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Holodeck / Re: Starting Lines (Wu/Jaeger)
« Last post by Ardyn Jaeger on Today at 09:18:53 PM »
“Right now, I still don’t know, but I think I want to keep this baby.” She sighed and began fidgeting with the blankets, feeling very unsure about everything right now.   “It’s not going to be easy, that’s for sure, what with being on call all the time with our jobs, and…” She trailed off.
USS Shran [NCC- 81735] / Re: S2-M3 CSI Starbase: Loss of Control
« Last post by Fala Awen on Today at 08:37:40 PM »
[USS Shran, Main Shuttlebay, 0910]

Alyssa nodded and her smile returned to a neutral expression as well. She was trying her best to tone herself down in front of her new commanding officer, something that she believed she would need to start doing anyway. Being a hardass was tiring after all and she hoped it wouldn't necessary for much longer.  "It's perfectly fine." she said. "We have had our hands full as of late., but yes, I would like to talk to you about my new position and your expectations. Have you been briefed on what the crew has gone through recently?"

"Of course," Awen replied, nodding. "We can discuss it now or at some point in the next few days. I'm sure after your experience all of you could use some shoreleave time..." She wasn't sure if others wanted to speak with her immediately as well, but she would make time for each of them. It was part of her job. With a transition period like this, Awen felt it was important to do what she could to make it easier.

The Bajoran thought back to the initial report she'd received regarding the Shran's experience with the Mirror Universe vessels. "I don't know all of the specific details about what transpired, but I was able to read about the basics of what happened. Obviously the Shran was in quite the battle with the Extinction and I know many crewmembers were injured or killed. The Rebels were, in their own way, assisting you and wanted you to take down the Extinction, which did happen in the end. And Commander Garrison was taken hostage but rescued."

The entire incident would normally have sounded a bit ridiculous, but Awen knew it was true. It was probably better that she had not been on the Shran's command staff when it happened; she may not have been as....accommodating as Commander Tam had been with the whims of the Rebels. To be fair, though, Caelene had gotten the crew through it, so perhaps her strategy did have some merit.

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USS Discovery / Re: S12 - M7: Back to Basics Discussion
« Last post by T'Ra Jones on Today at 07:45:54 PM »
Tags to Tekin, Jaeger, Inzjana.

And wow, what a fantastic burst of posts the last couple days! Please feel free to nominate one of them (or any other post in the mission) for PotM. Please send any nominations to me by Monday (2/26).
USS Discovery / Re: S12 - M7: Back to Basics
« Last post by T'Ra Jones on Today at 07:42:43 PM »
[Bridge, One hour out]
Still at the helm, Ardyn stroked the purring little raptor in her lap. It was getting to be his regular spot for some reason, not that she wasn’t complaining, it just was somewhat odd, to say the least. Usually, his favorite position was perched on top of the helm chair, his head resting on top of hers, keeping watch over everything.

The stars were streaking past in their usual warp 9 cruising speed, with only minor alterations to avoid colliding with stars and the like. She turned to T’Ra. “Everything’s going on schedule.  We should be there within an hour. Need me to do anything?”

He was wondering if maybe he mumbled when the bridge remained silent... he certainly wasn't very energetic.  His only rouse from his mental slumber being the presence of the Captain.  He stood up rather hurriedly, and moved over for her to sit in her chair.

"Prophets with you, Captain.  About an hour out... been unbelievably dull.  Its no wonder no one has gone this far out."

He turned to the Captain, and then back to the Helmsman.  "Get a status from Wu on the shuttle preparations." he said, turning back to T'Ra.

"If they are not done by now, I will be impressed."

T’Ra motioned with her hand as the first officer shot out of his seat, motioning for him to be at ease. “You know,” she said to Tekin in a low voice, “you can keep sitting in the chair if you find it comfortable. It suits you better than me in any case, and you mustn't feel obliged to stand on my account. We are equals here.” T’Ra was loathe to sit so soon after entering the bridge, in part stemming from old habits from her time aboard the Shran, when she would spend numerous hours standing at a duty station as Chief Science Officer. But more so, the center chair just didn’t appeal to her, yet she had found herself there anyways.

“Dull perhaps,” T’Ra responded, nodding out of respect to the greeting, “but also useful. The crew has had ample time to prepare and reflect. I would indeed be surprised if the admiral’s shuttle was not prepared by now.” Speaking of which...

-/\-Jones to Inzjana,-/\- T’Ra said, tapping her badge. -/\-Do you have any more information for us?-/\- Perhaps it would have been more proper to call on the chief of science, but she elected to skip that route as the man had spent the last couple days sulking.

A voice called out from the helm, causing T’Ra to turn her head. While she was not surprised to see Steve present, though it was somewhat out of character for the little raptor to be nestled on Ardyn’s lap as opposed to sitting on her shoulder. “Not crash the ship, for one,” T’Ra said, brow arched ever so slightly in jest. Though she did have her doubts about the raptor’s current positioning, she trusted the flight lieutenant wouldn’t let him interfere with her work. At the moment, there really wasn’t much for them to do, so she asked, “How does it feel to be flying a Prometheus class starship after being on the Shran?”
The Arcade Board / Re: Count to a million!!!
« Last post by Susan Venator on Today at 06:02:43 PM »
U.S.S Challenger [NCC-40117] / Re: S1E10 Listening In
« Last post by Lek on Today at 05:03:52 PM »

Lizzie picked up Leks com and immediately responded.

=/\= Bridge to Lek. We have detected a vessel that appears to be connected to the incident on Betazed. However it has disappeared and since we don't know if it has left or is hiding nearby, we are at Yellow Alert as a precaution. When I have further information for you I will pass it on. Bridge out! =/\=


Lek heard the response and sighed again.

=/\= "Understood." =/\=

He replied and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Don't call us, we'll call you. And when what you want isn't ready because you didn't think we needed to be in the information loop, we are the ones who look bad. I guess I'll sit here and monitor the deuterium flow until I'm needed. And people wonder why engineers are grumpy."

Not having anything to do, Lek did monitor the deuterium flow as it was better than doing nothing.

USS Tempest / Re: S2 M5 Discussion: Old Wounds
« Last post by Kirok on Today at 04:40:28 PM »
tag Mr Tempest & Hawk
USS Discovery / Re: S12 - M7: Back to Basics Discussion
« Last post by Declan Vincent on Today at 04:40:22 PM »
Of whom are these  3 or 4 specialists for the mission, Alex?
USS Discovery / Re: S12 - M7: Back to Basics
« Last post by Declan Vincent on Today at 04:37:49 PM »
[Main Shuttlebay]

"I heard about that particular 'little' problem." Alex replied dryly, glancing at a hovertrolley passing nearby. "That was good, solid, work." He returned his attention to Vincent, gesturing towards the runabout. "We don't have much information about this mission yet, I'm actually on my way up now to get the briefing. In the meantime, I'd like you to assemble a small team, three or four specialists,  that will be on the first shuttle down to the surface for our initial site assessments. I've already cleared it with Donovan, once I have a better idea of what we're facing, I'll pass on that information for you to prepare adequately. Any questions?"

[Main Shuttlebay]

Declan shook his head. "No questions, Sir. I'll have a team ready to go once the order is given."  He attempted to keep his glee firmly in check. Being part of  an away team assignment, first shuttle no less was a big deal.

He hesitated a moment,  wondering if he should say anything and just went with it. "Sir, if I may indulge your patience, the Admiral was down here a few days ago and sort of gave the impression the mission had to do with a plague. Now, I understand the situation may have changed but would a medical team be more advantageous? "

Questioning orders was never an ideal thing to do for an enlisted man, even a junior NCO like himself, but Declan figured it wouldn't hurt to get a better understanding of what exactly the team might be involved with on a generalized probability.
[Gibson: Bridge]

"Captain," Derek leaned towards Knox, inclining his head slightly at Jenna. "Do you mind if I borrowed your ready room for a quick chat with our chief engineer?"

"Of course. Permission granted. Though do not be too long."

She was touched by how caring and well, lovely, Derek was. However, would never let it show.

Knox reviewed how the Gibson was handling herself. A few minor adjustments were being made every millisecond. All systems seemed to be functional and operating well. She knew it could be any moment when they would be contacted and the real challenge would begin.
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