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Blind Curiosity - Claimed
« on: February 10, 2017, 03:19:50 am »
Mission Title: Blind Curiosity
Synopsis: The SS Vision of the Stars is a luxury liner which specializes in taking paying customers to places of cosmic interests and planets. Converted from a decommissioned Olympic-Class starship and licenced under the Ferengi Commerce Authority , the liner can carry up to 6,000 passengers, along with her 500 strong crew. One of the major attractions along her current route is the entrance to the Hekaras Corridor, a narrow region of space that was destabilized decades ago by high speed warp travel. Nowadays, movement through the corridor is highly restricted, but multiple subspace rifts formed prior to the ban remain a highly desired highlight for tourists and can be observed safely from the corridor's entry points.

On this particular occasion, the Captain was asked by the ship's Ferengi owner to move closer than normal to a large recently formed rift as he wanted the passengers to see it more clearly. Word of mouth advertisement about the spectacular view would raise profits and future bookings! While maneuvering towards the rift, they inadvertently enter an uncharted tetryon field, disrupting both the impulse drive and warp core. Adrift with little control, their momentum takes them deep into the subspace rift, trapping them without engine power or a method to escape. The crew only manages to send out a panicky distress call before they're cut off from the outside world.

Starting Point: USS [Insert Ship Name] is on a routine patrol and receives a garbled transmission that abruptly cuts off.
End Goal: Rescue of some/all passengers and crew onboard the SS Vision of the Stars, successful withdrawal to safety.
Story points that must be passed?:
a) Interpretation of transmission and recognition/locating of distress signal.
b) Move to Hekaras Corridor, recognize hazards and form rescue plan.
c) Challenge Point: Shields on SS Vision of the Stars will fail in 12 hours due to energy distortion waves inside the rift, No other ships available to assist.
d) Enter the rift and initiate rescue procedures.
e) Challenge Point: Too many survivors for USS [Insert Name Here] to evacuate onboard due to life support and capacity limits, choice must be made to save some safely or risk everything and try to save all.
f) Find a way to escape.
g) Challenge Point: The distortion waves damage the impulse engines, and using the warp drive would only enlarge the rift. Distortion wave intensity increase over time, straining the shields and structural integrity.
h) Escape the rift to safety.

Departments: (To make sure everyone has something to do.)
- Flight: Piloting the ship through the rift, navigating through tetyron fields, assisting with SAR
- Engineering: Maintaining structural integrity and affecting repairs due to damage from distortion waves, finding a way to travel without main methods of propulsion, assisting with SAR
- Operations: Maintaining structural integrity and assisting repairs, Accommodating and assisting evacuees, assisting with SAR
- Security and tactical: Accommodating and assisting evacuees, assisting with SAR
- Medical: Assisting the injured and dead, accommodating and assisting evacuees, assisting with SAR
- Science: Assisting with navigation, finding a way to travel without main methods of propulsion, assisting with SAR
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Re: Blind Curiosity
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2017, 03:13:38 am »

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