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HELP: Senior Enlisted Commanders
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HELP TOPIC: Senior Enlisted Commanders

Senior Enlisted Commanders

Chief of the BoatMaster Chief
Petty Officer of Shadow Fleet

Senior Enlisted Commanders are those enlisted players who have worked their way through the enlisted rate structure and attained a senior position as Chief of the Boat or Master Chief Petty Officer of Shadow Fleet.

Chief of the Boat

The Chief of the Boat (COB) is the most senior enlisted player on a SIMM, responsible for the welfare, training and development of all enlisted players beneath him. Holding a rate between Chief Petty Officer and Master Chief Petty Officer, the Chief of the Boat will be an Enlisted Persons Course (EPC) graduate with a considerable amount of experience in the fleet and will hold certain moderator privileges on the forum.

The selection process for Chief of the Boat is a thorough one. A commanding officer may nominate one crewmember holding the rate of Chief Petty Officer or above, for the position of COB. The nomination will then be considered by the Head of Fleet Operations, and if accepted, an interview date will be set for the candidate. The interview will be conducted by three senior fleet officers - usually the Head of Fleet Operations, a fleet command officer (not from the candidate's ship) and an existing COB. The candidate will be asked questions on Starfleet rules and regulations, fleet organization, OOC duties and why they think the should become a COB.

Once the interview has concluded, the senior members will discuss whether or not the candidate should be appointed a COB. If the candidate is successful, s/he will be appointed the COB at the SIMM commanding officer's discretion. If unsuccessful, the candidate will simply return to their previous assignment. They may be re-nominated by their CO after a period of no less than 90 days has expired. All candidates are expected to possess a basic knowledge of Starfleet ships and stations, rules and regulations and the fleet organizational structure prior to their interview. They must also be aware of the role of the COB, which is described below:

Quote from: Role of the COB
The Chief of the Boat (COB) is a senior enlisted man on a Federation starship or starbase, who assists and advises the commanding officer and executive officer on matters regarding the good order and discipline of the crew.

There is only one COB on a starship or starbase and he is generally responsible for the day-to-day operations, the morale and the training of the ship's non-commissioned personnel. The COB is typically the most senior enlisted man, however the CO is neither required to select the highest ranking man nor the most senior in grade or time aboard. Likewise, the COB is not necessarily replaced when a more senior crewman reports aboard.

When a new enlisted crewman joins a ship's crew, the COB is usually one of the first people the new crewman will meet. Although the role of COB is outside the direct Chain of Command, the COB has tremendous authority and responsibility as top enlisted crewman of the starship.

The Chief of the Boat in a SIMM is responsible for ensuring all enlisted personnel are posting regularly and is required to assist those who are having problems meeting the standard of posting. S/he may also, due to his/her experience in the SIMM, assist junior officers in their duties.

Master Chief Petty Officer of Shadow Fleet

The Master Chief Petty Officer of Shadow Fleet (MCPOSF) is the most senior enlisted player in the entire fleet, responsible for every crewman, Non-Commissioned Officer and Senior Enlisted Commander in the fleet. This is a prestigious position that carries with it administrator privileges on the forum.

Selection for the position of MCPOSF is carried out by the Head of Fleet Operations, a Vice Admiral, on behalf of the Fleet Commander. Though there is no formal selection process for the position, all candidates must possess an extremely good management ability, a high level of posting and the skills necessary to deal with any and all issues that may arise. A MCPOSF, in the course of his duty, may also "guest star" in individual SIMMs to ensure the enlisted players are posting appropriately and to ensure the COBs are performing their roles to the level required, but also to keep their own posting skills up to standard.

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