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Avigail Tiana Soreka- Reporting In (March 23, 2017)
« on: March 23, 2017, 07:22:31 PM »
Character Details

Character Name:Avigail Tiana Soreka
Character Age:18
Character DOB: April 9,2376
Character Image:
Character Species:El-Aurian
Character Family:
Mother: Talia Soreka née Amiri Age: 228 Current residence: USS Discovery
Father: Zuriel Soreka Age: 177 Current residence: USS Discovery Chief Flight Officer
Sister: Adonia Soreka Age: 18 Current Residence: El-Auria Prime
Aunt: Sahiba Conley Age: 146 Current Residence: El-Auria Prime
Uncle: Ser Conley Age: 24 Current Residence: USS Shran, Chief CIC Officer

Paternal Grandfather: Tavian Soreka Age:348 Current residence: Earth
Paternal Granmother: Adonia Soreka (Assimilated into Borg collective)
Character Bio: Avigail comes from a long line of space explorers  it is and will always be in her blood. Avigail Tiana Soreka and her sister were born on DS5 while her father was a new officer stationed there for research. Avigail was raised in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the federation and grew to love it and it mission of peace. Playing with her toys she always showed an affinity with helping others and taking care of them. It was a common occurrence for her to play nurse when anyone in her family was sick or hurt.
The life of a living on a ship can be tough on a person, and Avigail felt the strain, she absolutely hated how she had to move around, and that she could not be with her father on some of his more dangerous ship assignments, but in the end it came down to the fact that she wanted to have her own adventures in Starfleet, and one day make her father proud.

If Avigail planned on making her dreams come true she would have to take her school studies very seriously, Starfleet officers were the elite, and you did not become one by half measures. While not the best student she was extremely bright and developed the drive to earn her place in history.

By the time she was eighteen Avigail was ready to apply for commission form Starfleet, and take her first steps in to the academy, for the first time in a long time she felt alone, her sister and parents all living their own lives, she had no one to look after but herself.
Avigail found the academy to be quite overwhelming, not only were the academics extremely testing the social aspects took a toll as well. Against the nature of her people she became introvert, avoiding social interaction in an effort to concentrate on her work. Things went along much the same way for the first few months of her courses, but after a while she realized that part of being a member of Starfleet was to seek out new being and learn from them, and they learned from you, she knew she would not do well if she left that part of herself shut away.

Doing her best to push past her anxiety Avigail made the medical field a priority as she worked hard at the academy. The wars that had come and past had left a bad taste in the mouth a Starfleet, so was so much death , so many kinds of weapons of harm, To Avigail this was not how it should be, all life was important, and because of that she studied all the anatomies that she could have access too, she wanted to be ready for anything and anyone that she might have to treat, friend or foe, it was not her place to judge.
Taking her oath to do no harm Avigail with high hopes made her way into the rest of her life, hopeful and happy to see what Starfleet would take her.

Your Details Zuriel the WildN’Crazy guy who loves trek

Previous Role-Playing Experience: about 17 years now
Department Preference:Medical
Secondary Department Preference:Engineering
Commissioned, Enlisted or Civilian: Commissioned

Sample post:
“Don’t move.” Avigail said as she concentrated on her work, her patient jerked out of her hands again as they both knelt behind a rock. “Don’t move! That Bat’Leth missed your jugular by a few millimeters, I have to heal it properly or you will be light headed for the rest of your life.” The wounded crewmen in her care was not in the mood to listen, but eh the fact that a lot of his blood was on the ground right now he didn’t have much choice.

“Where is the Captain?” Avigail asked as she finished her work, and placed her instruments back in her bag.
“He ran up the hill to reset the uplink, he was wounded by phaser fire, we sent our medic to go up and get him, but they are using him as bait. Avigail had warned the captain that something like this could happen, that his presence on the planet put everyone in his command in danger.

“We have to get out of here but not without the captain, can you cover me while I get up there?” Avigail asked as she looked with fear up the hill

“Avi he is gone, there is no way to get up there, and it’s a shooting gallery.” The crewmen croaked as he got up on his own power, ducking slightly as an explosion went off.”

“The Captain has the security codes for the entire quadrant, we can’t afford to leave him here, besides he got us this far, we can’t just leave him, just cover me alright, I have to at least get his body, he deserves that much.

The sprint seemed to go so fast, with the heat of phaser and disrupter fire warming her face as she ran by, the cover her crewmen gave her was good, she reached the middle of the hill before she had to stop, but the crest would be the real challenge, there was no way to get up there without being killed. What Avigail could see was the Captain still moving, he had taken a shot to the chest, she could see the exit wound. It was likely a collapsed lung that kept him from responding to hails. But whatever the Captain had done he had reconnected the uplink, they could call for help. Avigail caught sight of her fellow medical officer and covered her body with her own, they had to get out of here.
Ensign Soreka to USS Kirk, Medical emergency three to beam directly to sick bay.

Additional information: Alt Account for Zuriel

How did you find Shadow Fleet? Long time ago I googled the words Star trek and rp together but my phone’s smart type to Star for Shadow, the rest is history lol.

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Re: Avigail Tiana Soreka- Reporting In (March 23, 2017)
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2017, 12:24:15 AM »

A great application!

But we typically do not allow player to start a 2nd character until they have been active with us for 2-3 month.

Would you be willing to wait until April 22 to start playing this character?

Please advise,



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Re: Avigail Tiana Soreka- Reporting In (March 23, 2017)
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2017, 12:35:37 AM »
Yes Sir not an issue, however would it be OK to do the course, so I could jump in once that day comes?


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