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Standard Away Team Equipment
« on: February 08, 2017, 03:02:39 AM »
The standard kit carried by any member of an away team will vary from ship to ship, environment to environment, and person to person. It is highly situational but, in general here is what they will carry:

  • Standard duty uniform.
  • Commbadge.
  • Type 2 Phaser (if necessary for the mission. Carried by security officers on shift.)
Department Specific
  • Medical officers will often carry a medical tricorder as well as first aid supplies.
  • Science officers on away team will often carry a more generalized tricorder on away missions.
  • If combat is expected, security officers will carry Type 3 Phaser rifles, though other officers may also take these.
  • Engineering officers might bring some tools, possibly a specialized tricorder or scanner of some sort as well as a hyperspanner.
  • Operations officers often carry data PADDs and/or general tricorders.
“What Do I Have On Me?”
The answer to that question is- whatever it is dramatically appropriate to have on you at the time. While it’s unlikely to that you’d have a giant sword that you failed to mention before or the EXACT right key to a jail cell- it’s reasonable that a security officer might have taken a small bit of explosives if it was needed or a medical officer might have a dermal regenerator on hand. No one is going to give you a hard time if you pull a ration out of nowhere to feed a hungry orphan.

“What Don’t I Have On Me?”
Things also “stop working” or “you don’t have them” if it’s dramatically appropriate to the plot. Would it be more dramatic if you only had a Type 2 Phaser? Cool- that’s the way to go! If there was a case where someone’s life was in danger and you had to trek through the jungle with them on your back it might kind of kill the tension to just suddenly have a medical device on hand (maybe it broke?). It’s all in service to the story. Remember- no one dies unless they want to so have fun with it! Maybe the Klingon knocks away your phaser and you have to come up with a creative way to defeat them in hand to hand! That’s a lot more fun than, “I shoot the Klingon. He died.” Get creative!
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