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A Falling Star
« on: August 08, 2017, 03:17:43 pm »
The people of Kaelon have been trying for decades to revitalize their dying sun, with the efforts of Doctor Timicin having once been at the forefront of the effort.  The long-deceased Timicin was the first to attempt a solution to the solar revitalization, but his attempt was a failure.   Doctor Adra continued Timicin's work, but was recently put to death in accordance with Kaelon custom.  Now, Timicin's grandson Benicin is making a third attempt, testing the procedure on a star nearly identical to the Kaelon home star.  The USS Yourship is tasked to ferry the Doctor on this third test.  Success will mean salvation for the Kaelon people.  Failure will represent the last nail in the coffin for the Kaelons, forcing them to evacuate their homeworld before their sun experiences irrevocable stellar collapse.  If the test is successful, Benicin will next employ the solution on the Kaelon sun, saving his people... or will he?

Starting Point: Yourship is assigned to carry Benicin to Halgar-352, a star nearly identical to the Kaelon system.

End Goal: Yourship intervenes to save the Kaelon sun, uncovering a dark plot.

Story points that must be passed?:

I) Yourship is dispatched to carry Benicin to Halgar-352, to test his stellar-revitalization technology.

II) During a dinner aboard ship with senior officers, Benicin shares fond memories of his grandfather, whom he cherished above all people before the man's scheduled 'retirement' in accordance with Kaelon custom.  He lets slip that he wishes the Kaelons could escape the backwards customs of their past, and seems quite bitter about it.

III) Yourship arrives at Halgar-352 and launches specially prepared revitalization torpedoes at the star.  It revives exactly in accordance to predictions.  The test is a success.

IV) Yourship returns to the Kaelon system, where Benicin will now use the revitalization torpedoes to restore the Kaelon star.  It is a momentous occasion, with many Kaelon ships in attendance as spectators from the whole system watch in rapt anticipation.

V) The Engineer of the Yourship, helping Benicin to prepare the torpedoes, notices something odd about the preparation procedure.  But Benecin will insist he understands the technology best. 

VI) The Science officer of the Yourship discovers simulations in the ship's computer associated with the upcoming attempt.  They do not show a revitalization of the Kaelon star, but rather its rapid demise over the course of 24 months.  If Benicin is asked, he will say they were simulations using a different approach that has already been discarded, and not to worry.

VII) The Tactical officer of the Yourship discovers that the torpedoes are set to a higher speed for the upcoming launch than they were in the previous test.  This seems odd, but if asked, Benecin will say the speed had to be adjusted due to small differences between the test star and the actual Kaelon sun.

VIII) The Flight Control officer of the Yourship discovers that the orbital flight path prior to launch is different now than in the previous test.  This seems odd, but if asked, Benecin will say that gravitic differences between the stars necessitated a slightly different orbital distance.  The Flight control officer may not agree with this assessment.

IX) The officers will either keep their concerns to themselves, allowing the launch to proceed... or they may bring their concerns to the Captain.  Then the Captain may decide to continue the launch or stop it.  If the Captain decides to cancel the launch, Benicin will trigger a virus he has secreted into the ship's computer, allowing him to force an unauthorized torpedo launch.

X) In a race against time, the Flight Control officer, Tactical Officer, Engineering Officer, Operations officer, and Science Officer must work together to foil the overridden launch.  Each may have different solutions and they may all help.  This is a case where all solutions can probably be implemented simultaneously, allowing everyone to contribute to the resolution.

XI) Benicin will ultimately confess that he wanted to intentionally cause a quicker death for the Kaelon sun.  He believes his people are stuck culturally, practicing backwards customs.  He blames his whole society for the death of his beloved grandfather.  He hoped that by forcing an evacuation of his home system, he might trigger a cultural change that might bring his people out of their cultural 'dark age.'  However, his research into star revitalization is legitimate, and another scientist should be able to continue the work and restore the Kaelon star now that his mad plot has been foiled.

Departments: (To make sure everyone has something to do.)

- Flight: Most of the flying will be routine, but the flight officer will be crucial to uncovering a plot point about the orbital distance being odd, and perhaps moving the ship in such a way as to foil the torpedo launch.

- Engineering: Will help to prepare the torpedoes, discover something amiss with them, and eventually possibly figure out a way to foil the launch.

- Operations: Operations may be involved in trying to purge the virus from the system, or otherwise alter resources aboard ship to help foil the launch.

- Security and tactical: Tactical will uncover clues about the odd launch, and ultimately work to foil the launch.

- Medical: When Benicin overrides the ship's systems with his virus, some malfunctioning systems like doors and turbolifts may cause injuries amongst the crew that need to be treated. 

- Science: Science may discover the weird simulations suggesting something is amiss with the launch, and ultimately come up with science solutions to foil the launch or help stop the computer virus.

Note:  This mission touches on events from the TNG episode Half a Life.
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