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Martin's Reach
« on: August 02, 2018, 03:36:30 pm »
Mission Title: Martin's Reach

Summary: A Federation Colony long thought abandoned issues an automated distress call. The Yourship is nearest to the call and goes to investigate. Upon sending an away team, the Yourship is under attack and the away team subjected to intense radiation. The only peaceful way to end this: to find Martin Tillman -- Founder of the Colony.

Start Point: YourShip is enroute to distress call.
End Point: The Planet stops attacking and a peace brokered with Martin Tillman's help.

Background: Martin's Reach was the brain child of a Federation Philosopher named Martin Tillman, who believed that man thrived in the confines of scarcity and hardship. To this, his colony was minimal in its tools and supplies and utterly dependent on the planet itself. 500 people left for the distant colony in search of a grand expedition and experiment separate from the Federation at large.

At first things went well, Martin had chosen a class M planet a healthy distance from hostile space and had prepared his people well. After a year the colony was rapidly thriving far faster than the Federation Council expected.

As of ten years ago, the planet was found deserted. No sign of battle, disease, or stellar event. The colonists just picked up and left. The colonists would be later found across the Sector claiming they simply grew tired of living there and moved. The only unaccounted soul was Martin Tillman and every colonist swore he stayed behind.

For ten years the colony has stood an empty shell of Martin's dream. Too high and inconvenient for most colonists; and with the failure of the colony any adherents to the Martin Reach Philosophy have no interest in moving to the world.

Story Beats

1: The YourShip is enroute to an automated distress call from the planet known as "Martin's Reach", named after the man who founded the once thought abandoned colony. Ship likely at Yellow Alert, crew preparing to aid anyone at the colony.

2: YourShip enters standard orbit and detects a M-Class Vulcan-like desert world, dotted with oases. On this world the Colony Complex of Martin's Reach is covered in strange red and blue crystals. With the oases around the planet either latticed in blue crystal (where plant and animal life still thrive) or red crystals (where no-life lives). The red crystals emitting intense radiation while the blue ones soak up and neutralize radiation. The crystals are a new development that was no recorded during previous patrols of the planet.

3: Away team is send down to investigate the Colony Complex (likely wearing suits in case of radiation exposure; despite the blue crystals). 

4: When away team begins exploring the Colony, the YourShip is suddenly fired upon from the red crystals. Spikes of intense radiation flaring from the planet. Those on the planet's surface are subjected to ambient radiation spikes, burning anyone not protected.

5: The YourShip has to take action to avoid further attacks from the surface; meanwhile, the away team discovers the crystals (both blue and red) are sentient; speaking in light signals and waveband emissions. With some translation: the Away Team discovers that the Blue Crystals are pacifists who "embed" themselves into aliens to spread peace across the galaxy. The Red Ones are the protectors of thier race and fear that their homeworld might be attacked one day.

6: With more investigation, it is discovered that Martin Tillman is badly injured and revered as a religous figure by the Crystal People. The Red Crystals interpreted his failing health as a sign the "warm-bloods" would visit wrath on the world. So they got ready to fight any that came by. The Blue Crystals sent for help via the distress beacon and hoped "The Martin" could be saved from certain death.

7: Martin Tillman is to be found either hidden by the Red Crystals somewhere in the Complex or even at a Red Crystal controlled Oasis.

8: Once Martin Tillman is recovered and brought back to health (severe radiation exposure); he aids the YourShip crew in pacifying the Red Crystals and aiding in the Crystals efforts to become Federation Members.

Department Overview:
Science: Strange crystals with even stranger properties: well worth investigating.

Medical: The Away Team and the YourShip will likely suffer casualties from the Red Crystal Attack. ALSO they must save Martin Tillman to help bring the planet back to peace again.
Flight: Some Evasive Maneauvers will be required to avoid the radiation blasts from the planet. Optionally: due to the Red Crystals radiation a shuttlecraft might be required to get to the surface.

Sec/Tac: Unknown distress on planet, might want to send security to away team. Also, with the YourShip being fired on: the Security Department has a responsibility to keep the ship safe from harm....even if that means possibly returning fire.

Engineering: The computer systems in the Colony are strangely linked with the Blue Crystals in a sort of symbiosis now. The Blue Crystals actually independently power the colony now. Also, the YourShip is going to take some damage, that needs to be addressed.

Ops: Might want to set up probes to observe the planet or help cut thru the high radiation levels on various parts of the planet; can aid in translating the strange "light language" of the crystal people; can transport members of the away team; DEFINATELY needed to emergency medical transport Martin Tillman up to Sickbay for surgery.

Optional: Members of the Crew may have had friends who once lived at the colony years ago.


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