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The Swiftsure Class
« on: March 16, 2018, 07:03:01 pm »
Mission Title:
Synopsis: In 2384 on a deep space assignment, the nova class USS Tereshkova made first contact with a race known as the Aemno Hierarchy. After an successful accidental first contact a member of the diplomatic corps was despatched and an embassy established on the capital world Aemno.

Since then relations have been cordial between the Aemnons and the Federation despite the strange differences between the two. The Aemno people are tall featherless avians with forked feet and three fingers, their society is founded on meritocracy and civil service. Every citizen serves a mandatory four years in either the Aemno Navy, marines or civil service; and is seen as the most important service an Aemnon can provide. Their lives are dedicated to the state even after their mandatory state service has ended as every Aemnon remains liable as reservists able to be called on as needed. Such service extends into normal life too, with most architecture designed to be functional in combat and population centres having public armouries.

The Hierarchy however currently stands surrounded, several other nations are currently involved in border disputes and rumours have started to circulate that a fragile alliance is forming between the nations. The Federation recognises the disputed areas as rightfully belonging to the Aemnons due to their colonisation efforts being much earlier that any other nation.

Due to these rising tensions the Aemnons have begun to seek an alliance with the Federation, in this capacity in 2388 the Aemno Hierarchy and Starfleet entered into a joint frigate development programme.

The result of this programme is the Strouehx class frigate, roughly translated meaning Swiftsure. The new ship is radically different to the standard Federation design protocols, owing largely to the different build philosophy held by the Aemnons. The Captain has no seat and instead stands elevated above the rest of the bridge owing to ther absolute authority, whilst the ship itself is long and pointed without a saucer section and the nacelles mounted on wings at the rear of the ship. Capable of atmospheric flight with forward facing phaser cannons and photon torpedoes. A crew of 60 means the Stouehx Class frigate fulfils a unique niche in that is flies like a giant fighter with the firepower of a ship of the line.

With the four prototypes finally finished, Starfleet is sending the USS Yourship to the trials to act as the enemy for the tests.

Starting Point: The USS Yourship will meet with a Aemnon Admiral and the starfleet liason team and then the begin the trails.

End Goal: The trails will end after the Starfleet boarding teams have taken control of the four Swiftsure frigates.

Story points that must be passed?:

The Command team will meet briefly with the Starfleet liason team and the Aemnon Admiral where the aims of the exercise will be outlined, and the rules of engagement explained.

The first phase of the exercise involves all the frigates against the USS Yourship, The ship to ship combat continues until the shields of the USS Yourship are depleted or when the Swiftsure class frigates have their shields depleted. (SIMM Captain's choice) The mock battle will take place in a nebula and the frigates will use advanced countermeasures such as decoys and sensor scramblers. Irregardless of the size of USS Yourship the battle will be difficult.

Then the trial enters phase two, shuttles will cross from the USS Yourship to a designated Swiftsure class frigate, where the crew of the USS Yourship's crew will fight to the bridge using phasers set to deliver a mild electric shock on impact. The crew will fight a mixed team of Aemnon Navy and Marines with a smattering of Starfleet personnel that are part of the liason team. On being hit the individual will wait a minimum of 2 minutes to be revived by a designated medical crewmember. If not revived then they will remove themselves to the shuttlebay. The battle on the ship will be difficult as the there is retractable cover for the defenders, the player characters can attempt to hack the ship to gain access to this cover. Not only that but there's also ceiling mounted phaser turrets to content with too.

Departments: (To make sure everyone has something to do.)
- Flight: Responsible for piloting the ship during phase 1, and then will pilot the shuttle to the Frigate during phase 2. Flight crewmembers will then form part of the bridge assault team.

- Engineering: Will be responsible for maintaining and altering the shield strengths during phase 1, during phase 2 engineering will be responsible hacking the frigates systems, attempting to nullify some of the active boarding countermeasures.

- Operations: Will be responsible for ship tracking and dealing with electronic warfare and decoys deployed during phase one, during phase 2 ops crewmembers will assist engineering in pacifying the active countermeasures deployed on the ship.
- Security and tactical: Will be responsible be responsible for manning tactical systems targeting the multiple ships during phase 1, during phase 2 the department will spearhead the bridge assault.

- Medical: During phase 1 the medical department will recieve simulated casualties from the attacks, during phase 2 the department will act as combat medics reviving members of the boarding team as appropriate.

- Science: The science department will be responsible for helping overcome the interference from the nebula affecting targeting sensors. During phase two the science team will act as combat medics and will assault the bridge.


This is rough, feel free to change anything to suit needs etc.

If this is picked up I'd also be interested in doing some follow up missions. PM me!

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