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« on: July 11, 2017, 06:28:26 PM »
Mission Title: Impossible
Synopsis: What happen if a WHOLE planet was copied?

Starting Point: A ship approaches a Starfleet asking for help.
End Goal: They realized it was all copied.
Story points that must be passed?:

1. A ship that was COPY of another one, but they don't see themselves that way. They call for distress and the saving Star Ship comes to save the ship.
2. The ship has been losing power and the crew feels sick. They beg the Federation to save them. They are after all under the Fleet.
3. Starfleet Ship goes with the other ship.
4. They find a planet and scan it. Things seem to be weird. They need to figure it out. There are BILLIONS of people lives are at stake here. High over populated.
5. Then truth is found not need to beam down. They discovered the WHOLE planet even the SHIP is a copy!!!! The COPIES are dying. There is NO WAY FOR THE STARFLEET TO SAVE THEM. This can cause all lot of sadness and character development.

Mission is called IMPOSSIBLE cause that is the ONLY word can describe it
Departments: (To make sure everyone has something to do.)
- Flight: Maybe they wanna go over the other ship and help out
- Engineering: They can help the other ship
- Operations: help on the other ship
- Security and tactical: Someone needs to assist people extra free hands will be great
- Medical: Sickness needs to be taken care
- Science: Readings seem to be real weird and who knows what they can discover
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