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Changes to Ship Class Policies
« on: October 09, 2013, 01:16:35 pm »

The Following is to Update the Rules comparing to Ship Classes Currently we only allow Ship Classes that are Considered Cannon on the Movies and TV Series, due to mentions by notable players.We the Admiralty have decided to make some changes below is the Current Rules as per Starships and Equipment Used within the Fleet.

It is the general rule of Shadow Fleet not to include non-canon items in posts. This includes weapons, uniform or equipment of any kind. Non-canon is defined as "an item or regulation that has not been seen or heard on an official episode or movie of Star Trek, OR that has not been approved for use by the Shadow Fleet Command Staff." This stops ridiculous technological inventions and ensures a positive role-playing experience for all players.
--However prior to the above being implemented, there were some items created. These items will have full specifications available in the database.

We the Admiralty had discussions on this with the Command Staff of the Fleet and after valuable discussions we are going to make as change for the betterment of the Fleet as the current Game Year is 2390 and with no current Films or Television Shows we haven't been able to see the Progress of the Federation With this being said we will be allowing Non-Canon Classes the resources that we are using is the following Website All Ship Classes with this Site will be Allowed but if you Wish to use any of these Classes From this Site it must be Approved by the Task Group Commander. If Any Members have the Scotty Gene they can create their own Class for use but if you are designing your own Class it Must Be Approved by the Commanding Officer and First Officer of the SIMM Before Final approval from Task Group Commander and Task Force Commander.




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