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July 2016 Service Awards
« on: July 14, 2016, 03:15:19 am »
Okay Ladies and Gentlemen. It's that time of year. The only awards being given out at the moment are the Member Service Awards. The following is a list of whom has earned an award. Congrats to you all. You're an amazing crew and I am honored to serve with you all.

Three year award:

First Officer: Cdr Alexander Wu (12/26/12)
Second Officer: LCdr Safefta Pardek (9/1/12)
Chief Operations Officer: Lt Sukal (9/21/12)
Chief Flight Control Officer: LCdr Eli Ferris (3/16/13)
Science Officer: Ensign Dimitri Brooks (3/22/13)

Two Year award:

Flight Control Officer: Lt Jiseth (1/16/14)
Engineering Officer: LtJG James A. Hawke (7/2014)
Science Officer: Ens Anastasia Zhestakova (1/2/14)
Medical Officer: LtJG Thelos th'Zhela (4/1/14)
Medical Officer: LtJG Zero Alpha (1/22/14)

One Year award:

Chief Science Officer: Lt Tekin Nevir (3/2015)

Six Month Award:

Chief Medical Officer: Lt Elizabeth Vaughan (8/2015)

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