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The Holodeck Guidelines
« on: March 29, 2014, 06:29:36 am »
The holodeck is available for anyone to create a storyline that the crew can take part in. It is intended to enable character development and keep you occupied whilst waiting for the mission to progress.

  • Missions are the priority and should be posted on first. If it is felt that main missions are being ignored or neglected then the holodeck will be locked, until such a time it seems fit to unlock it.
  • If you are needed on the mission, you are expected to attend to that first before posting on your holo-mission.
  • Anyone can create a thread, but please keep the holo-missions to a minimum. The number of these will be monitored to ensure a sustainable main mission.
  • If a holo-mission isn't posted on for two weeks it will be closed and archived.
  • If a crewmember from another SIMM wishes to participate in a holo mission. Please notify the CoC for the SIMM and the other players SIMM.
  • Shadow Fleet rules apply to the holodeck.
  • When you are finished with your holo-mission inform either the XO or CO and they will lock and archive it.


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