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The planets above and the worlds below
« on: February 03, 2017, 05:30:52 pm »
Mission Title: The planets above and the worlds below
Synopsis: A federation research ship, the Nova class USS Spitfire. Its mission was medium duration to go underwater on the planet Xanthos four. (Like at the beginning of Into darkness) To study the species of fish and to learn if anything about similar aquatic evolution on other planets, particularly aquatic life on earth. The USS Spitfire has stopped reporting to starfleet command only several weeks into their deployment, with no clue as to why.

Starting Point: Ship passing nearby Xanthos four
End Goal: Damage control after accidentally coming into a pre-warp aquatic race with the ability to control the growth of coral, and the removal of the damaged USS Spitfire to prevent further damage.
Story points that must be passed?:
1 ) Arrival at Xanthos four
2 ) Transfer from orbit, to the ocean
3 ) Once submerged, to find the USS Spitfire
4 ) Transfer from the ship to the USS Spitfire
5 ) Investigate the USS Spitfire, evidence of projectile weapons and almost all compartments are flooded along with many bodies.
6 ) Introduction of the Xanthosians
7 ) Repair and defence of the USS Spitfire, as the salt water has eroded many components of the ship, and well as the flooded compartments to contend with.
8 ) Removal of the USS Spitfire

Departments: (To make sure everyone has something to do.)
- Flight:
Flight of the ship into the ocean
Movement of people to and from the USS Spitfire
Flight of both USS Spitfire and the ship out of the ocean and into the atmosphere
- Engineering:
Maintenance of the ship against the salt water
Repair of the USS Spitfire for removal from the planet
- Operations:
Maintaining communication between both ships
Development of a sonar device to use for navigation between the USS Spitfire, and for locating the USS Spitfire upon first arrival of the planet. (As the salinity is very high causing the sensors to have very poor range.
- Security and tactical:
Exploration of the USS Spitfire upon first discovery
Defense against the Native aquatic species, some combat across the hull in environmental suits
- Medical:
Treatment of several survivors found aboard the USS Spitfire
Treatment of the wounded from the defense of the ships
Evaluation of the ocean, as a potential hazard to health. Due to the alien fish species, etc...
- Science:
Study of the native aquatic species, in particular their ability to cause coral growth.
The study of the actual 'Fish men' themselves, as a species.

For half of this mission, credit should go to Constance Lafayette for helping flesh out a few of the weaker areas!
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