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HELP: Command Officer Training Course (COTC)
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HELP TOPIC: The Command Officer Training Course (COTC)

Becoming a COMMAND LEVEL OFFICER is not just about being given more opportunities. You will have to work during the position to ensure the continued running of your SIMM. This means helping other members when they ask, filing a monthly report about the SIMM's status and being more active than an average member.

A COMMAND LEVEL is not for everyone as a number of people who take the position are not ready for the increased responsibility. Please ensure that you are ready to take the responsibility of ensuring everyone elses fun first, before you take this course.

The Command Officer Training Course (COTC) is designed to prepare senior officers for the roles and responsibilities of being a Command Level Officer, that is, any officer holding a position of Commanding Officer or First Officer.

Before a player is accepted onto the COTC, a number of conditions must be met. Each applicant must*:
  • Have held the rank of Lieutenant Commander for a minimum period of two months.
  • Have been an active member of the fleet for the past six months.
  • Have the recommendation of their Commanding Officer.
* The Shadow Fleet admiralty reserves the right to waive certain restrictions subject to fleet requirements.

These prerequsites have been put in place to ensure all COTC applicants already have a working knowledge of Shadow Fleet and are able write to the standard expected of a Command Officer. Shadow Fleet sets a high standard for its Command Officers as they are expected to be able to deal with a wide-range of issues on their SIMM. In addition, they are afforded special moderator privileges on the forum which, if given to wrong person, could cause severe disruption to the forum.

The course itself is divided into four sections, or "levels."

In level 1, you will be given a scenario to which you must respond in a minimum of three posts. After each post you will stop and allow the instructor to read it, giving you advice and instruction if necessary. This is to test your posting ablility is of the level required of a command officer, before you are permitted to progress further with the course.

Level 2 consists of a three hundred word essay. You will be graded on your ability to present your points in a structured and informative way, your level of prior research and your spelling & grammar. Note you must also include a bibliography at the end of your essay, detailing any resources you have used to compile your essay.

In level 3, you will be given some out of character crew scenarios to deal with. Each one is designed to test your ability to deal with player conflict in a SIMM. In your replies, you will be expected to abide by the Shadow Fleet Rules while at the same time coming to an amicable solution. Remember that it may not be necessary to please both sides but you do have a duty to serve the players of your SIMM aswell Shadow Fleet as a whole.

Finally, level 4 is a ten question quiz designed to test your knowledge of Shadow Fleet and its rules and regulations. You must get a minimum score of 7/10 in order to pass and failure of the exam will result in failure of the entire course. If successful, you will be given an overall grade for your course. Anything below a grade C is considered a fail. If this occurs, you will return to your SIMM where you will continue to post as normal. You will be allowed to re-apply after 2 months has elapsed.

The course is purposefully designed to be testing. We are looking for top-quality candidates to take over senior positions in our SIMMs, which include additional forum privileges, privileges that could be used to undermine the forum and the fleet. You should also bear in mind that completion of the COTC does not necessarily mean you will be awarded a command position in a SIMM. It merely means you are eligible to assume a command position.

If you wish to apply for the COTC, your first port of call should be your SIMM's Executive Officer. They will be able to tell you if you are ready for the course and provide you with any necessary training to meet the standard, if not. Once they feel you are ready, the Executive Officer will inform the Commanding Officer, who will put your name forward to the Shadow Fleet Academy Commandant. Your course will begin during the next Commissioned Officer Recruiting Period (CORP).

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