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Unwelcome - Claimed
« on: May 01, 2018, 01:45:07 am »
Mission Title: Unwelcome

Summary: A staff officer attached to the Chief of Starfleet Operations has been sent to perform an inspection. No security inspection or intelligence inspection of any kind; but, this officer is looking for something wrong, it's their job to find faults, inefficiencies, and either advise the CO of the ship/station of the fault or report the fault to the Chief of Starfleet Operations. They will even go so far as to recommend certain drills to 'help with inspecting the crew in stressful situations without waiting for an actual crisis. By the end,the staff officer inspector provides a copy of the report intended for the Chief before informing them cryptically that the YourShip (if not the sector) needs to be prepared for a large scale operation.

Start Point: Dress uniforms on everyone, time to meet a staff officer sent on official duties by the Chief of Starfleet Operations.
End Point: A report, some recommendations, and a dire warning.

Story Beats

1: Dress Uniforms On: Commodore Priya Vainer arrives aboard the YourShip wearing distinctions and with a small staff to assist them. The Commodore meets with the CO and the rest of the staff for a formal meeting and announcement that they are on a formal inspection mission. Vanier will remain rather stiff and formal with everyone and will point out the tiniest of flaws (expect with those that outrank Vanier -they just get a written memo of 'suggestions for better adherence to starfleet regulations.")

2: Connect with Ops: Vanier arranges to work with the XO and the Department Head of Operations. First though, Vanier personally inspects Operations, well, operations. This is the only time that Vanier is a bit forgiving and understanding of any failings in the department; even going so far as to give suggestions on how to improve. Once the inspection is finished, Vanier enlists the DH of Ops to help inspect the rest of the crew for inefficiencies, failure to adhere to regulations, and other other such failings.

3: You Are Being Watched: Vanier, with the aid of the Operations Department: begins examining and inspecting the operations of each department. Vanier will expect the DH of Ops to give suggestions on what to look for first and will be disappointed if Ops. Vanier and thier helpers will be hovering over the shoulders of the crew watching for any error; if they don't see an error they will first note a problem they see and then inform them of the fault.

4: That's Enough: At some point, a member of the crew is going to snap (NPC or PC) and tell off one of the inspectors (the DH of Operations would be ideal, but lacking that, a snap at Vanier is good too). If Vanier wasn't the one snapped at, they will expect to be informed; if Vanier is snapped at they will remind the offending officer of General Order 4. Once snapped at, Vanier notes the incident and goes to meet with the CO.

5: Random Drill: Vanier recommends to the CO that a series of drills be performed to push the crew into high stress situations so that Vanier can observe them at their duties. This can be a simulated core breech, inertial dampener failures, gravity failing, etc. Nothing a crew of trained officers and crew can't handle: but enough to make them sweat.

6: Do You Remember?: Almost immediately after the end of the the drill, Vanier will summon various officers to question their actions during previous missions; pressing for any fault or misdeed in the past.

7: Vanier meets once again with the CO, as well as any senior staff the CO wants to be present, to report the findings of the inspection and a copy of the report that was being sent to the Chief of Operations. They also warn that the inspection was a preparation from Starfleet Command for a large scale operation in the sector.

Department Overview:
Science: Expected to safely store all chemicals and equipment; maintain all equipment in labs; and fill out reports as required by regulations.

Medical: Safe storage of material; proper lab procedures; not holding crew for non-medical reasons (reduces productivity) etc.
Flight: Proper maintenance of shuttles; following proper flight procedures; and seeking proper relief so pilots will not be too tired at thier station.

Sec/Tac: Proper storage/maintaince of hand/rifle phasers; Proper operation of brig; proper maintainance and storage or torpedoes.

Engineering: Proper storage of spare parts; proper maintenance of warp core and other parts of the ship; safe storage of hazardous materials.

Ops: Proper cargo storage; proper efficient use of crew resources; and other such matters.

All Departments: Act quickly and properly during drill; expected to act as appropriate of their ranks; expected to cooperate with the inspectors and offer any information required.

((Suggest referencing Departmental Duties for what Vanier is looking for))
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Re: Unwelcome
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Preemptively dibbing for the Shran. :)
We're in Starfleet here. Weird is part of the job description.

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