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Power Games
« on: March 06, 2019, 06:44:09 pm »
Mission Title:Power Games

Synopsis: (NOTE this could end up being a story arc rather than a stand alone)

One man's (human) vendetta against a person in power who killed his wife (humanoid but vulcan/Trill/betazoid/bajoran), rumoured to have killed his (child) son (aged about 3) and unborn child.  Man in power that killed or was responsible for the killings is like a govenor or president (that level of power) but there is also the underlying trade wars between different Ferengi traders, (other species can be involved) as brother turns against brother, pairs up, alliances are made and broken, and uneasy alliances made on the grounds of 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'.  Meanwhile the Federation is trying to put an end to the trade wars, which are happening despite Federation rules.  All the while the main trader is not only trying to kill the person responsible for the death of his wife (literally but this guy is HEAVILY guarded), but bring down his business to kill things for him in the business world and make things difficult for him.  If he's not such a high and mighty trader/leader, he won't be so important/so well guarded....

Starting Point: Flashback to the killing of the wife, man sees it happen (not realising his wife and child are in there, nor does he know his wife is pregnant, until they bring out the dead bodies later... he doesn't find out that his wife was pregnant until he's being tortured later.  Child brought out is not his son, but a neighbours son who had gone to find the trader's son to come play but was caught up in the mess) but to intervene would put himself into the clutches of his enemy.  Present day start - haggling at a market over goods means that a small fight starts out, lines are drawn, sides taken.
End Goal: Eventual recompense for the loss of the traders wife, his son found alive, and trade being done with Federation intervention and rules in place
Story points that must be passed?: Much side changing, double crossing, deals made behind doors.  Whispered rumour of the son being alive, tattle-tales to those 'in charge', Federation overthrowing those who claim to be 'in charge', capture and torture of the main trader, various alliances made and broken.  Big robbery of goods (involving blowing up very thick concrete to get into a vault room!) from the HQ of the 'in charge' faction.

Departments: (To make sure everyone has something to do.)
- Flight: Chasing after various factions trying to make off with other people's goods
- Engineering: ? Examining the blast site after the big robbery.
- Operations: If this was on a station (best suited) then incoming/outgoing trade ships
- Security and tactical: Customs, breaking up fights
- Medical: Patching up people, stitching together the main trader after the torture
- Science: ? Maybe some of the goods can be plants (illegal ones?!)

NOTE: Main trader and the man who killed his wife will have to be NPC as will several of the antagonists.

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