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The Federation first became aware of this being in 2338 with the eradication of the research colony on Omicron Theta and stripping it of virtually all living matter. The cybernetic scientist, Dr Noonien Soong, was later found to be one of the few survivors, and Commander Data, of the USS Enterprise, was first re-discovered and reactivated in the rescue effort.

After this event, the Entity - or Unknown Incursion File #125A-OT - disappeared from active searches by StarFleet for thirty years. No additional encounters seemed to have occurred in Federation space, at least none unexplained that matches its precise methodology. Study Entity's 'feeding' mechanic - as it was determined this was a class of unique Cosmozoa - indicated a manner of massive electrostatic disrupter, stripping atoms of their charge, but yet transferring the resulting potential back up the energy field to nourish, or power, the Entity.

Despite no confirmed sightings in Federation space, there had been rumoured close encounters for decades before its reemergence in 2360s. Rumours spoke of an immense, warp-capable bronchial craft, hunting down cargo freighters and other civilian craft. Nausicaans alluded to a 'hungry star of death'. Yridian rumours mention something about a 'predatory stellar tree'. The Orions, 'the Great Glass B*stard'. The Sheliak Corporation have a fifteen-volume legal definition of just its shape. The Tholian mythology, such as it is, had references to 'The Primary Lattice', but even with my contacts, information on their belief system is as nebulous as their native atmosphere.

Eventually, the Entity resurfaced in 2364 when Commander Data's prototype was unearthed. The android, Lore, somehow managed to signal to the Crystalline Entity in an effort to destroy the Enterprise and his 'twin'. It transpired that Lore was also instrumental in luring the Entity to Omicron Theta, which suggests there was some frequency or means that is intrinsic to its unique structure. After the failed attempt, the shields of a Galaxy-class starship sufficient enough to repel its assault, the being once again moved into obscurity, as another Task Force was mobilised to locate, study or neutralise the threat to no avail.

Another four years later, which may well have some significance, UIF125A-OT emerged once more, stripping Melona IV of resources. Yet this time the threat to Federation assets was ultimately resolved by the Entity's destruction at the hands of a civilian expert aboard the very same Enterprise, a rare attempt to communicate descending into, what could have been deemed, genocide.

Until Stardate 67673.54 we had no indication the Entity was part of a larger group or species. However, on that stardate, the USS Gibson was dispatched by Starfleet to investigate an anomaly in the Moab sector. The anomaly turned out to be an artificially generated gravity well of enormous strength. Many ships and entities were found to be trapped within the gravity well, including some Dividians, a Borg ship, and a Crystalline Entity.

An investigation of the anomaly was conducted by the Gibson using a specially modified shuttle, but the investigation was not fully conclusive. It was speculated that either the Dividians or the Borg had created the anomaly. Possibly, the Borg were experimenting with opening a type of trans-dimensional portal. Or the Dividians might have created the gravity well to lure victims in so that they could conduct life-force feeding.

Whichever it was, the USS Gibson was able to rescue the Crystalline entity and bring it back to Outpost 74. Unfortunately, the entity was in a reproductive cycle, and neither the Gibson nor the Outpost fully understood how deeply it had been damaged during its time in the gravity well.  While 'giving birth,' or whatever the Crystalline equivalent is called, the entity and its crystalline shard offspring both died.

This was the second time the Federation was involved in the death of such an entity, and the Diplomatic Officer of Outpost 74, Commander Seta Shan, was deeply affected. She had been trying to communicate with it using graviton pulses, oblivious to the fact that it was suffering and dying. After watching the Entity and its Offspring pass away before her eyes, she lost her taste for the service, and retired soon afterwards. But not before recording a tearful log about everything that had transpired. In her log, she mentioned that the affair was classified Sigma 10, and the remains of the entity and its stillborn offspring were handed to Starfleet Intelligence for analysis.

The Entity, or perhaps now Entities, demonstrate formidable and complex natural attack characteristics, but are vulnerable to graviton harmonics. Its warp signature left an antiproton trail, but decayed quickly. It was sentient, and was capable of rudimentary communication on its own terms, but all accounts concluded its level of intelligence was no more developed than an Earth shark. Yet, a minor report from the Diplomatic Protection Section suggests the first Entity encountered was driven, for the want of a better term, mad through injury.

Research and Development / A Matter Of Security (WIP)
« on: May 25, 2020, 07:47:29 am »
A WIP to further develop and flesh out the Security Department.

Security Assignments

Directed Intrusion Countermeasures Element (DICE)
A rotating-membership mobile rapid internal security unit - probably 4 units, supporting static security defence lines in the event of boarding actions. Those on DICE assignments are on standby and will activate at alert.

Combat Assault & Reconnaissance Deployment Squad (CARDS) - a proactive assault team that will accompany landing parties; probably one unit.

Diplomatic Protection Section
The security teams assigned to escort and protect Embassy staff when outside their designated zones.

Civilian Zone Constabulary
A civilian-centric foot patrol for the Promenade and other civic/municipal areas. Local 'community' assistance.

Docking & Customs Inspection

Boarding and Customs

Resistriction Access Duty

- Katra Station
- USS Healy
- Kir'Shara outpost
- Starlifter platform
- Drydock

Standard guard duty to ensure areas are secure from unauthorised access to key locations.

Katra Zoological Safeguard Detail

Zookeepers ;)

Meridian Ecology Protection Wardens (dubbed "Meridian Rangers")

Based from Kir'Shara. Protection and conservation of the fauna/flora of Meridian, also tasked with accompanying Science teams on enviromental study missions.

Research and Development / Oort Cloud Outer Defence Perimeter
« on: May 05, 2020, 11:09:40 am »
Taste FTL mass-driven asteroids, vile base villains!

(This is a test post by request of the Cap'n.)

Database / Duties and Responsibilities Overview
« on: February 13, 2020, 05:52:11 am »
Duties and Responsibilities Overview

The Commanding Officer of the USS Healy and Katra Station, as sanctioned by the Admiralty Board of Star Fleet Command, is ultimately responsible for all aspects of operations within their authorised mandate. However, for all practical purposes, these functions are discharged down the chain of command to Senior (or 'Chief') Officers in their respective Departments. These Department Heads are, in turn, authorised to devolve these duties further by assigning tasks to those personnel under their supervision, but retaining overall responsibility and reporting back to the Commanding Officer, often through the First Officer.

Commanding Officer
First Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief of Security
Chief Science Officer
Chief Tactical Officer (see: Strategic Operations Officer)
Flight Control Officer
Operations Manager
Strategic Operations Officer
Master-at-Arms (see: Chief of Security)
Senior Counsellor (see: Chief Medical Officer)

Holodeck Archives / War Diaries (Saxon)
« on: January 09, 2020, 06:00:10 am »
A series of indexed posts encompassing 80 years of active service by one John Saxon. These will be snapshots - often non-linear and without prior context - detailing notable (but not always exciting!) moments from 2318 onwards.

While the intent is to just have a quarantined periodic outlet of monologuing prose that has no impact on the wider story of Katra, it's possible some elements may escape confinement into the wider environment; like nature, prose always finds a way'



LOA Archives / LOA - John Saxon/Jehamy Jex
« on: March 25, 2019, 09:48:53 am »
Character(s) affected: John Saxon & Dr Jehamy Jex
Assigned ship(s): Katra Station & USS Challenger (respectively)
Period of time absent: 8 days
Date of last period of activity: Thursday 28 March
Date returning: Saturday 6 April

Any relevant comments: I will be out of the country with no access to any reliable or secure internet for the period above. My Commanding Officers, should they desire to, have full authority utilise my characters as they see fit, within already established, and discussed, plot and character boundaries.

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