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Sounds good Sir.


Please PM Julia Rellek and James Jawk (no e) for duty.

And welcome to Shadow Fleet.


I'll appear sometime during the meeting or slightly after. Working on a flux coil in the 32nd century right now.... Might bring a guest or two with me.

Thanks for jumping in!

OK, after Tritter, Naira, or Justin post again, Kirok will open the discussion to the group in general.

After that, we will break up in groups ;-)

[32nd Century, Bridge, USS Hecate]

The three Conwell's on the bridge of the temporal destroyer were watching the meeting closely. Well closely was and still is an understatement. They all knew what the admiral had planned, it was how he was going to go about putting it into action without much obvious help.

"I think it's time I showed up now sisters," Justin said as he got their attention span. "I will just use the quantum communication relay to project myself into the conference room as a holo-gram for now." As he said that, his hands were busy moving across the operations console.

[Moments later]

"I'm pretty sure it's how you define and manipulate time, that time can wait for anything, Admiral," the hologram Justin said from behind the Vulcan. "It's good to see you again and I apologize for my lateness. Working on a quantum flux coil is not very easy. Hense my arrival via quantum comms."

[Conference Room]

Kirok turned to Conwell.  He was indeed the person Kirok had been expecting.  He offered the man a bow.

"Mr. Conwell.  It is indeed acceptable to see you again.  It has been a long time" he said.

"I would like to introduce you to Mr. Tritter, my XO.  And Ms. Naira, my SO.  This, it Justin Conwell, our Time expert" the half Vulcan added after turning back to his other two team mates.

[Conference Room]

Naira remained standing next to Commander Tritter as more people filed into the room. There was quite the interesting collection of different people from different backgrounds and species. She wasn't sure what they were all doing there, but she was relieved to some extent to see that admiral finally walk through the door. Hopefully, he would be able to put them all at ease by letting them know what exactly was going on and why they had all been called so far out here.

She remained quiet as the admiral addressed the commander.

Personal defense project? What exactly does that mean?

Rather than answer her questions, she found she had more popping into her head each second.

"Admiral, perhaps if you could explain what we are all doing here it might help to settle some of the confusion and put everyone more at ease."

[Conference Room]

Kirok turned to the new voice.  "Ms. Naira, it is acceptable to meet you again.  You do make a good point and it is my intent to inform the others.  I was hoping, however, to wait for someone specific to arrive" he replied.

"But perhaps you are right.  Time waits for no man.  And perhaps neither should we" Kirok added.

[Location: Conference Room]

Tritter noticed the Admiral starting to make their way towards him. The tall man focused on the man that was approaching him, he studied the Admiral carefully, it had been a decent while since he had seen them, but he did remember them. He listened carefully as the Admiral spoke to him, his gaze remained focused on the Admiral as they spoke to him.

Tritter than nodded slightly once the Admiral had finished speaking, he would reply with the following, "Thank you for the invite Admiral, I believe things will work out quite well" Tritter's tone was direct and business like as he addressed the Admiral. He was mostly confident in himself and he knew that he could make this work, although it would be an interesting path.

[Conference Room]

"It is I who am thankful, Mr. Tritter.  You came at a moments notice.  Ever ready for the fleet" Kirok said.

"It is one of the reasons your name was at the top of the list for this project.  Naira too.  You know each other, I assume" he added.

USS Athena - A / Re: Athena Mission 2.10 The Last Directive
« on: January 19, 2018, 07:27:04 PM »
[2 Hours Earlier - Conference Room]

James nodded slightly thinking on the Admiral's words. "The crew..." He cut himself off having realized the sentence he was in the process of saying was not the way he intended to put it. "I can't really take credit for them if I'm honest. They're one of the best crews Starfleet has to offer, but I simply inherited them once Admiral Lafayette left the ship." Carter replied honestly. "My only real credentials are having learned from her, and...I dunno...blowing myself and a speeding rock on course to Earth to kingdom come." The Captain continued, his tone remaining flat and honest.

[Conference Room]

Kirok nodded in reply.  Some COs took all the glory.  Some COs did not.  Carter seemed to be that latter.

"Admiral Lafayette was an excellent leader.  But to your credit, you must have learned well at her feet to continue where she left off.  Keep up the good work, Captain" the half Vulcan added.

[Location: Conference Room]

Tritter heard the door slide open and noticed the two men walking through. His focus remained on them as they walked in, muscular arms folded across his chest, his body language was slightly stand offish. Tritter was silent, he was just watching the Admiral and listening carefully as they spoke.

[Conference Room]

Kirok looked around the room.  His eyes finally landing on Tritter.  A man who had a long history with Star Fleet - specifically as it related to the Sec/Tac Department.

He walked up to the man, leaving Cartis behind.  "Mr. Tritter.  Thank you for accepting my invitation.  I am certain with your knowledge and leadership, the personal defense project will be in good hand" Kirok said.

USS Athena - A / Re: Athena Mission 2.10 The Last Directive
« on: January 18, 2018, 08:22:55 PM »
[Conference Room]

Kirok offed a not after Naira spoke.  The meeting was coming to an end.   It was time for the crew to get to the task at hand.

But Kirok remained behind for after the other left.  He hoped to have a word with James Carter.  "You have quite an impressive crew" Kirok said when they were alone.


A very good application.

We can put you on the Tempest in their Sec/Tac department.

Please let me know if that works for you.




Kirok is now in the conference room ;-)

We have a few stragglers.

So I will give a bit more time before jumping all the way into why we are here ;-)

[Katra - Corridor to Conference Room]

[NPC Cartis]

"Of course I'm willing.  But I don't think I fit into the current mode of Star Fleet.  You know that precogs are not really used, right?" Cartis replied.

"Yes, I am award of the current thinking.  But just because you can not be a Star Fleet Officer, does not mean that you could not be useful here.  If you will just follow me, I think you will understand more soon" Kiork said before he opened the doors to the Conference Room.

[Conference Room]

As the doors parted, Kirok saw the large group of people gathered.  These were some of the smartest people in Star Fleet.  And they had all come at his invitation.

"Greetings everyone.  I'm sorry to have kept you waiting.  For those of you who I have yet to meet personally, I am Admiral Kirok" Kirok said.

"I am the head of Star Fleet Intelligence.  This is my Cartis, a new friend of the fleet.  After a few others have arrived, we will start our meeting.  Until then, please enjoy the refreshment that are available" he added.

USS Athena - A / Re: Athena Mission 2.10 The Last Directive
« on: January 17, 2018, 07:07:02 PM »
[Conference Room]

James shook his head slightly before speaking. "Unfortunately, because of the situation it's hard to tell exactly where the society is technologically. All we know is that because one society is introducing advanced technology it's impossible to predict where they'll have landed by the time we've arrived. For all we know, they could be near warp level when we get there." The Captain said, gently steering the conversation back to the mission.

[Conference Room]

"As such, it may not be possible to know until we get there.  That is the first challenge we will meet.  The second, of course, will be the enemy we might be facing" Kirok said.

Yes, the enemy could be the bigger challenge here.  But he did not wish to dwell on it too much.  He would leave that to Naira and James to discuss with the crew.

Fleet Applications - Join Here! / Re: Lt Darov
« on: January 17, 2018, 06:54:01 PM »

Thank you for your application.

I would love to assign you to a ship.
But we would like to know more about your character first.

Can you provide more info in the bio section.  Where did he grow up.  What kind of childhood he had.  Why he was interested in joining SF.

In addition, we would like to see more in your sample post.  We don't have a minimum word count, but can your add a few more lines, please?

Once that is done, I can get you assigned to a ship.  Probably in a Science Department as that is the greatest need right now.



[NPC Cartis]

While Cartis led the way, he turned back to Kirok.  "Forgive me for asking, Sir.  But why do you want me to join the meeting?  In fact, why did you invite me to come here at all?  As I mentioned to you when we met in the Delta Quadrant, I'm not a Star Fleet Officer and I have no intent to be" Cartis said.

"This is true.  You did tell me that.  I remember the conversation quite well" Kirok replied.  "The thing, however, that I remember most is your desire in wanting to do the right thing.  Not only for your people, but for the universe in general.  I'm offering you a chance her to do both.   If you are willing" the half Vulcan added.

USS Athena - A / Re: Athena Mission 2.10 The Last Directive
« on: January 16, 2018, 09:08:12 PM »
Conference Room

Suzie nodded.

"Aye Commander." She replied, already formulating how best to cover the whole planet to try and pick up any transmissions without giving their presence away.

Suzie turned in surprise at the familiar voice and immediately saw the face of someone she never expected to see again.

"Ruth Sigurdsdottir! Well I'll be! When did you get on board?" She asked with more than a trace of surprise on her face.

[Conference Room]

Kirok offered a nod.  Ruth did make some good point.  But it would be best if Naira replied to the questions.

He had given her the floor.  It would be rude for him to jump back in after doing so.   Thus he remained silent.

This sounds perfect to me!

Great, please pm James Hawke and Caelene Tam and report in for duty.

And welcome aboard,



Thanks for being patient.

We can put you on the Medical department of the Shran where you can be a counselor.

Pleaes let me know if that will work for you.



[Docking Pad 1]

After landing on Docking Pad 1, Kirok shut down the controls on the Durat.  The Jellyfish class ship was small.  So it was a quick an easy task.  And when he departed, Cartis was there waiting for you.

[NPC Cartis]

"Several our your invitees have arrived, Sir.  They are anxious to know why they have been summoned.  As instructed, they have been escorted to the conference room without preamble" Cartis reported.

"Would you like to go directly to the Conference Roon?  Or would you prefer to wait until everyone is here?   Before you start the meeting?" he asked curiously.

"I wish to go directly to the Conference Room.  And I would like you to join us.  Please lead the way" Kirok replied.

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