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Pirates Recreation
« on: March 09, 2018, 11:26:41 pm »
(My first attempt at posting a mission submission.  PM me with any helpful advice on how to improve these)

Mission Title: Pirates Recreation
Synopsis: USS YOURSHIP while on patrol receives a distress signal and arrives at the coordinates to come to the aid of a cargo vessel under attack by... a schooner ship flying a skull and cross-bones flag?  (reference Treasure Planet ship)

Starting Point: The USS YOURSHIP is ordered to patrol a section of space that has seen a drastic increase in piracy in the past month

End Goal: The mission ends when the USS YOURSHIP manages to locate the fabled ‘Treasure Planet' where the attacking ship is from; retrieves the stolen goods and/or destroys the proto-type ship which is an hologram ship  (similar to the Romulan proto-type in ENTERPRISE series)

Story points that must be passed?:

1) Receive and answer a transport ship distress call
2) Observe pirate ship and engage (Schooner escapes into a triangular portal that appears on over a small moon)
3) Any schooner crew that are captured or killed are discovered to be holograms with portable holoemitters. (an adapted character of Treasure Island)
4) discover ship is a hologram ship
5) plan and execute a means to locate the ship and follow back to it's home base.  Which is an AI run, recreation planet that caters to nautical themed adventures. 
6) discover that a unlikely couple, an Orion and a Ferengi,  have paired to come up with this plan of the reprogramming one of the holoships to attack cargo vessels for profit.

Departments: (To make sure everyone has something to do.)
- Flight: aerial maneuvering to avoid cannon fire
- Engineering: repair damaged systems if cannon fire isn't avoid / check the programming of any captured holograms
- Operations: assist Engineering with repairs, monitor scanning data to discover no bio readings on the ship despite seeing crew moving about the schooner.
- Security and tactical: boarding party to check out looted ship / tactical firefight with schooner
- Medical: treat firefight injuries / part of away team to looted ship – treat injuries there
- Science: figure out how the ship travels through the portal (cargo transporter?)
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