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Vacuum in a vacuum
« on: March 09, 2017, 03:03:26 am »
Not good making stuff but I give you my idea.

So one of the ships notice some floating thing in space. It turns out to be a Hoover Vacuum from the 1980s. But along its disappearance from that time, the item was picked up by another ship! A ship that had discovered it. That ship had some virus in it to effect ships! Yes! A ship with a virus. So that ship slowly loses its power cause the crew had no idea how to fix it. But they knew they had to get rid of the MACHINE which possible started the trouble. WHICH IT DID NOT! But in their records they said. So some how that vacuum got that virus from that ship and will give it to the NEXT ship. But to find the cure. They will have to track down that first ship. LOL

Idea came when I was sad.

Parent account is D'Vid to contact me. Thanks


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