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When life gives you...
« on: June 04, 2018, 07:46:36 pm »
Submitting the missions from my OTC as told to.

Mission Title:  When life gives you...

A routine shipment of fresh fruits and vegetables for use by the galley seems to be as boring as one would expect, but there's a problem. A batch of lemons that have come in are not what they seem-- they're actually explosives, and as soon as they reach the storage room, they blow a large hole in the galley walls. Concern turns to the other supplies brought aboard-- as it turns out, all of the fresh produce brought aboard is nothing but carefully timed bomb after bomb.

Brief investigation nets a warning note from a radical fringe group that considers all plant life to be sacred, untouchable, and higher in life value than 'humanoid' or 'animal' life. They've somehow also sabotaged the replicators-- not even the image of a vegetable or fruit is acceptable and won't come out of the replicator.  Apparently, they're the source of the explosives, as a warning to all herbivorous people that they won't stop until the entire quadrant grants plants the respect they're owed as life forms. The USS YourShip must established contact with members of this group on a specifically designated planet without damaging any of the local flora, and negotiate for the group to leave the practices of your diets alone. However, not everyone's willing to talk. Even getting to the meeting-place is fraught with danger. The space his hostile, and they don't allow beaming directly on-site-- a long walk is ahead, lined with more radical members of the group who don't agree with negotiations.

Starting Point: Aforementioned lemony explosion.

End Goal: Saboteurs apprehended, produce successfully replaced with non-explosives, perhaps new dialogue with fringe group.

Story points that must be passed?:
-Dock for supplies
-investiagtion, receive note here
-make it to the negotiation planet without getting shot out of the sky.
-Make it to the meeting place on foot for the away team
-fix the replicators for a temporary solution
-Argue for your rights to eat plants, apprehend the actual sabotuers to be brought to justice
-Get Out

Departments: (To make sure everyone has something to do.)
- Flight: Fly the shuttle to the meeting place/coordinate to help find a solution to the plant problem
- Engineering: Repaire the damage done in the explosion to the plasma ducts leading to the engine-- work with ops.
- Operations: Work with engineering and science to try and get the replicators to budge on producing the vegetables again.
- Security and tactical: Defend the away team from fringe group members, investigate and locate the people who actually bombed your ship.
- Medical: Work with science to bring an argument to the negotiation table about why humans need to eat vegetables and plant matter.
- Science: Try and synthesize nutrients into non-vegetable replicated food to circumvent the 'rules'.

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