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The Planet That Was
« on: July 30, 2017, 01:06:48 am »
Mission Title:The Planet That Was
Synopsis: A ship and her crew run into a planet that, from afar, looks like one gigantic motherboard. Upon closer inspection, they find that they can walk the surface. When they do so, they find that in fact, the whole planet is a network of wires and cables, all connecting to strange clusters of pods. The crew transports one of the pods onto the ship, and find that inside is an organic being. However, the being isn't 'alive' per say. They're inside the network. The crew finds a way to connect to the network and find, once inside the broadband, that all of these beings are inside a simulation. Upon talking to the locals, they find that this is a simulation of how the planet used to be, and now, their planet was dead, so they had decided to stay inside it. The crew of the ship, having seen the planet's surface, know that organic life still grows, that life on the surface, in the real world, is still possible for these people. Convincing them is it's own purgatory for the crew, as the 'away team' that brings this news to the people are left trapped inside the network, detained for 'disturbing the peace'.

Starting Point:The ship finds the gigantic motherboard like planet.
End Goal: The crew returns the people to their planet in the real world.
Story points that must be passed?: finding the planet, entering the network, communicating with the people, the 'away team' becoming trapped in the network, trying to help the people of the planet return to the real world

Departments: (To make sure everyone has something to do.)
- Flight: maintain a steady orbit
- Engineering: create a cryo tube that is capible of entering the Network
- Operations: keeping the connection open so they can return from the Network, then trying to rescue the trapped 'away team'
- Security and tactical: rescuing the trapped 'away team'
- Medical: keeping the away team alive while in the Network
- Science: studying the Network


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