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Clean up
« on: June 10, 2018, 12:27:48 am »
Mission Title: clean up
Synopsis: Simple story, Young q was messing up on two species who were good friends but not they hate each others you,u. Father came by and took his son but left the aftermath near by for someone to fix it.

Or the Q are long gone from this mission... it was the after mess.

Starting Point: found the two groups hate each other
End Goal: end with two groups learning what had happen and make ends meet
Story points that must be passed?:

The grey side versus the blue. Think of Civil War which they are fighting over the line of between two spaces of the two races. They will show their was literally a line divided them which made each blame the other. It was little q prank to piss the two sided off

Oh that line is still can be clean up

Departments: (To make sure everyone has something to do.)
- Flight: fly the ship through this adventure
- Engineering: something which the space can work with something in the ship
- Operations: scan away and get readings that there is possible an end and a begin of this line
- Security and tactical: peace among the two groups on ship or attack ships from both sides
- Medical: injuries that could possible happen and plus help science,
- Science: that dividing line.... so many questions for science to answer on how to undo

NPC Flight Control Officer: Ensign Sivak (Vulcan Male)
NPC Flight Control Officer: Ensign Karen Malloy
NPC Flight Control Officer: Ensign Bok-Char (Bolian Male)


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