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Claw Confederation Encounter
« on: August 22, 2018, 08:01:04 am »
Mission Title: Claw Confederation Encounter

Start Point:Your Ship is investigating mines from an unclaimed minefield in space.
End Point: The name of their attackers is known, but why they did so is not clear.

Summary:  YourShip is on a survey mission of a region of space dense with asteroids and an abandoned unclaimed minefield. While the Yourship studies one of the mines and some asteroid samples; shuttlecraft have been sent out to survey the areas in detail alongside the ship probes. The mines are nearly a century old, but would crudely do serious harm to any starship attempting to warp through this region of space. Meanwhile, as the shuttle is venturing through one of the asteroid fields, it is attacked by fighter class shuttles with strange markings on them. The YourShip and its shuttle are engaged by a fighter wing deployed by a distant carrier craft and most save their shuttles and the YourShip from attack!

Story Beats

1. "This Mine is crude but effective" the crew of the YourShip have just brought aboard a crude disarmed space mine for study. Determining who made it and for what reason. The mine is over 100 years old but is determined to be strong enough to still be a danger to starships.

2. "Shuttlecraft Reporting In, All Quiet" the shuttle craft on enroute to the minefield, navigating through an asteroid field to get to them. This is a trip the pilots have had to do all day, so there are charted routes on how to get there; it's just slow going.

3. "We have incoming!" as the shuttlecraft approch the minefield to recover anouther mine, they are attacked by a trio of fighter-class shuttles with strange markings. Although the weapons of the enemy craft are crude, their tactics and maneauverabilty are a grave danger to the shuttles. The YourShip is notified of the danger.

4. "They have friends..." the YourShip's shuttles fight with the fighter-shuttles goes from bad to worse as more enemy fighters fly in to attack. The shuttles are forced to flee back to the YourShip with the enemy shuttles chasing after them.

5. "Emergency Beam Out, Now!" The Shuttles have been severely damaged by the time they get back to the YourShip and require emergency beam out to save their crews. This is complicated by the fact the initial 3 enemy fighters have grown to 9 and are armed with some sort of torpedo system that can threaten the YourShip.

6. "Battle For the YourShip!" The YourShip is assailed by the wing of enemy fighters and are unresponsive to hailing frequencies. Instead the enemy craft attack the Yourship vigourously. Casualties and damage on both sides mount.

7. "They are using Radio!" The YourShip becomes aware that the enemy ships, through maneauverable and fast, are no match for a Starfleet Vessel's full firepower and torpedoes; clean hits cut through the enemy shields and destroy the craft with ease. It is also discovered the enemy ships are not using sub-space channels but are instead using primitive ship-to-ship radio systems. Between being able to intercept enemy transmissions and allowing the universal translator to learn thier language, the YourShip has the upper hand.

8. "You Are Trespassing in Confederation Space." Eventually the enemy fighters have lost over half their initial number and are forced to retreat back into the asteroid field. Before they escape, the YourShip's universal transltor has figured the langauge out: the YourShip is able to tune into the radio frequency and hail the fleeing ships. In reply, the YourShip is sent an automated message and one of the pilots of the enemy fighters orders radio silence.

9. "We'll hear from them again." The YourShip is unable to safely chase the enemy craft into the field and must break contact; never mind the casualties suffered aboard. With some thought and study of the debris left by the fighters. It is determined that these craft are capable of only low-warp speeds of about 1 or 2. No nearby class M planets are known in the region; thus, it is determined the fighters had to be launched from a carrier somewhere nearby. The YourShip has made an enemy and they are sure they will be encountering them again. The only hint they have is when they examine the strange markings of the fighter craft. "Fighter-Craft 2644, USS Claw Confederation of Worlds."

Department Overview:
Science: Sensors will show the shuttlecraft are under attack at long range. In addition, the science department can study the recovered mine to determine what sort of society could make them. A science officer might be aboard one or more of the shuttles to get a closer look of the minefield and the asteroids.

Medical: The returning shuttle-crews will likely be injured and need assistance; once the YourShip is attacked they will need to attend to injuries from across the ship.
Flight: The shuttles will need pilots and will hopefully have their best pilot helping those shuttles escape. When the YourShip is attacked, some fancy flying will be needed to deal with these dog-fighting enemy craft.

Sec/Tac: Aboard the shuttlecraft aiding in disarming the mines; on the YourShip securing the disarmed mine; and helping defend the ship from the fighter wave attack.

Engineering: Aiding in examining the disarmed mine aboard the YourShip; possibly on the shuttles to aid in the disarming of mines; the Damage Control teams that have to keep the ship running while under attack.

Ops: Is arranging for a safe space aboard the ship to store the disarmed mine; is recieiving hails from the shuttles once they are attacked; are the ones who discover the radio-only transmission and work with Tactical to monitor and intercept the enemy transmissions. 


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