooling system, and do structural damage to the pylons. Most people just think it's a quick start and stop job, but it's far from that, it's an extremely important part of piloting, and nothing is routine about it. Routine could only be said about things after thousands of times doing something, but in piloting you can't ever look at it like that, this is new every time it happens. Pilots have to get the jitters a bit every time, so they think about it at all times.

Another warning beep, but He was ready. With a couple quick commands the ship dropped out of warp, right at their destination, and in one solid piece. Job done.

 "Welcome Gentlebeing to Galga VI. You have an assigned parking orbit and once you are established, your representative may beam down to your quarters with no more than four aides and four bodyguards. No weapons other than side arms for the bodyguards are allowed. Please contact Planetary Security when you are ready to transport down, and please enjoy your stay of Gaalga VI." The recording sounded as they approached the planet.

Vince was in full attention now, slapping the console with his fingertips he started the approach to the planet. A few commands here, and a few more there, and bingo, the ship was slipped into a geo-synchronized orbit. Vince plugged in a few more commands, just wrapping up the process, and setting the computer to make necessary adjustments to maintain they're orbit. It wasn't anything too complicated, just setting the orbit based on the mass of the ship compared to the gravity of the planet. There was always a sweet spot that would use the least amount of energy, and allow the ship to stay right where it needed to be. Once Vince had completed the calculations, he spun in his seat to address the Captain's seat.

" Were are in a stable orbit around, Galga VI. I have set in the necessary calculations to maintain our orbit, and now instead of stars wizzing  by, we get to stare at clouds, I think." Vince smirked," We are good for landfall."
Katra Station / Re: S3-M8: Best Laid Plans (Discussion)
« Last post by Chigorra on August 02, 2021, 11:25:40 pm »
I can send Kovnin your way if you like. He may be no technician himself, but he knows a thing or two about getting Embassies back onto their feed and would definitely be down to help her get all the assistance she needs. ^.^

Tag for Zex
Softest Tags to Xasik and his baby

I'll gladly take you up on that offer! Tags to Sirol, and to any other Engineer or Science person who might be interested in working in the Embassy for a moment.

Tags to Gideon as NPC Gop Gop.
Katra Station / Re: S3-M8: Best Laid Plans
« Last post by Chigorra on August 02, 2021, 11:23:24 pm »
[Lieutenant JG Gideon "Griff" Drake, callsign "Gryphon" | Scoutship Squall | Traffic around Katra Station]
"What the hell is it?!?" snapped Cloten, glaring at Gop Gop.

"Excellent," said Griff, acknowledging Lieutenant MacKenzie, and he looked back at Cloten and Kayad. The two Vulpinians stared at him, Cloten with an increasing scowl, his sharp teeth baring at him, his assistant, the gormless Gop Gop, merely staring blankly, though there was something taking their attention. Kayad, of course, waited patiently, as he usually did; the old fellow was over a hundred years old, and thus patience came naturally to him.

Then Lieutenant Ferris called in. Griff was a little relieved to be relieved, but he still had this row, of sorts, to deal with.

 =/\="Drake to Ferris," =/\= he said, opening comms with Ferris,  =/\="Much appreciated, sir. There's still this business with these two cargo skippers, but I'll let you know when I'm finished so the reliefs can come in and relieve me." =/\=

He turned back and stared sternly back at Cloten and Kayad. "Right, you lot. You get the priority dock," he said, pointing to Kayad, only to be interrupted by an expletive by Cloten... "Shut the dickens up, furball, I'm not finished," he snapped back at Cloten. "Kayad, you get the priority dock, but wait to unload, you're going to be inspected. Standard procedure."

Kayad nodded in understanding as Griff turned back to the furry little git. "You, sir, are getting moved to a different docking port. You're getting inspected first."

"Does that mean I get to unload first if I dock first?" said Cloten suspiciously.

"No," Griff retorted. "It means you're getting inspected first to check for any contraband."

"Fine," scowled Cloten. "We have nothing to hide, am I right, Gop Gop?" he added, turning back to his idiot assistant and glaring at him to make sure he kept quiet.

In truth, while Cloten aimed at opening a casino and gin joint, and potentially even a flea market, though compressed in size as it will be, in truth, what he really intended was to open a branch of the black market, all while appearing legitimate, however sleazy he was, on a Federation outpost. After all, the black market was eager to expand operations into the Gamma Quadrant, but Cloten needed a way to get them there. Naturally, he had contraband, he has it cleverly hidden; one could literally take his ship apart and never find it. His only concern was if stupid Gop Gop would talk, hence his glaring at him.

[Vulpinian NPC - Assistant 'Gop Gop' | Scoutship Squall | Traffic around Katra Station]

"Inspections are normal." Gop Gop observed, his lips going numb for a moment. He checked them back to life with his teeth before continuing. "They get 'spected, we get 'spected." In answer to Cloten's scowling question, the simpler Vulpinian had to think hard, bringing a paw up to scratch at this forehead. The act caused a small dagger to fall out of the robe that covered him, the thing clattering to the deck plating loudly. It was a pitifully small little thing, four inches in length, poorly sharpened, chipped badly, and single-bladed. Gop Gop reached down and plucked it back up, holding the sharp edge in his paw-hand instead of the handle. "Oh, my backscratcher." he said, before putting it back inside his robes. All along the belt he apparently wore underneath the thing were pouches and scabbards; they were only seen for a moment, but there was no telling what else was under there.
Katra Station / Re: S3-M8: Best Laid Plans
« Last post by T’prith on August 02, 2021, 11:03:14 pm »
[Katra->T’Prith Quarters->operations]

T’Prith stopped by her personal quarters for a brief moment before heading towards ops. She was going to be busy with the incoming traffic and making accomedations. She was going to report to the ones in flight control and security and tactical to see what the orders are or what the plan is. She was sure that she was going to be of help somewhere. She just had to make sure that she didn’t rub anyone who was aboard the station the wrong way. She certainly didn’t want to risk anything that would mess up the plans that were going to be made.
USS Challenger-A / Re: S5: E1 - Honor Against Glory
« Last post by Lagar on August 02, 2021, 11:02:24 pm »
[ USS Challenger - Bridge ]

Jettis sat in the Captain's chair, leant forward with his elbow resting on his knee. He peered out at the blank viewscreen, as he had been for roughly thirty minutes now. He was sure the XO would be arriving soon, but for now he settled into his bridge shift, leaning back in his chair and forcing his shoulders to relax. Tilting his head, he cracked his neck one way, then the next.

The landing party had confirmed successful touchdown, and were now on their three day diplomatic excursion. Though typically Jettis was eager to engage in diplomatic relations, he was perfectly content sitting back on this one, after all the events in the last three months. Taking a deep breath, he glanced down at the panel inset in the arm of the chair. God, he couldn't wait for his shore leave to be approved. He needed a breather, a touch of home to ground himself. He felt the careful web he weaved between work, family and mental health undergo more and more strain, and it was only so long before the threads would start to snap. And he knew the first silk thread to go would be his mental status - he had sacrificed it for the sake of work more than once in the past, and he would go to the ends of the Earth for Theresa, so that would not be the one to go.

Leaning back in his chair, he rested both arms on the rest, taking deeper and deeper breaths until he felt his nerves settle.

Lieutenant jg Lagar
[Deck 3 Officer's Quarters > Bridge – USS Challenger]

In the dark room, the thing stood rigid and unmoving. From its compost-immersed base to the spined head, not an inch moved. Not a vein twitched with the capillary surging of blood, for the thing had none. No muscles twitched in sleep, for the thing's muscles had no need to stretch or reknit long fibrous muscular strands. No eyes danced or darted beneath closed eyelids, for the thing had only a pair of golden eyespots, light-sensing things with no lid, no cover. Instead, the normally golden-rod circles had dimmed down to a mere honeydew orange, faded and shrunk within the blood-red eyestalk tip.

At some predetermined time, the artificial lighting in the crew quarters raised from a shadowed darkness to a gradually growing shine. The effect on the standing thing was gradual and deliberate; slowly, tendrils unfurled, seven twisting tentacles un-writhing and un-wrapping from around its form. The ovoid head seemed to flex, twisting one way and then the other, and the lower central stalk split apart into four distinct parts. Those four parts raised up to bring the thing out of the compost pile, nozzles misting off any remnants fo the stuff so that the being was clean once it stepped completely out and into its quarters. It wasn't long before it refreshed the uniform it had been wearing, ensuring that all the devices and the rank pips were well-affixed before it headed out into the hallway.

On this day, the thing, called Lagar, didn't have duty at Sickbay. With several Officers planetside on Galga VI, and several others just a little short on shift, the Phylosian had the opportunity to serve on the bridge once more. It was a challenge, one that brought him new experiences, new opportunities to learn and test himself, and to experience the risk of failure. Sickbay did the same, with each day bringing new patients and new problems to be solved, but there was something special about the Bridge, about seeing the stars out there, and using his skills to assist in the mission of the Challenger, and this Federation he sought to observe.

With a whoosh he arrived on the Bridge, bringing his greenery into the space and approaching the yet-unoccupied Science Station 1. Lieutenant Jyur, whom Lagar had served with on a successful mission to save the crew of the deuterium collier Planitia Deriedi, was at the helm. Lagar had seen the man only once or twice since his rescue from a terrible terrorist's explosive. The loss of four of the Challenger's officers, and the dangerous gambit of saving them from those devices, had been a harrowing affair for much of the crew. The four who had been lost were each well-known, and very much cared for.

"Lieutenant Lagar, reporting for duty, sir." he said in announcement, assuming the seat and splaying his legs over it. In a moment, he had made the station his own with his usual tiny configurations. Setting up the station to accomodate multiple touch inputs from the outside meant he could bring more of his limbs to bear in his work. To the outsider, it rather looked like the botanical creature was trying to grow into the damned console! Still, it worked for Lagar, who took charge of the lifesigns scanners and was prepared to conduct any work required of the Science stations.
Katra Station / Re: S3-M8: Best Laid Plans
« Last post by Amarande Xiiv on August 02, 2021, 10:45:28 pm »
< Katra Station / Shared quarters of Zex and Sirol >

"I just want you to be happy, and as a friend I just want to help you.  I just don't really understand what happened to you, so I'm kind of at loss.  Sorry" the Deltan replied.

"Emerald is a nice name.  When I get some free time, I will try to stop in an see him.  And the child too" Zex added.

[Captain's Mess]

Kirok nodded to the new-comer.  "Morning, Mr. Dranik.  Please help yourself to breakfast" he said to the visiting Sec/Tac officer.

"Like many of you, Dranik came from the Discovery.  He comes from the Sec/Tac Department.  Please make him feel welcome"

"There is no assigned seats.  But Lonar served with me on the Discovery several years ago.  He is the Tholian in the corner if you wish to say hi" Kirok said more privately to Dranik.

[Medbay - EQ Kimball]

EQ smiled.  Though his skin was still a bit pale, it did pink up a bit.  "I haven't had another episode, which is good" he admitted.

He leaned forward for the scan.  "That's good to hear.  A relief actually.  Good thing you were here when I needed you.  I appreciate you saying that and promise not to both you too much, off duty" the XB added.

"Dr. Jyur hasn't confirmed yet.  And my grandma made tea the same way.  With milk and sugar.  Can I have extra sugar?" Kimball said.


"Mm," she nodded, the humming acknowledgement soft, and replicated a second beverage with extra sweetener before handing it to him on a saucer supplied by the replicator itself. "I'm glad to hear you haven't had a recurrence since I was last with you. Mister Kimball, I honestly don't mind if you need the company and I'm off duty. I don't sleep much myself, so it's not really much of an issue. I don't think anyone can bother me, anyway, I do enjoy company myself. Sometimes meditation just doesn't cut it. I tend to be a social creature these days."

The corners of her eyes crinkled as she smiled.

"Please, don't ever think of yourself as a bother. Especially when you're in need of a friend who won't ever judge you. This is my seventh host and believe me, after so many lives I find it hard to pass judgement on anyone before knowing the particulars and them. Usually, I'm rather good at picking my friends wisely. I hope you'll consider me as one of them."

In times of distress, she thought, we all need friends who will defend our honour. Mister Kimball needed to know she was on his side and would do just that — defend him should the need arise and help to soothe him as a good friend should. Strangely enough, she had little in the way of friends so far but she tended to make them easily when she was looking up from her work. Detaching herself from her work was always the rub, she supposed. It would be nice to have another friend that wasn't from the academy or from Trill proper. It had been a long time.
Katra Station / Re: S3-M8: Best Laid Plans
« Last post by Skargarr on August 02, 2021, 10:25:01 pm »
"Weapons?" Kyan asked, poking his head in the door, unable to suppress a grin. "It's too bad that is."

Kyan stepped fully into the hold now. "We'll need to do a thorough search on this... crate.. by crate." He tapped his com badge. =/\= All available security report to the docking bay. =/\= Then, pointing to the freighter's crew. "And put them in a holding cell until we can umm... sort this out."

Kyan smiled as he looked over some of the more illicit cargo laid out before him. "And we haven't even gotten to the Vulpinians yet." he mused aloud. "Tis a good day this is gonna be, and no mistake!"

"I say we just cuff them, put them under guard while we confiscate there ship and its cargo.  Then head over and deal with the Vulperians.  Its been awhile since I have had dog in my diet." Skar suggested.
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