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Crew Quarters - Personal Logs
« on: April 15, 2008, 11:26:19 am »
Welcome to the Crew Quarters board. This is the place where you can create an in-game personal log for your character. Just feel free to create a topic and add entries whenever you like!

This is entirely voluntary so no one has to do it, but it is a good character development tool and it helps to let everyone else know what you are thinking and where you are going with your character.

Also, if you want to add the stardate to your logs:

Just type in today's date (but in the current year), and your stardate will be calculated! Just don't use every single number that is generated. Just use the first six digits, i.e. stardate 12345.6.

Note: If you transfer to another ship, instead of creating another topic for your personal log, simply send a PM to your Task Group Commander and s/he will move it to the new ship.
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