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The Shore Leave
« on: February 23, 2017, 05:32:29 am »
Mission Title: The Shore Leave

Synopsis: When the USS Yourship stops at Wrigley's Pleasure Planet for shore leave, everyone has ideas about what activities or theme parks they might like to visit.  But as soon as the player-characters beam down, they lose time, waking up on a completely different world in a completely disheveled state with odd haircuts, tattoos, injuries, and other inexplicable oddities about their persons.  Worse yet, they have no recollection of the past two weeks.  Now they must figure out where they are and piece together forgotten events to unravel the mystery of what in the great bird's galaxy just happened to them.

Starting Point: The USS Yourship arrives on Wrigley's Pleasure Planet for shore leave.

End Goal: The crew arrive at the Federation Embassy, and receive an explanation that begins a follow-up flashback adventure - The Shore Leave Too.

Story points that must be passed?:

I) The USS Yourship arrives on Wrigley's Pleasure Planet for shore leave.

II) The crew (all player characters) discuss their plans (be as inventive as you like) and get onto a transporter pad to beam down.

III) The crew (all player characters) awaken in a strange hotel room that they are able to quickly discern is not on Wrigley's Pleasure Planet due to the visible skyline outside of the hotel window.  Everyone is in a completely disheveled state with odd haircuts, states of dress, tattoos, injuries, and other inexplicable oddities about their persons.

IV) Some crew may note that there is a computer terminal in the room.  Accessing it reveals that they are on Farius Prime, a neutral non-Federation world famous for its criminal organizations and intrigues.  There is also a message left by 'Christopher Bishop', a human who says that 'Plans have changed' and 'you need to meet me at the Rizza Bar at 1700 hours.   It is currently 1630 hours, and the Rizza Bar is 45 minutes away on foot. 

V) The crew either make a comical mad dash on foot through people and over obstacles, or commandeer transportation to get to the Rizza.   They have no money, so purchasing transportation is not possible.  Just as they arrive at the Rizza, they hear a firefight occurring inside.  Once they get inside, they find a collection of dead bodies belonging to various plains-clothes humanoids who apparently shot each other to death.  One of the bodies belongs to the 'Christopher Bishop' they saw on the message from their Hotel's computer terminal.

VI) The Farian authorities suddenly arrive and arrest everyone, refusing to believe any protestations that they are Starfleet officers, or that they had nothing to do with the shooting.

VII) Enroute to the police station, the Farian police transport shuttle is shot out of the sky by a shoulder-fired missile from the ground.  The shuttle pilot is killed and the shuttle is going down.  Any Flight Control officers may 'take the wheel' to provide a (relatively) soft landing.  Meanwhile, Engineering personnel can try to make emergency repairs to the damaged shuttle systems while Ops personnel try to transfer power to thrusters or other necessary systems.  These efforts will save everyone's lives.   However, everyone is concussed and knocked out in the subsequent crash-landing.

VIII) Everyone wakes up in a warehouse, hanging by their wrists, chained to the rafters.  A villainous figure named Doctor Dozari and his henchmen are there.  Doctor Dozari wants to know what the crew told the Farian authorities.  No matter what they say, he will not believe them, and will imply that he will torture them for the information.   

IX) At this moment, an army of scantily-clad Orion prostitutes (male and female) arrive and begin a shootout with Doctor Drozari and his henchmen.  The Doctor is driven away and the crew are rescued.  The various prostitutes kiss and embrace the freed crew, give them spare phasers, and imply that they have had some kind of intimate relation with them in the near past.  They also say "We owed you for rescuing us from Drozari.  This was our chance to return the favor.  After we heard about the police shuttle being shot down, we used our Syndicate contacts to find out where his hideout was."

X) Before the crew can get any real answers about what is going on, Starfleet Intelligence personnel in full uniforms beam into the room and start gunning down the prostitutes with hand-phasers set to stun.  If the players surrender to the assault or help Starfleet Intelligence, the prostitutes will feel betrayed and probably say something hurtful as they are gunned down.  The players will then be beamed to the Federation Embassy.  If the players resist this assault, they can engage in shootouts and hand-to-hand combat with the Intelligence personnel, during which combat they will perform valiantly but ultimately lose due to overwhelming numbers.  Eventually, all the crew are subdued and knocked out.

XI) Arriving or Waking up in the Federation Embassy on Farius, the crew are greeted by the Sector Commander of Starfleet Intelligence and the Federation Ambassador to Farius.  The crew are commended for their good work in breaking up a dangerous criminal ring, and are told that Doctor Drozari and his men were arrested while trying to escape the warehouse.  At this point, one or more of the crew (maybe the Captain?) will demand answers to just what the heck is going on.

XII) Apologizing, the Sector Commander of Intelligence begins to explain everything.  "It all started when you beamed down to Wrigley's Pleasure Planet two weeks ago..."   This explanation directly transitions into a follow-up mission: The Shore Leave Too.

Departments: (To make sure everyone has something to do.)
- Flight: The Flight Officers get to have some fun crash-landing a shuttle.
- Engineering: The Engineering crew can make emergency repairs to the shuttle while it is in flight.
- Operations: The Operations personnel can help to reroute power to key systems during the shuttle descent and crash-landing.
- Security and tactical: These personnel may have an opportunity to engage in a firefight and/or hand to hand combat during the arrival of Starfleet Intelligence.  Otherwise, they will just have general involvement in the bizarre series of events.
- Medical:  When the crew wakes up, some people may have minor injuries that the Medical personnel can perform basic treatment upon (Basic, because they have no medical tools) or at least confirm as non-serious injuries.  Otherwise, medical personnel merely have general involvement with the bizarre series of events.
- Science: Science personnel might be the ones to access the computer terminal in the hotel room, identify the location, and get the message.
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Re: The Shore Leave
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2017, 06:42:55 am »
Mission Title: The Shore Leave Too
Synopsis: When trying to beam down to Wrigley's Pleasure Planet, the crew are diverted by Starfleet Intelligence and drafted into a bizarre undercover operation.

Starting Point: The crew materialize in a secret Starfleet Intelligence facility on Wrigley's Pleasure Planet.
End Goal: As the story of their adventure comes to an end, the crew are returned to their ship with the thanks of a grateful Starfleet Intelligence.
Story points that must be passed?:

I) The crew materialize in a strange place, definitely not their intended destination on Wrigley's Pleasure Planet.   There, they are met by Lieutenant Christopher Bishop of Starfleet Intelligence.  He apologizes for diverting their transporter beam, but they are urgently needed for an important undercover investigation.

II) Bishop explains that Starfleet Security and Starfleet Intelligence recently started a joint operation investigating the disappearance of tourists on Wrigley's pleasure planet.  Starfleet Intelligence had been investigating a Doctor Drozari who was selling the highly controlled and illegal substance 'bio-mimetic gel' to agents of the Shelliak Corporate.  Meanwhile, Starfleet Security had been investigating the mysterious disappearance of tourists on Wrigley's Pleasure Planet.  When Security consulted with Intelligence, it was learned that each sale of bio-mimetic gel followed exactly one week after each disappearance of tourists, and they got the idea that the cases might be connected.

III) Unfortunately, every Intelligence officer they sent to investigate disappeared as well.  Before the last agent disappeared, they reported that there were two problems that might make infiltration difficult.  First, Drozari was a Betazoid, and could easily detect an agent's stray thoughts.  Second, Drozari was doing business with the Orion Syndicate, and they had provided Drozari with a roster of Intelligence officers. 

IV) This is why Bishop needs the crew of the Yourship.  They are not on the Starfleet Intelligence roster of agents, so they won't be found out that way.  In addition, he has a ploy to wipe their memories and give them each false memories of being the crew of a freighter.  Thus, their stray thoughts will not give them away.   They will go to a popular bar which was the last known place of many of the disappeared tourists.  Hopefully, they will be abducted, and Starfleet Intelligence will be able to find out what Drozari has been doing and what the connection is to the gel.  The crew will have their original memories stored, and those memories will be restored to them once the mission is over, but when that restoration takes place, they will not remember anything that happened during their mission.  Fortunately, subdermal tracking devices and recorders will allow Starfleet Intelligence to get all the information they need.

V) Each of the players now take on the persona of a freighter crew member.  These personas can be as creative and imaginative as desired, with appropriate costumes and personalities.  They will be visiting the planet's seedy establishment 'Carly's Curves Club' looking for a good time between assignments.  The crew is no longer aware of their real lives as Starfleet officers.  They are now just the sleazy, fun-loving members of a freighter crew.

VI) A group of attractive and scantily clad Orion men and women will come into the Club and seduce the crew into one of the Club's many private rooms.  Once they are alone with their Orion seducers, they are drugged and transported to a waiting ship in orbit.

VII) When the crew wake up, they find themselves in cells aboard an unknown vessel.  Probably a privately owned commercial transport ship.  Shortly, the Orions who abducted them are brought into the cells as well, ushered in by Doctor Drozari and his henchmen.  When they protest, Drozari explains that he doesn't need their services any more, and that their bodies, combined with those of the captured freighter crew,  will provide ample biomass for making his next batch of bio-mimentic gel. 

VIII) The Orion men and women object, but are ultimately now trapped with the crew in holding cells.  They apologize for abducting the crew, and explain that Doctor Drozari took a contract with the Orion Syndicate to supply him with  'honeypots', and that they are Orion Syndicate prostitutes who have been required by the syndicate  to  carry out the terms of that contract under pain of death.  That has meant abducting many tourists over the past several months.  Doctor Drozari has been using some nefarious process to turn the kidnapped tourists into bio-mimetic gel, a dangerous substance that can not be replicated.   Now, it seems the Doctor plans to perform this dastardly deed against them as well. 

IX) The Engineers, Science Officers, and Ops officers in the crew find weaknesses in the holding cells.  The transport was not built with these cells.  They have been improvised by amateurs, and are vulnerable.  However, in order to craft makeshift tools to disable the cells, the crew will need jewelry and piercings worn by the Orion prostitutes... some of it being currently worn in 'delicate' places.   The Orions gladly assist by handing over these decorative pieces of metal.

X) Deactivating the security features of the holding cell, the crew overcome the Doctor's thugs in the hallway outside after a rollicking good fight that may involve one or two waves of reinforcements.

XI) The members of the crew who are really medical personnel feel an impulse to find the Doctor's equipment and sabotage it, and destroy any bio-mimetic gel that may be on board.  The remainder of the crew feel a strong impulse to help them for no good reason.  This is really programming by Intelligence to help them accomplish their mission.

XII) A medical bay is discovered on the ship that has experimental medical equipment, as well as a supply of bio-mimetic gel in organic storage vats.   The Medical Personnel are able to sterilize the gel, rendering it inert.  Meanwhile, Science personnel feel compelled to access the medical computer lab notes, visually review them, and then wipe them from memory.

XIII) At about this time, more of the Doctor's thugs arrive in overwhelming numbers.  The crew are forced to flee down the hall towards a cargo bay.  In the cargo bay, they find a cargo transporter that might be powerful enough to beam everyone down to a planet that they are orbiting.  This planet turns out to be Farius Prime.   The Ops and Engineering officers are able to make the necessary alterations to the transporters to divert the necessary power and beam everyone down to the surface, while the Science officers plant a hastily coded computer virus into the ship's computer system to prevent anyone from beaming down after them.

XIV) The crew and the Orion prostitutes beam down.  The Orion prostitutes show their extreme gratitude with very frisky kisses, and pledge that 'they owe you one' before going their separate ways.  The crew meanwhile feels compelled to go to the Bandus Hotel and check into Suite 201.

XV) Shortly after checking into Suite 201, Bishop appears.  He says a passcode 'Of Mice and Men' that puts everyone into a catatonic state.  Then he goes from person to person, placing a device on their heads that will restore their original memories.  Just as he is completing his work in restoring everyone's memories, he gets an urgent call by communicator saying that 'Doctor Drozani has escaped capture and is at large somewhere on Farius.'  Cursing, he taps his badge and transports away with his memory device.  After several minutes, the crew slowly come out of their catatonia, their original memories restored and with no knowledge of their secret mission and no idea what they are doing here.

XVI) The Sector Commander of Intelligence now finishes his tale, "Bishop never had time to debrief you.  He got a tip that someone had information about Drozani at the Rizza.   He went there with several undercover agents as backup, and sent a message to your room so that you could meet him there later on.  Unfortunately, the tip he received was really a trap.  Drozani sent some thugs to kill the Intelligence operatives that were trying to track him down.  The thugs and the Intelligence officers killed each other in a massive firefight just before you arrived, leaving you holding the bag when planetary police showed up.  And, well, you know the rest."

XVII) A short time later, the crew are returned via a Starfleet transport to their ship in orbit above Wrigley's Pleasure Planet.  But before they can resume their shore leave, a message comes in from Starfleet.  Priority One.  They have to leave immediately.  More tired now than when they got here, the beleagured crew depart for their next mission. Whatever it is.

Departments: (To make sure everyone has something to do.)
- Flight: Flight control officers will be involved in general shenanigans.
- Engineering: Engineering, Ops, and Science will be involved in escaping the cells, accessing and destroying equipment, and making the transporter able to transport so many people.  In addition to general shenanigans.
- Operations: Engineering, Ops, and Science will be involved in escaping the cells, accessing and destroying equipment, and making the transporter able to transport so many people.  In addition to general shenanigans.
- Security and tactical: There are a lot of fights and firefights in this mission for which Security personnel are well suited.  Plus general shenanigans.
- Medical: Medical personnel will sterilize the bio-mimetic gel and render it inert, in addition to participating in general shenanigans.
- Science: Engineering, Ops, and Science will be involved in escaping the cells, accessing and destroying equipment, and making the transporter able to transport so many people.  In addition to general shenanigans.
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