Author Topic: B Ball One on One: Horns vs Lobes (Torra/Gilk)  (Read 46 times)

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B Ball One on One: Horns vs Lobes (Torra/Gilk)
« on: February 24, 2021, 01:40:38 am »
Ensign Danjar-Torra Addams
[USS Discovery - Deck Six - Holodeck Two]

Wanting to encourage more athletics among the crew, Torra had booked Holodeck Two for a couple of hours for an evening of sports, then posted a notice on the ship's electronic announcement board.  When the booked time arrived, there were only two people in attendance in the holodeck - Torra and one other who the Grazerite wasn't familiar with (though when he'd first arrived she'd momentarily mistaken him for Lek).

Having finished her warm-up stretches, the 6'6" (2.0m) tall woman turned to regard the other.  She dipped her horned head towards the man in greeting. 

"Hello. Thank you for coming out to join in this activity.".

Torra was dressed, not in her usual Operations uniform, but instead in her fleet issued gymwear. 

"I am Ensign Addams, though most just call me Torra.  We seem to be the only participants at the moment.  So perhaps we can start with something like wrestling or one-on-one basketball or parrises?"
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