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Rekmi Az - Reporting In (4/2/2017) WIP
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SORRY! I DIDN'T MEAN TO POST THIS! I dropped my laptop and hit post by accident! This isn't ready yet! ;-; #Klutzy #WIP  (This message will disappear when post is ready.)

Character Details

Character Name:  Rekmi Az
Character Age:   32
Character DOB:   May 17th, 2363

Character Image

Character Species:  Saurian

Gender:  Male

Character Family:  He has one creche mate (a.k.a a sister of sorts).  Her name is Jahka and she stayed behind on the Saurian home world after managing to avoid contracting the plague that devastated Rekmi's colony. As far as Rekmi knows, she has mated likely for life and settled down to raise her own brood of children.  Their parents were killed in the same plague that they managed to avoid. 

Character Bio: Rekmi lived a relatively normal life right up the point when disaster struck the colony in which he lived.  A visiting Ferengi ship that had been contaminated with a viral infection that the Ferengi were immune to swept down on the Saurian colony, nearly wiping them all out and forcing most of the survivors to migrate to new nearby colonies. 

This major event drew the then nineteen-year-old Saurian off planet.  He had managed to, by the grace of whatever gods existed, escape the epidemic.  From those days forth, he has hated all Ferengi vehemently even though they didn't do it on purpose (or at least hadn't been proven to have done).

Anyway, Rekmi made his way off planet, stowing away on a medical supply ship.  The crew got one heck of a surprise when they opened a crate of gel packs to find a half-starved Saurian sleeping among them.  Rekmi was in Federation space, so under their stowaway regulations, he was presented to Starfleet as a displaced alien.  Up until that point, Rekmi had had no reason to learn Standard, so it took a couple of days before he had access to see anyone high ranked enough with an actual communicator badge.

Once he explained his situation of how he had escaped his home world to avoid a plague, Starfleet was sympathetic to his situation.  He did leave out the part about swearing vengeance on the Ferengi however, and rightly so. 

Oddly enough, Starfleet ended up offering the displaced lizard man a chance to prove himself by enlisting.  The Saurian agreed without hesitation.  In four months time, he was already most of the way through studying general courses, and he paid special attention to every scrap of information he could dig up on viruses and species' anatomy. 

When he was twenty-three years old, he swore the Hippocratic oath (in very passable, yet accented, Standard).  This did not affect his plans for revenge on the Ferengi, although it did limit his options severely.  As he matured, he began to realize that he should try to help his own kind first, and perhaps Ferengi in the process should they require medical attention.  If he could gain peoples' trust as a respected medical officer of the Federation, then perhaps he could learn some weakness to use against the Ferengi.  There still remained the problem of tracking down the ship that originally brought the plague to his people.  Unfortunately, astronavigation has never been, nor will likely ever be, one of Rekmi's strong suits. 

Your Details

Previous Role-Playing Experience:   In Star Trek?  Next to none.  I have RPed medieval fandoms such as Eragon and Harry Potter.  My favorite Star Trek series is Voyager followed closely by Next Gen.  The original series was a bit sad because of Spock dying.  Plus, I prefer new Kirk anyway.  ʕ ☯ ͜ʖ ☯ ʔ

Department Preference:  Medical (Science)

Secondary Department Preference: Engineering / Science

Commissioned, Enlisted or Civilian: Enlisted I guess

Additional information:  Saurians can see in the infrared spectrum, but they are sensitive to bright lights.  They are extremely durable thanks to having four hearts. 

How did you find Shadow Fleet?  Google

Commissioned, Enlisted or Civilian: Enlisted for now

Sample post:

Rekmi exhaled through his flat nostrils, the Saurian equivalent of a human sigh.  His medical assistant, Ensign Praviss, flinched her blonde mane infinitesimally at the hot outward rush of air.  The Saurian doctor grunted, "Sorry." 

The human assistant looked up from the PADD they had both been studying. "Oh it's alright Doctor Az! 

(Sample Post & Bio WIP.  Going to sleep and then have to drive 80 miles.)
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