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NPC characters on Challenger
« on: November 02, 2018, 06:58:30 pm »

Chief Petty Officer Hoshi Dradis (NPC'd by Ruth)

Lieutenant Giancarlo Gianetti   (created by Lek)
Senior Chief Petty Officer Mulchano Kossura  (created by Dylan)

Ensign Kasey James - Human Female  (S1E7,S1E10)
- unsure of herself and clumsy  (created by Sinthija)

Crewman Drass (S1E10) - unspecified. (Engineering)


PO3 Grelek - Vulcan Male - (Operations - Transporters mainly) (S1E8, S1E9, S1E10)
likes Vulcan monk chanting  - has distrust of Rayek (after time-loop mission)

Cadet Tran (S1E10) - unspecified Female (operations?). Ensign Tran (S3 E5) - killed

Ensign Hammond Oftex (Saurian Male) (Married and now retired)

Chief Petty Officer Walter Harriman (Human Male)


Lt Kiqqexa Taray  - Female Benzite (S1E7, S1E8, S1E9, S1E10, S2E9 - Chief of Security) (remains on Challenger)

Chief Petty Officer Gort Grint (Male Tellarite) (S2E10).  (Starbase)

PO2 Naamet Shurile - Bajoran Male (S2E5,S2E6,S2E7,S2E10)

PO3 Kenneth Freeman (Holodeck 'Meeting the Boss') (S2E9)

Crewman Skaggarg - Tellarite Male (S1E9,S2E6,S2E7,S2E10)
-insults are common courtesy.

Crewman Frank Burke - Human Male (S1E9,S2E6,S2E7, S2E9, S2E10)
-a$$hole security guard (like to abuse what little power he has)   (Starbase)

Crewman ValisSeren zh'Tianihr - Andorian female (S2E7, S2E8, S2E9,S2E10)

Crewman Mujambi Tominsa (Human Male - from Uganda (S1E9, S2E7, holodeck 'Meeting the Boss')(face-claim Sharif Bogere)

(transferred to SBC with Fells Halgerdur) - Feb/19

Crewman Jengas - Efrosian male (S1E9, S2E7, S2E9, S2E10)  (Starbase)

Crewman Erika Jonston - Human female (S1E9, S2E7,S2E10 )

Crewman M'lenda - Caitian female (S1E9, S2E7, S2E9, S2E10) DIED (Starbase)

Crewman Gnarld - Lurian male (S1E9, S2E7, S2E9,S2E10) (Starbase)

Crewman Petriel - Deltan male (S1E9, S2E7)

(transferred to SBC with Fells Halgerdur) - Feb/19

Crewman Peter Rolands - Human male (S1E10, S2E7,S2E9,S2E10)

Crewman Stull - Vulcan male (S2E7, S2E8, S2E9,S2E10). 

Crewman Helga Tragnar, Udrelsdottir- Klingon/Human hybrid female (S1E10, S2E7, S2E8, S2E9, S2E10)   (Challenger - Sickbay ICU)


Crewman Arthur 'Petit' Tim - Human Male - Security/Tactical (S1E9, S2E7, S2E9, S2E10)  (Starbase)
- charged with hiding a medical illness using tech, weakest member of security

Petty Officer Wilson (Yeoman to CPO Maghouin on Innominatum)

CPO Magdalena 'Lena' Nicola Persephone Maghouin


CSO Lt. Cmdr Evelyn ('Evie') Wardropper (as of 4th Nov) (NPC'd by Ruth)

Ensign Farrah (NPC'd by Djann Tempest) (female)


Dr. (Lt.) Margaret (Maggie) York, CMO

Lieutenant JG Chloe Davies  (Human Female, Senior Nurse.)

Chief Petty Officer T'ealc (Vulcan Female)


Crewman T'Varn (Vulcan medical tech). (S2E10)
Varn was a male-born Vulcan who in her 21st year after attending medical school on earth, announced her transgender identity to her parents, siblings, and intended wife.  After some adjustment time most have come to terms with her announcement.  At the time she legally changed her name from Varn to T'Varn to reflect her gender identification.  It seemed logical to her despite her biological sex.   Her time abroad on Earth, stirred an interest in star-travel so T'Varn joined Starfleet shortly afterwards opting for the enlisted route as she had no interest in becoming an officer - she just wanted to ply her medical trade and travel while she could.  Very few aboard the ship are aware of her gender identity, but some have commented on her name.  Most still refer to her as male, but it's not something she concerns herself with as she knows her gender.  To her best estimates she has another 2 years before she has to worry about pon farr - Medical Tech


Ensign Cleo Brightman-Lee (former PC)

Catrin Maddux (former PC)

Tony - owner of Luigi's Pizzeria (and Arcade)
Antonia - Tony's daughter (and waitress)
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NPC's Crewman Helga Tragnar (Klingon hybrid Female) / Lt JG Chloe Davis (Human Female) / Crewman T'Varn (Vulcan transgender)


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