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Repli-Mat / Re: A Columbus Celebration (Open)
« Last post by Leanna Mazal on Today at 01:07:48 PM »

Derek chuckled, taking a slip of latinum out of his jacket pocket. Sliding it across the bartop under his hand, he gave her a playful wink. "Well it's my lucky day then. Double scotch on the rocks, my dear. And it'd be rude to drink alone. Would you care to join me?"

He withdrew his hand partially, touching the edge of the slip with only his fingers. "And Doctor Black is far too formal. I actually don't think we've formally met. Hi, I'm Derek."

Leanna had caught Knox's smile and could tell that there was something she wanted to ask her but knew they would catch up at some point to talk about it and appreciated the concern from her friend as she then returned her attention back to Derek.

From his reaction to her comment and his playful wink as he then slid a slip of latinum across the bar top under his hand, Leanna grinned at not only that but the way he answered her. Very much enjoying the flirtation with the Chief Medical Officer. Also noticing how he kept hold of the latinum as if daring her to take it off him after he gave his order and asked her to join him before commenting about how they hadn't formally met yet and introduced himself.

" I guess it is and certainly I'll get that for you " she replied" As for joining you I would love too and pleased to meet you Derek, I'm Leanna although close friends call me Lea" she said still in a flirtatious tone as she moved away for a moment to pour his double scotch on the rocks and herself a glass of Bomb Cyclone.

She then returned with both glasses and set his down in front of him before reaching for the latinum strip wondering what he was going to do next.
Starbase Columbus / Re: S2, M4 m: Switch - Discussion
« Last post by Katharoz Knox on Today at 01:05:37 PM »
Tags for Knox and the Cargo Bay Clan

Level 3 Security Tag (in sexy Computerized voice)
Starbase Columbus / Re: Season 2, Mission 4: Switch
« Last post by Katharoz Knox on Today at 12:58:58 PM »
[En route to Knox's quarters]

The symbiot's memories guided her well, though passing one part of the Station reminded her of a Klingon, Ch'pok that made her heart rate increase for a moment. It returned to normal upon receiving ISAAC's comm.

=/\= Lieutenant Commander Knox, this is Ensign ISAAC. I am nearly to the cargo bay. Once inside, I would ask you not to contact me. =/\= ISAAC glanced behind himself, finding it strange that the normally busy hallway was empty. =/\= By the way, although you may have a reason for going to the Neural Core, I have no intention of leaving the cargo bay until I have a better understanding of what's happening. =/\=

Of course. I shall be watching.

As instructed, she did not respond. On returning to her quarters, she showered and sighed as the hot water hit her broken skin. Following, she admired the markings that ran down the side of her body, from her head to her toes. She found them mesmerizing.

Sometime later a dressed Knox debated their next steps.

"Computer. Begin recording Level 3 Security message for ISAAC and upload as text to be accessed only by him on leaving Cargo Bay 2."

"Acknowledged. Level 3 Security. Begin recording."

"ISAAC. The situation is more dangerous than we could have imagined. Please access the memory files on the occurrence designated 'Lights Out'. You shall see that Lt. T'Prina performed a rather precarious link with the AI, commonly referred to as Analyn. Make no mistake, that childish behavior is a tactic of theirs. We have reason to suspect that they are attempting to destroy the Station. Watch Lt. T'Prina closely and Commander Tritter. Update me once you are alone."
Repli-Mat / Re: A Columbus Celebration (Open)
« Last post by Derek Black on Today at 12:50:50 PM »

Maggie and Kippy hadn't wasted any time in following Leanna's orders and word soon came back from the Kitchen that the food was on its way out which now allowed Leanna to not only serve drinks but also to mingle and chat with her guests knowing that her staff had everything under control and would only need to speak to her if it was important or if there was a problem.

Turning her attention when a man she recognised as Dr Black greeted her before apologising seeing that she was busy and that he would ask Seamus for a drink. She smiled in her flirty fun way before answering him. " Hi there Doctor Black and no need to apologise I'm all yours now so what can I get you?".


Derek chuckled, taking a slip of latinum out of his jacket pocket. Sliding it across the bartop under his hand, he gave her a playful wink. "Well it's my lucky day then. Double scotch on the rocks, my dear. And it'd be rude to drink alone. Would you care to join me?"

He withdrew his hand partially, touching the edge of the slip with only his fingers. "And Doctor Black is far too formal. I actually don't think we've formally met. Hi, I'm Derek."
USS Shran [NCC- 81735] / Re: S2- M2 - Shatterpoint
« Last post by Kachina Filitov on Today at 11:54:26 AM »

As the Doctor took Will away and the computer informed her that the Runabout had been safely brought into the shuttle bay, Katcha took her seat back at the helm allowing one of the Ops personnel take over from Will.

She decided to keep the ship stationary for the moment, but kept a weather eye out for whatever had done this.
U.S.S Challenger [NCC-40117] / Re: S1E9 Discussion
« Last post by Lizzie Vaughan on Today at 11:50:58 AM »
Tag Dylan
U.S.S Challenger [NCC-40117] / Re: S1E9 The Bright Side of Life
« Last post by Lizzie Vaughan on Today at 11:50:47 AM »

Lizzie looked around and made sure that they were covering all possibilities and preparing for the worst as far as they were able. He conscience was bothering her so she decided to go and speak to the Captain. She figured it would not do much good, but she had to make er concerns known. After making sure her staff were on top of what needed to be done and checking with Alex that she had picked up Alys and taken her back to their quarters, she headed for the Bridge.


Lizzie walked out of the turbolift jut in time to catch Dylan's remarks to Kyle.


Dylan nodded to the scientist. As much as he didn’t want to admit it, she was right. “Well, I can’t argue those facts with you, Doctor. But we’re not going to put the Challenger in the centre of the CME. “We’re just going to get as many as we can off, and get out of range. Unless you think of some way to deflect a Coronal Mass Ejection. None of our people are going down on that planet- we’re just a beam-to point for them.

When she spoke the last words, Dylan couldn’t help but try and diffuse the situation in the worst way he knew how- with a joke. “I dunno, a third arm could come in hand-y, I guess.” he said, smirking before looking at the data. “What’s the expected damage to their infrastructure, if the CME were to hit now?” he asked, regaining his serious attitude. “That is, provided they survived the initial radiological bombardment?”

Dylan shook his head. “We don’t have the time, this time. We’re just a rescue ship, we’re not going to risk our people more than we have to. Just stick us out of range, and evacuate the survivors. That is, unless we find a better way. I’m all ears, Commander.”

She went straight over to him.

"I know you are probably very busy Captain, but I need to discuss concerns I have with our current mission. It would probably be better to do this in private and Commander Briggs is welcome to join is if you would prefer." She added, leaving the decision up to him.
Fleet News Service / Re: New Player - Calandra Trilarck
« Last post by Kinley Garrison on Today at 11:46:17 AM »
Welcome welcome! we're so excited you've joined our crazy family!! now, if you see a random velociraptor wandering the halls, don't worry. he's friendly.
Fleet News Service / Re: New Player - Calandra Trilarck
« Last post by Calandra Trilarck on Today at 11:42:18 AM »
Hey, thanks for all of the warm welcomes! I've been sort of taking it easy, getting myself familiar around these parts but will be immersing myself a bit more fully in the next few days especially after the upgrade!

Repli-Mat / Re: A Columbus Celebration (Open)
« Last post by Michael J. Tritter on Today at 11:29:38 AM »

Knox smiled at her friend and nodded. There was still something she could not quite tell, something was unsettling Leanna, but she did not press any further.

Knox beamed as she could not resist Ryan in a suit. Tritter was a lucky man. She hoped that his husband was settling into the new normal of being full time on the Station and also hoped that the newly appointed Captain was going to find something interesting for him.

She laughed at Tritter's hint of humor in his response.

"True. Though I have a feeling the Admiral would be so inclined to leave a copy of his religious texts behind. What are your plans for your new larger office? And, how are you finding your new quarters? I can imagine it must be nice to have the extra space. Let me know when you are ready to receive visitors - would like to bring you a housewarming plant."

She sipped of her sparkling water and looked around the room.

"It was lovely of Leanna to put this together on such short notice. Lt. T'Prina looks lovely, though mildly uncomfortable. The Admiral seems in good spirits. Have you been introduced to the Doctor? I recall him playing naked in my paddling pool."

Stepping a little closer to Tritter and somewhat more serious.

"Btw, Captain. Do let me know when we can schedule our Strategic Briefing. There are certain reports that, as Commanding Officer of the Station, I must now bring to your attention. Sir."

[Location: Puzzles]

Tritter wrapped an arm around his Husband's waist as he listened to Knox, Ryan listened as well, both men were focused and direct, although Ryan was a bit more... friendly appearing. Tritter took a moment before he replied to her with, "I would not be surprised if he did, we are in a bit of a... limbo" He took a moment to pause, he than added, "We are half and half if you will" Ryan than grinned slightly, he than stated, "I am sure once we get moved, that would be appreciated, the weirder the better" Ryan actually was a fan of plants, he needs to expand his collection, as most of his could not come with, apparently they don't like venus fly traps.

Tritter nodded slightly to the comment, he took a moment before he added, "I've noticed, crowds seem to not suit a good portion of us" He than shook his head at the comment regarding the Doctor, he oddly found it amusing but he was trying to erase a certain image from his head, he than replied with "I have not met him yet"

He than noticed Knox step closer to him, instinctively, Ryan stepped away to allow them some privacy. He was quiet and focused as he listened to the Second Officer, he than nodded slightly in agreement, before he replied with the following "Understood Commander, I can step out now if you like or we can plan for tomorrow if it is not a crisis" His heavily accented voice was not much above a whisper, but it was calm and direct as he addressed the Second Officer.
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