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Author Topic: Post of the Month - October 2020  (Read 221 times)

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Post of the Month - October 2020
« on: October 30, 2020, 01:42:22 pm »
Hi all!

2020 has been a crazy year.  ( I know this has been said so many times this year, but it bears repeating.. at least a few more times)

One of the things that has been affected is the Post of the Month.  Now these are posts that either made us laugh, impressed us, or any number of ways stood out among the others.  Normally us in the CLO submit a post based on suggestions.  But because of this year, the CLO has honestly had a few months given away. 

The PotM are meant as a way of acknowledging the hard work that you the players put in, more than the semi-annual awards we do.  So to continue with this, we are going for a ship nominations, from the players, and voted by the players to submit on behalf of Discovery.

Do you believe there is a post that deserves recognition?  Post below, and we will vote on this.  I will give a week to submit posts (or after everyone does), and then give 2-3 days for voting. 


We have two contenders for Disco's PoTM.  Please read below and vote for the one that you want.  The vote will close in 7 days.

[Deck 1 - Main Bridge - USS Discovery]

It sounded crazy, admittedly... but Commander Felder was not an idiot, and certainly not blind to the strengths of others.  Especially when those strengths were rare in the Federation, but beneficial to this kind of mission.  Being raised in the currently-free Earth, there were certain facets that Felder would never have thought of... the facets that someone born in a capitalistic society like Lek seemed to know about.  Evidently the Rules of Acquisition were more accurate than the Federation gave credit to.

"I believe the Captain would agree with me on this... if anyone has insight into this kind of situation, it would have to be you.  Aye sir.... maybe...." Felder tried to think of what he could do. 

"If I were to filter for deuterium as material used in the construction of cases throughout the Federation, we may be able to pinpoint sites that GU has set up equipment and see where their attention has been focused on." he said, tapping in controls.  It was still going to take longer than normal, and be more difficult, but it was something that was more specialized than just a scan through interference. 

[Admin Building - Capital City - Policyon II]

T'Lara and the Captain saw their host coming out, and that is why T'Lara stopped.  But when Don finished her sentence, the Captain had to think on his feet.

"Exactly, Lieutenant.  It is entirely possible that some of the materials in the crust may be trapping some of the effects close to the planet.  We just haven't been able to really study all the possible effects from the supernova." he stated, turning to nod to Travid.

"Well now, we have a tour of our test area, and demonstrating some of the issues we have been dealing with and overcoming.  And that should be everything then.  So if you would follow me." he said, leading them all back outside into the clean air.  It was a bit more clear that there was a separation between the domed area, and the area outside the dome, as they neared the edge of the dome.  There were certainly a lot more people out there... just about all Romulan or natives to the sector in general.  However they were not being led outside the dome, instead he started them on a trail through a park area, showing native grasses and trees.  It looked like an arboretum.

[Bridge - USS Discovery]

Lek's face scrunched up at Felder's reply as the security chief was absolutely correct. This made Lek look at the problem as an engineer and he nodded as an idea came to him.

"You are correct Commander, so rather than make such an overt display of our actions, let's tone them down. If we take that same Class V probe, while not cloaked, it does have a very effective stealth coating and manually propel it out of the shuttle bay with a pneumatic launcher, it won't have any drive signature to detect and should be able to reach where we want it to be without being detected. If you concur, I can have engineering get on the launcher right away."
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Re: Post of the Month - October 2020
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2020, 01:25:29 am »
I would like to put forward for consideration two nominations:

#50 the post where Tekin quick thinkingly covers for Don's slip about the 'trap'


Lek's post #75 - a short beauty that proves a post doesn't have to be long narrative to move the plot along.   
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Re: Post of the Month - October 2020
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2020, 08:29:20 am »
If it's possible to nominate posts by the Captain, then I also nominate the post of Tekin's covering up Don's slip-up.
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