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The Darkness if Coming - Claimed
« on: February 15, 2017, 11:26:50 pm »
Mission Title:  The Darkness is coming (Wrote this for Columbus but can be a possible joint mission) There is enough exploration for Two Simm's since there is an investigation, ruins, first contact and a battle...)

Synopsis:  After Months searching, a member stumbles upon the location of the last whereabouts of the U.S.S. Icarus.  The crew embarks with a Starship to the outer regions of the Milky way galaxy a place of faded and dying stars. 

The crew finds the remains of the Icarus landed.  Inside the ship the crew is either missing or dead.  The crew finds a second ship, a Starfleet Inteligence Ship also with half of the crew dead or missing.  There are also ruins of an ancient civilization.  Due to some interference, you cannot transport in or out.

The exploration shows that this was one of the final battle's of an ancient instestellar war that was almost as old as the creation of Vulcans and Humans.    During the investigation NPC's begin to die in the planet. 

The investigation would reveal that the back story (see backstory), and that accidentally the crew of the IcarusStarting Point: Finding the Location of the Icarus
End Goal:  Survive the Encounter
Story points that must be passed?:
- Show up to the planet
-Explore the planet and discover the history of the Progenitors's or First One's War
-Ask for assistance
-Fleet Battle
- Flight: Transport the People from and too the planet since we can transport there, pilot the ships in battle
- Engineering: understand the technology from this old alien race,
- Operations: Call for the fleet, investigate the ruins
- Security and tactical: Organize the Fleet into combat and engage the new race, investigate the ruins
- Medical: Find out what happened and or how the crew of the IcarusU.S.S. Icarus was in the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy...where they uncovered an old abandoned outpost with ancient technology beyond our comprehension.  In an effort to avoid sharing with other races, Starfleet kept this discovery a secret...but something wrong happened...they opened their jail...and this races is now looking to unlock their kind and take revenge on the first ones by targeting us. 

First Ones = Progenitors in STO or Star Trek Beta Cannon
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Claimed for the Columbus.


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