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Blast from the Past
« on: May 06, 2016, 09:36:42 pm »
Mission Title: Blast from the Past
Synopsis:The ship is tasked with investigating a spacial anomaly. On their way they encounter a ship that refuses to identify itself but when they come within visual range they discover it is apparently identical to theirs only 80 years older. They soon discover it is their own ship that was sent 80 years into the past by the spacial anomaly that they have been sent to investigate. The crew must decide whether to change the past or try to change things and potentially change the timeline.
Ship Best Suited For: Any

Starting Point: Ship is ordered to investigate a spacial anomaly when they discover a unidentified ship
End Goal: Need to prevent going back in time and having to live in the past but still complete their mission.
Story points that must be passed?: Identify the unknown ship. Find out the true story. Prevent history from repeating itself.

- Flight: Piloting the ship. Will require pinpoint flying to avoid the anomaly.
- Engineering: Need to make sure the ship can handle what its needed to. Help repair older ship.
- Operations: Help maintain communications and assist help in precise navigation.
- Security and tactical: Prevent possible double cross.
- Medical: Help the older ship and treat any wounded.
- Science: Identify the anomaly and work out how to prevent the trip to the past.

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Re: Blast from the Past
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