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The Last Directive - Claimed
« on: November 29, 2017, 10:26:23 pm »
Mission Title: The Last Directive
Synopsis: A radical, privately funded group called the Last Directive has been causing waves in Federation space by providing aid to pre-warp civilizations on the verge of extinction. A gross violation of the Prime Directive, your ship has been tasked to stop them from altering the course of the Vindii - a pre-warp civilization with promise trying to survive on their dying planet. A simple bit of advanced engineering would sustain and save the species; helping them could set a precedent in the star system of the Federation's hypocrisy (and possibly cause a court martial from Starfleet Command.)

Starting Point: The ship receives an order from Admiral Chambers to intercept ‘terrorist' group, the Last Directive.
End Goal: The SIMM must either save the Vindii or stop the Last Directive. Both have dire consequences.
Story points that must be passed?: If Vindii is saved, the next mission should lead the ship into Starfleet's judicial system to answer for their actions. If Vindii is left to die, the next mission should deal with the fallout of Vindii's neighboring systems and the alliance now dissolving between them and the Federation.

Departments: (To make sure everyone has something to do.)
Flight: Engage and intercept the SS Last Directive. Depending on outcome, they must either subdue the target ship or protect them from other bounty hunting ships looking to finish the job.
Engineering: Depending on outcome, they can work to neutralize and/or destroy the tech the Last Directive sends down to save the Vindii or help engineer better supplies to help them.
Operations: Maintain communication with Starfleet. They quickly face a media storm during the mission once the Last Directive leaks their mission objectives to neutral space. They will also have to deal with the crew fractured in two over saving the Vindii.
Security and tactical: If stopping the Last Directive, security should beam aboard the enemy ship and shut it down while tactical aims to stun the ship. If helping the Vindii, they must work to hold down bounty hunter ships so the Last Directive can finish preparation planetside.
Medical: Make a case for pro-Vindii as first contact's loophole contradicts the hippocratic oath to assist life. If successful, work with science to begin inoculations and medical support on Vindii's populace to better weather the planet's harsh environment.
Science: Discover the reason for the planet's rapid decline. Radiation from an ejected antimatter core from a random starship has caused the delicate ecosystem to go under. If stopping the Last Directive, attempt to shutdown their computer systems.
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Re: The Last Directive
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2017, 01:00:30 am »
I want to claim this for Athena


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