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The Duras Company (Rising Empire, Part II)
« on: August 08, 2017, 11:13:29 am »
The Duras Company, a Klingon mercenary group, has stolen experimental prototype technology from DS9.  Now Yourship must track them down and retrieve the stolen tech.

Starting Point: Yourship is assigned to investigate the theft and track The Duras Company.

End Goal: The USS Yourship engages The Duras Company, but not in time to stop them from using their stolen device.

Story points that must be passed?:

I) Yourship arrives on DS9 to investigate the theft and find a way to track The Duras Company. The Duras Company is commanded by the last surviving heir to the House of Duras, Ja'rod.  They stole a Gravitic-Tachyon Lens device, designed to transform Gravitons into Tachyons and direct them in a particular direction.  Developed as a high-speed communications device alternative to subspace radio, it is unclear what The Duras Company (or their employers) may have wanted with it.

II) USS Yourship investigators find that the Gravitic-Tachyon device stolen by The Duras Company is emitting a trail of tachyons that can be tracked, most likely due to an interaction between gravitons emitted by the Bird of Prey cloaking device and the Lens. 

III) Yourship follows the trail, leading them to a system near the border of Romulan-Federation space.  (The Trevatta System.)

IV) Upon arriving at the Trevatta System, four Birds of Prey decloak and attack Yourship while a fifth ship heads to the Trevatta star.  Yourship must enter thrilling combat with the Birds of Prey.  Though outnumbered by the Birds of Prey, they are older vessels and can be defeated with difficulty.

V) While Yourship engages the four Birds of Prey, the fifth ship deploys the experimental device into orbit around the Trevatta Star.  the device converts gravitons from the star into tachyons, sending a powerful tachyon pulse across the border region.  Science officers may deduce that this pulse will blind the tachyon-detection-grid designed to detect cloaked ships crossing into Federation space from Romulan space.  This could potentially allow an entire fleet to cross into Federation space undetected.

VI) Yourship defeats the four Birds of Prey, but the fifth, commanded by Ja'Rod, escapes.  The Lens is left behind, and can be recovered by Yourship and returned to Deep Space Nine.

Departments: (To make sure everyone has something to do.)

- Flight: Flight crews will be engaged in combat, including thrilling dogfighting maneuvers.  Perhaps embarked craft will be dispatched to help?

- Engineering: Damage will occur during combat.  Perhaps Engineering personnel can help Science or Security personnel in figuring out effects of the Lens, and how it can be tracked.

- Operations: Operations may be involved in dispatching repair teams, and adjusting power levels during combat.

- Security and tactical: There will be ship to ship combat and potentially also a boarding action, depending on how the combat unfolds.

- Medical: Somebody always gets hurt. 

- Science: Science may be instrumental in figuring out the effects of the Lens, tracking it, and determining the likely effect of deployment.

Note:  This mission is Part II in the Rising Empire story arc.
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