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The Last Forty-Two / We Were Warned
« on: November 29, 2017, 10:24:54 pm »
Mission Title(s): The Last Forty-Two (SIMM A) / We Were Warned (SIMM B)
Synopsis: SIMM A's crew have been captured on Perseus V, a savage pre-warp planet along the neutral zone. The bloodthirsty natives there demand a blood sacrifice to their monstrous gods in the Thalassan Mist. Every day they remain captive, the natives require more of the Captain's crewmen, and each day the death toll rises up through the ranks. Will they finally get rescued before any more men are tragically lost in the mist?

Starting Point: During a routine fly-by near the Neutral Zone, the entire crew aboard the starship is transported out onto a nearby planet.
End Goal: SIMM B finally gets a lock on the remaining crew albeit after a long week of lost crewmen.
Story points that must be passed?:
- A significant number of the crew is killed before rescue.
- Cooperation with SIMM B ship for rescue is recommended.
- Diplomacy is not effective against cultish zealots.
- There is also the matter of the transwarp transporter the natives have raided from an ancient extinct space faring race that needs to be destroyed.
- This episode isn't action-heavy as most of the time the crew are imprisoned. Dialogue and drama about who is or isn't expendable in the ranking system should be prominent.
- The Captain decides who lives through the next day be it for personal or professional reasons. The point will be whether the crew agrees with his/her choices. This is a Captain-centric/crew bonding drama. (Only handlers who agree to kill off their characters can be used along with NPC's)
- Side B plot for SIMM B ship will try to solve the mystery of the crewless ship, discover the transwarp transporter planet-side, and work on the rescue operation.
- Any handlers that wish for their characters to permanently die can offer themselves in the mission. Once a character goes into the Mist there is no chance of them returning alive.
- This isn't a light-hearted mission. While most (if not all) of the deaths will be NPCs, this should be treated as a horrific experience for the surviving crew. While destroying the artifact will prevent any future deaths, it is still considered a ‘mission disaster' in official Starfleet Logs.

Departments: (To make sure everyone has something to do.)

Engineering: CAPTURED
Operations: CAPTURED
Security and tactical: CAPTURED

Flight: Fly through the asteroid belt the inactive ship drifts in and later navigate through the atmospheric storm of Perseus V safely for crew extraction. Secondary flight officer will have to helm SIMM A's empty ship to keep it from drifting into the planet's gravitational pull.
Engineering: Board the inactive ship and jump start the warp core.
Operations: Board the inactive ship and acquire the last hours of the ship's log to find out what happened to the crew. Secondary objective is to make sure the ship is operational before the rescue mission.
Security and Tactical: Security will beam down to the planet and engage in combat to rescue the crew. Tactical is in charge of planning the rescue and destroying the illegal transporter.
Medical: In charge of providing mental and physical help for the rescued crewman.
Science: Compile and research the Thalassan Mist and later pinpoint the location of the illegal transporter. They may or may not want what is left of
the transporter for experimenting.


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